Global status of unani medicine 15th july


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Global status of unani medicine 15th july

  1. 1. Global status ofUnani Medicine Dr AminA Ather BAngAlore-inDiA
  2. 2. “Tibb" (medicine) is the Science in which we learn the various states of body in health and when not in health, means by which health is likely to be lost and, when lost is likely to be restored. Bu-Ali-Senna (Avicenna)
  3. 3. Unani medicine as its name owes its origin to Greece has come a long way to it’s present destination. As it is called synonimically by various other names such as the medicine of Muslims, Islamic medicine, the Ionian medicine or as Arabic medicine .
  4. 4. Now regarded as a one of the main stream category of Indian system of medicine and in India there a number of government and private institutes which are mainstreaming medical education.
  5. 5. The growth of Unani medicine has spread its roots in the western countries as a part of the CAM-complementary health services and holistic healthcare services. As a branch of alternate medicine it is spreading its frontiers form the east to the west and it’s popularity rising and spreading by the word of mouth.
  6. 6. Course of study.• Diploma in Unani medicine ---2-3 yrs Dp-Unani• Pharmacology in Unani Medicine-1-2 yrs Pharma-Unani• Degree course--- 5 ½ yrs BUMS• Post Graduate Courses –36 months MD /MS
  7. 7. Eligibility• 50% pass in 12th Standard with science as major subjects.• PUC –[Pre university course] with PCMB[Physics , chemistry , mathematics, biology]
  8. 8. Institutes from Unani professionals.There are a number of national and international institutions coming up in all the countries. At present we have the National institute of Unani medicine at Bangalore in India which is providing a P.G degree in Unani medicine for foreign students. Like wise there are international institutes which are practicing Unani for example the Tibb institute of South Africa, etc/-
  9. 9. Unani practiceMost of Unani graduates abroad practice as lifestyle doctors as well as dieticians but these are after short term courses in a few categories of emergency medicine. The pharmaceutical companies have started employing the Unani gradates in the herbal wings for technical experts this opens a new chapter for the development and globalization of the Unani medicine.
  10. 10. The nano branching of the unani system is more popular than the mainstream .The braches which are now in a lager practice are part of the regimental therapy i.e Ilaj-bit tadabeer .They are: Massage-Dalak Bathing- Hamam Diet and restrictions : Ghiza aur pareez
  11. 11. Strength of unani medicine Ilaj bil Ghiza :(Dieto-therapy)Diet being the main concern for the better prognosis of the disease. Ilaj bil dawa :(Pharmacotherapy)Treating of a disease by the help of drugs which are in any of the three forms.[Plant origin , animal origin , mineral origin]
  12. 12. Status of unani around the globeUnani medicine spreads its roots from the east to the west where in there are a number of unani wellness clinics being started around the globe. A few of them are having their original roots in the sub continent –India.
  13. 13. Unani in India• After independence Govt. of India at first constituted Unani pharmacopoeia Committee in 1964.,consisting of Unani experts and scientist with a view to maintain uniformity in the standards of drugs and to prescribe standards for compound formulations. And also to prescribe tests for identity, purity, efficacy and quality of the drugs. Pharmacopoeia Laboratory of Indian Medicine at Ghaziabad was established under Govt. of India to workout standards and drug testing for Indian System of Medicine at national level.
  14. 14. CCRUM• Govt. of India has also established Central Council of Indian Medicine ,an statutory body,for laying down standards and maintaining uniform standard of education in the Indian System of Medicine including Unani and to regulate the practices in Indian System of Medicine. …….contd
  15. 15. CCRUM• In addition to these developments Central Council for Research in Indian Medicine was established in 1969.During 1978 these these Council were bifurcated into separate Central Councils as such Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine was established in 1979, with a view to initiate ,guide, aid, develop, coordinate scientific research in different aspects of fundamental and applied Unani System of Medicine.
  16. 16. CCRUM-Chennai
  17. 17. CCRUM-Hyderabad
  18. 18. NIUM• In order to develop high standards of education and research in Unani Medicine at national level a National Institute of Unani Medicine has been established at Bangalore in 1983 in collaboration with the Govt. of Karnataka which provided 55 acres of land for the Institute.• It has the intake of 2 foreign students for P.G. course per academic year.
  19. 19. NIUM
  20. 20. Best centers of Unani in India• CCRUM-- Chennai• CCRUM– Hyderabad• Nizamia college -Hyderabad• Hamdard-- New Delhi• Aligarh --Tibbiya college.• SK Herbal Remedies –Chennai.• NIUM-National institute of Unani medicine- Bangalore Source Publication officer CCRUM –New Delhi
  21. 21. Nizamia tibbi college
  22. 22. Unani in PakistanThe hamdard university offers a basic course of5 ½ yrs and a 3 yr P.G course after which they can practice unani medicine any where in the globe. Source: Dr Mohamad Khalid BUMS Graduate from Hamdard university. Pakistan
  23. 23. Hamdard Pakistan
  24. 24. Sri LankaSrilanka Five years degree course inUnani medicine at Institute ofIndigenous medicine University ofColombo SrilankaThe unani system of medicine was introduced to Sri Lanka by the Arabs several centuries ago. The Arabs, who were seafarers in mediaeval times, had commercial links mainly with India, but later they resorted to direct trade with Sri Lanka. As a result, many of them settled down in the country, especially in the coastal areas. They maintained their contacts with the Middle East . Source: Dr Mohamad Sudan BUMS Graduate from colombo university.
