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Working for Orphans in Africa

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Al ansari Foundation Madrasah Build

  1. 1. Working for Orphan Children in Africa
  2. 2. Outline About Us; Our Inspiration; Recent activities; Kizimkazi – how you’ve made a difference! Our main project: Orphan School, Bumbwini.
  3. 3. Who are we? We are small and relatively new charity, having registered formally with the Charities Commission in March 2012;  We are also registered with the FRSB, which monitors the fundraising activities of charities and oversees complaints.  Give in confidence means you can donate knowing that your funds will not be misused.  100% donations means just that!
  4. 4. Where do we work?  We work exclusively in the region of Africa known as the ‘Spice Islands,’ which is a cluster of Islands which were rich with cloves and other spices which made it a hotspot for traders, but it also was sadly a the makkah of slave trade; More specifically we work on the Island of Zanzibar, which is part of Tanzania and Darus-Salaam. We have projects in Bumbwini, Kizimkazi, Zingwezingwe and smaller islands like Pemba.
  5. 5. Our products We have number of unique products:  Zakah Giving is a concept that we take seriously and ensure that rules of shar’iah are complied (e.g., zakah is not used for building mosques or madrasah’s)  Payroll Giving is scheme that we run allowing people to give via their pay slips consistently each month. HMRC then contributes a percentage increasing value of contribution.
  6. 6. Orphan Focus We run a very successful Orphan & Group Sponsorship Group Sponsorship Programme; With £20 per month from we can feed, cloth and educate an orphan and we set aside a % towards their health;
  7. 7. Our Inspiration We were inspired by what we were able to achieve with our first project with so little money. Personal anecdote – Al-qadah wal qadar
  8. 8. Our Activities since March 2012 We launched our website and facebook. During Ramadhan, we distributed food to over 4,500 poor and orphan families in some of the poorest islands in Zanzibar, attracting commentary and coverage on national radio and television. We have gained a significant number of orphan sponsor who will help to educate, feed, support orphans. We have raised over £16,000 to build a school/madrasah for orphan children in Bumbwini Bay who currently learn under a tree shelter. We completed the Kizimkazi madrasah build within 2 months with the help of generous donors like Tooting sisters circle.
  9. 9. Thank you Tooting Sister’s Circle! You helped raise 1/3 of the funds needed to complete a madrasah for 140 children, who had endured patiently under harsh conditions, for 7 years waiting for you and I to make difference. Personal note of thanks from the children and Mu’athin of the madrasah, who are indebted to you for your efforts during the blessed month of Ramadhan.
  10. 10. Bumbwini, New OrphanSchool Build Appeal Alhamdulillah, we have secured 50 sqm land donated to us for to build an orphan school/madrasah in Bumbwini; We have since March collected around £16,000 towards our target of £35,000 to complete a school that will benefit 600 children from 2 villages; We have also plans to build a clinic alongside the school, which will aid some 3,500 people in a rural region of Zanzibar. Invitation to the Tooting Sister’s Circle to help us raise funds to help us meet our target!