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  1. 1. Video Games For dummies And why should you care ? Amine El Ouarzazi
  2. 2. Hey you ! I was told you don’t know much about Videogames…
  3. 3. Ok so let’s learn more in just 3 easy steps ?!
  4. 4. 1 2 3 Introduction Why people What recent play studies to Gaming Videogames showed us
  6. 6. This is were I’m supposed to Bore you with all kind of stats and charts about videogames…
  7. 7. Let’s just say that Video games are the first entertainment media worldwide and had close to double digit growth last year !
  8. 8. This is were you say :
  9. 9. How is that even possible ?! Videogames are stupid and a waste of time !!!
  10. 10. So why people love playing videogames!
  11. 11. Are you ready for a little Journey ?
  12. 12. Why do people play Video Games ? 2
  13. 13. Let’s make it simple We look for Experiences We Challenge Ourselves to Get better We Socialize with Others Through playing
  14. 14. And of course we want to have fun and be entertained right ? Who doesn’t ?
  15. 15. This is where you say : Wait ! What about violent games with guns and blood ! They are bad for kids !
  16. 16. And yes this doesn’t feel right !
  17. 17. But you know what let’s take violent games and analyze 3 of them:
  18. 18. Silent Hill Call of Duty GTA V
  19. 19. Silent Hill is a survival horror game. An Interactive scary experience where you’re stuck in a “Silent Hill”. You have no real way to kill the monsters chasing you ! All you want is to find your wife!
  20. 20. You can say it’s the game version of
  21. 21. I don’t recall this movie getting campaign of hate, do you ?
  22. 22. Example
  23. 23. Call Of Duty is what I call a Pop Corn FPS. It’s a scripted short game designed to be played like we watch a movie. Yeah In my opinion it’s a not a very good game all you do is shoot people and keep going in this insipid story in which you have no control only to finish in 4 to 6 hours
  24. 24. You can say it’s the game version of
  25. 25. In this case people DO make fun of Rambo just like they DO make fun of C.O.D
  26. 26. Last but not least : GTA V Well I’m not going to say much about it…
  27. 27. Here are the GTA V ratings from IGN the US biggest gaming website
  28. 28. GTA Series are the equivalent
  29. 29. And hey BTW
  30. 30. These 3 games are restricted to 18+
  31. 31. And don’t tell me it is not visible on the Box … Please don’t …
  32. 32. And just like movies and books, games are rated ! So feel free to check online before buying a bad game only based on guns and violence.
  33. 33. Besides, who told you HAD to play violent games:
  34. 34. Here are IGN ratings of Kingdom Hearts
  35. 35. Other examples
  36. 36. Finally, keep in mind that videogames, as said previously, are about experience and interaction We test our limits We choose a Path We cry …
  37. 37. YES WE CRY Sometimes for a game
  38. 38. Final Fantasy X made ME cry !
  39. 39. But does that make me crazy ?
  40. 40. Well, recent studies seem to believe the opposite. So you know what? Lets talk about these studies !
  41. 41. What recent studies showed us ? 3
  42. 42. Among all the recent studies (2012/13) that clearly prove the benefits of gaming I wanted to focus on these 4.
  43. 43. Yeah I know this looks complicated …
  44. 44. You can go click on the one you want to know more about and it will link you to it J
  45. 45. But let’s Summarize It StarCraft makes you smarter Dr. Kawashima let’s you stay smart Playing with your kids helps you have better relations with them for a longer time
  46. 46. Bonus What games should I Know about
  47. 47. 5 games I feel everyone should know about
  48. 48. First game : League of legends
  49. 49. Most played game in the World 12M/day 32M/month F2P* MOBA* LCS* Finals had 32M viewers World wide
  50. 50. Second Game: Final Fantasy VII
  51. 51. Considered by many as best RPG* of all time Single handedly responsible for the success of the first PlayStation 20 year old game still played and replayed by many
  52. 52. Wikipedia page
  53. 53. Third game : Metal Gear Solid 2
  54. 54. 6 best Game of all time on Metacritic Action Infiltration Adventure Cyber Punk Game/Movie Best Plot / Scenario in a Game ever seen
  55. 55. Fourth game: Half Life
  56. 56. First FPS* RPG* ever made Ancestry of the legendary Counter Strike Half Life 3 is the most hyped game today
  57. 57. There is a 17K followers twitter account called : Is HL3 out Yet just tweeting “No” everyday…
  58. 58. Fifth game : SKYRIM
  59. 59. Biggest and Best Single player Open World 300+ hours of Gameplay, Multiple paths, multiple ends Game of the year 2012
  60. 60. Any Questions ?
  61. 61. Remember 60 slides ago
  62. 62. I guess our journey has ended for now
  63. 63. Amine El Ouarzazi tagged/presentation @wurzGG
  64. 64. F2P : Free to play MOBA : Multiplayer Online Battle Arena LCS : League of Legends Championship Series RPG : Role Playing Game FPS : First Person Shooter