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Lead Allocation System
Lead Allocation System
Lead Allocation System
Lead Allocation System
Lead Allocation System
Lead Allocation System
Lead Allocation System
Lead Allocation System
Lead Allocation System
Lead Allocation System
Lead Allocation System
Lead Allocation System
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Lead Allocation System


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Lead Allocation System (LAS) A3 Inc.
  • 2.
    • What is a lead?
    • How do we help the customer?
    • How do we acquire leads?
    • How do we distribute leads?
    • How is lead quality maintained?
  • 3.
    • Legacy LAS
      • Asynchronous distribution of leads
      • Delayed reporting
      • Affiliates / Merchants low satisfaction rate
    • New LAS
      • On the spot allocation of leads
      • Based on lead geographical location (Zip Code)
      • Based on the lead acquisition rate ($0-$30)
    Business Opportunity
  • 4.
    • Marketing department cost reduced by 60% within one year
    • IT department cost reduced by 15% within six month
    • Reduce Time for allocation the Leads from days to hours which will increase company revenue from 10% to 20% within six months.
    • Lead conversions Increased by 50%. Within six months
    • Partner’s / Affiliates satisfaction rate: Increased by 50% within one year
    Business Objectives
  • 5.
    • Real time allocation – Leads can be contacted as soon as they are allocated. The waiting time would reduce from days to a time period, in the seconds, that the marketing department deems appropriate
    • Marketing department – Increased conversion would make advertising for marketing department easier since they would now be able to market the business with a new niche
    Stakeholder's goals
  • 6.
    • Exclusive lead means assigning a lead to a partner who accepts a lead which it has no demand for
    • All transactions must be logged at granular level for debugging and legal purposes
    • Legal agreement between A3 Inc. and partners necessary
    Business Risks
  • 7.
    • Allocate lead to highest bidder
      • Real time
      • Partners would bid or decline to bid for a lead
      • Lead would be allocated to the highest bidder
        • Partners need to respond in a legally binding SLA
        • Partners would do not respect SLAs would be ignored even if their bid is the higest. This is very important to keep the system in a “Real Time” mode at all times.
    Major Features – Real time lead allocation
  • 8.
      • Two interfaces
        • Incoming leads
        • Publishing leads
      • Algorithm for analysis and routing
        • Analysis of the bids based on the SSN and Zip code
        • Routing the correct non-duplicate lead to a unique partner
    Major Features – Real time lead allocation
  • 9.
    • Assumptions
      • Contractual Agreement
      • Completed integration
    • Limitations
      • System would not support advanced marketing analysis
    Assumptions and Limitations
  • 10.
    • Company President
      • Believes system is essential to the continued success and growth of the company
    • Marketing Department
      • Want the system to be accurate enough to free up their resources and also be able to market the system to:
        • Potential Lead Allocation Buyers
        • Potential Lead Allocation Sellers
    • Developers
      • Want the system to be easy to use and maintain
    Stakeholders Profiles
  • 11.
    • Users
      • Accurate System
      • Responsive
    • Project Manager
      • Successful Project
      • Be under budget and delivered on time with all known features
    Stakeholders Profiles (Cont.)
  • 12.
    • Interface for Lead Allocation
    Project Priorities