  25. 25. University of Colombo
  26. 26. BangladeshBangladesh five years degreecourse in Unani Medicine recognized bythe University of Dhaka with a five year course in unani medicine BUMS they are eligible for further P.G. Studies any where in the globe. Source: Dr.Mohammad Nazrul Islam P.G.Scholar Dhaka 
  27. 27. Dhaka University
  28. 28. South AfricaSouth Africa Two years diploma coursein Unani Medicine for Health providers likenurses etc.Five years degree course (Bachelor of UnaniTibb Medicine ( BUTM). Awarded by theUniversity of the western Cape. Cape Townafter one year intern- ship a Registered aspractitioner. Source: Co-ordinator TIBB institute Cape town
  29. 29. Tibb Institute
  30. 30. United KingdomU K Diploma in Eastern medicine at Mohsin Institute of Tibb, Leicester U.K.They practice as herbal specialists with CAM clinics and as dieticians for specialists . Source: Dr Guy Attwell Research Scholar Wel Come institute London
  31. 31. Mohsin institute
  32. 32. United states of AmericaThe graduates of unani medicine from India work as herbal specialists at spas os indian medicine . They also work in insurance department for companies. Source: Dr Samiulla BUMS graduate from india working at USA
  33. 33. SyriaUnani medicine is taught in History of Medicine Department, Institute for the History of Arabic Science, Aleppo University for our postgraduate history of medicine students. Source: Abdul Nasser Kaadan, MD, PhD Chairman, History of Medicine Department Aleppo University, Aleppo - Syria The President of ISHIM (
  34. 34. Unani in AustraliaPractitioners of Unani Tibb usually practice as Naturopaths, as this is a recognised designation. Source: Dr Paul Haysen Graeco-Arabic Medicine Society Inc. P.O. Box 346, Elizabeth, South Australia 5112.
  35. 35. Unani in IranPractice of unani medicine is allowed astraditional Iranian Medicine.Centers:Traditional Medicine and Materia MedicaResearch Centre (TMRC) established atShaheed Beheshti University of MedicalUniversity, Tehran Iran. Source Co-Ordinator Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical University, Tehran Iran
  36. 36. United Arab Emirates.In UAE, BUMS degrees have been officially accepted and Ministry of health ( MOH) is regularly conducting exams for licensing Alternative medicine practitioners to practice in Medical centers since 2002. Source Dr Syed Asaduddin Ahmed Derma Health Int"l medical centre, a multispeciality clinic. Naif road dubai
  37. 37. Examples of collaborative research• Collaborative research between CCRUM Chennai and Government Hospital Chennai for Management of Filiarisis .• Collaborative research between CCRUM Chennai and Chennai Corporation for management and treatment of malaria.
  38. 38. • Collaborative research between CCRUM Hyderabad and Centre for liver Research and Diagnostic, Hyderabad for the treatment and management of Hepatitis B.• Collaborative research between CCRUM Srinagar with government hospital Srinagar for the treatment and management of Rheumatoid arthritis
  39. 39. • Collaborative research between CCRUM Delhi with Delhi Patel institute at for treatment of Asthma.• Collaborative research between Tibbiya college –Bombay and Ruhia college Bombay for aromatherapy in unani medicine.
  40. 40. Development of CD on materia medicaAn interactive CD is been developed by FRLHT on materia medica of Unani medicinal plants for students.which consists the information of 250 Unani drugs from 5 classical books of Unani , in regards with their properties and usage according to the Unani.
  41. 41. Clinical Research is been carried out in the following…• Skin diseases –Vitiligo, Eczema & Psoriasis• Liver disorders –Acute & Chronic Hepatitis• Musculoskeletal disorders –Rheumatoid arthritis and• Osteoarthritis• Pulmonary disease –Bronchial asthma• Sinus disease – Sinusitis• Communicable diseases – Malaria (P.vivax) and• (Lymphatic)• Filariasis• Dental disease: Gingivitis
  42. 42. Ongoing studies by CCRUM for…• Eczema/Psoriasis 3 drugs• Sinusistis 3 drugs• Infective Hepatitis 3 drugs• Leucorrhoea 1 drug• Infantile Diarrhoea 1 drug• Diabetes Mellitus
  43. 43. CSIR &ICMR• CSIR New Delhi Standardisation and to develop Bioactive molecule of Unani Med.• ICMR ,New Delhi Drug development on vitiligo etc.
  44. 44. UNANI FORMULARY AND UNANI PHARMACOPOEA• Published ___ National Formulary of Unani Medicine (NFUM), Part-I• 441 formulations English• Published _____ NFUM, Part-I 441 formulations Urdu.• Published _____ NFUM, Part-II 202 formulations in English .• Published ____ NFUM, Part-III 103 formulations in English.• Published ____ NFUM, Part-IV 166 formulations in English.• Published ____ Unani Pharmacopoeia of India (UPI), Part-I, Vol. I 45monographs of single drugs.• UPI part II & III 105 monograph on single drugs.
  45. 45. Future prospects …..• Collaborative research studies can be carried out with other biofield studies.• Could be a part of alternate medicine or CAM projects.• Wider documentation projects of traditional medicine.• A part of mainstream medical education.
  46. 46. Scope for Unani graduatesHerbal specialists.Diet consultants in multispeciality centers.Co-investigators of collaborative researchworks of traditional medicine.Field investigators for documentation oftraditional medicine.Part of wellness clinics of alternatemedicine.