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Proxym IT Corporate -English Proxym IT Corporate -English Document Transcript

  • Proxym IT Corporate Resume IntroductionProxym-IT is a leading nearshore software services company targeting European IT markets.Proxym-IT has built strong expertise in “Information Systems to Web to Mobile” convergence through variousprojects.Proxym-IT is based in Sousse, first touristic and Tunisia’s 3rd largest city. Our offices are located inSousse Technological Park, close to engineering schools and research labs.Founded in January 2006 by a former Sun Microsystems expert, we are a multi-million € revenuecompany thanks to the dedication of our employees and the continuous trust of our customers.Proxym-IT has built a diversified expertise in large domains covering Mobile, M/E-Commerce, Web2.0 and social networks, Information systems architecture, Telecom engineering and ERPdevelopments. Key Facts5+ yearsof steady development.5 areas of expertise.54 engineers from best Tunisian and French engineering schools.5% only average HR turn-over in more than 5 years.153 projects delivered in 5 years.26 customers of various sizes and profiles that trust us. Technopôle de Sousse / BP 184 – 4051 Sousse, Tunisie Tel : +216 73 82 12 22 / +33 4 34 08 02 48 Fax : +216 73 82 03 90 1
  • Our areas of ExpertiseWeb 2.0 & social networksCustom development of Web 2.0 applications using state-of-the-art technologies and bestdevelopment practices (Flex / Java /Spring / Grails RoR / CakePHP, Symfony, Ext-JS, jQuery).Development of social portals for specific needs (such as family, sport, social CRM, careermanagement, person or companies matching) that require high scalability and tight integration withInformation Systems (IS) and social media. Technopôle de Sousse / BP 184 – 4051 Sousse, Tunisie Tel : +216 73 82 12 22 / +33 4 34 08 02 48 Fax : +216 73 82 03 90 2
  • We have proven know-how in building web applications that integrate business workflows andprocesses and that are used by several actors. Indeed, our project managers know how to listen toour customers’ functional needs and translate them into business-running applications.Design can either be provided by our customers or made internally.E-Commerce and M-CommerceWe provide custom development of traffic-demanding E-Commerce sites using our own E-Commercetechnology that has been built to ensure web-sites high-scalability, easy products’ catalog foliation,optimum search-engine referencing and openness to social media.We have an expertise in building E-Commerce shops using Magento and Prestashop technologies.At the heart of web-mobile convergence, Proxym-IT has naturally pioneered the development of a anAward-winning Mobile commerce solution that brings the E-Commerce into smartphones. Thissolution is compatible with all Magento and Prestashop E-shops and is usable with no changes ofoperations of the E-seller. We support iPhone, iPad and Android while support of Samsung Bada andWindows Phone 7 is on-going.Mobile developmentWe are the nearshore partner of prestigious mobile and web agencies in France. Our 15-engineersiPhone and Android team has built a proven know-how in building superior native applications andtransforming our customers’ story board and ideas into actual acclaimed applications.We develop on other mobile platforms: BlackBerry, Samsung Bada and Windows Phone 7.We have successful records in building cross-mobile platform applications and porting/adapting webapplications into mobiles.Telecoms EngineeringWe achieve R&D projects on behalf of major European operators and editors in France and UKcovering the topics of M2M, VoIP and OSGi platforms. These customers value our initiative-takingattitude our ability to search, assemble and adapt technology stacks to answer their needs.Our expertise covers customizing Android operating system to answer specific needs of Telcos andservice providers.We have equally achieved HOME Automation projects using UPnP, ZigBee and TR-069 protocol. Technopôle de Sousse / BP 184 – 4051 Sousse, Tunisie Tel : +216 73 82 12 22 / +33 4 34 08 02 48 Fax : +216 73 82 03 90 3
  • Enterprise ApplicationsWe develop enterprise portals using both open-source (Liferay) or Microsoft Sharepoint technologies.We have built a 12-member strong team that masters .NET SOA architecture using cutting-edgeMicrosoft technologies: Silverlight, RIA, RiaServices, WCF and Entity Framework.This team achieves major projects porting ERP of our editors’ customers from old architectures (suchas client-server) into modern web-based features-rich multi-roles RIA SOA architectures.Proxym IT is a company sponsored by Microsoft Innovation Center and has many certified engineersTechnologies we master: Technopôle de Sousse / BP 184 – 4051 Sousse, Tunisie Tel : +216 73 82 12 22 / +33 4 34 08 02 48 Fax : +216 73 82 03 90 4
  • Our Customers and our Proposition ValueOur customers are one of the following profiles:  Startups and editors We help startups implement their projects, reduce technology and HR risks and we provide them with the flexibility to dip into a large panel of expertise and resource they need. Editors typically outsource after Proxym-IT part of their Professional Services activity. This allows them to concentrate on their core products development while affording reactivity, expertise and availability to their customers. We have built “Delivery Centers” for some of customers after training on their product line. We propose to some editors extending into new media (such as mobile) or porting their products into new technologies. For instance, we helped one major editor port its ERP from client-server architecture into RIA-Silverlight SOA modern architecture. Our teams bring up their technical expertise while our customers bring their strong functional expertise. Agile methodologies allow our customers to keep control and visibility of their project. Technopôle de Sousse / BP 184 – 4051 Sousse, Tunisie Tel : +216 73 82 12 22 / +33 4 34 08 02 48 Fax : +216 73 82 03 90 5
  •  Web and Mobile agencies Facing time and planning challenges with technologies not entirely mastered by their teams, mobile and web agencies find in us a reliable development and technology partner. Many of them become long-term partners in a win-win relationship not only for our cost optimization. Indeed, we can support them in the pre-sales phase of their project by providing suggestions that maximize the value perception of their customers. Our role: Allow their concepts or their graphical design become true. We allow them to diversify technically their offerings to new technical areas or media. European services providers We help them reinforce their technical teams and perform project in co-development or outsourcing. We provide them with valuable cost and flexibility advantages while providing on- shore service level. Our engineers can relocate for short or mid-term assignment in Europe. Finally, we respect intellectual and confidential property and we deeply value and respect our customers trust on us. By outsourcing some of their projects to Proxym-IT, these customers can dedicate their teams and forces for tasks with higher value for their businesses such as project management and customers-relation management. Technopôle de Sousse / BP 184 – 4051 Sousse, Tunisie Tel : +216 73 82 12 22 / +33 4 34 08 02 48 Fax : +216 73 82 03 90 6