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The most viral education and business concepts today are Innovation and Inclusion. The demographic shifts across America demand a structural change in the education and economic systems that remain looped in 20th century obsolescence. Underrepresented populations of Americans are the fastest growing swaths of new talent for a 21st century tech-based workforce and a tech-driven entrepreneurial landscape where job growth and wealth creation drive the economic competitiveness of the U.S. in a global marketplace.

But every region in America remains stuck in the mud of 20th century institutional sloth and bureaucracy. Regional leaders across industry sectors, particularly K-12 and higher education, are seeking solutions to empowering underrepresented populations to more fully fill the pipelines of a tech-based workforce and tech-driven entrepreneurial landscape. The nation needs more entrepreneurs and job creators. The nation needs more productivity out of its regional talent pools.

ScaleUp America has the solution: Inclusive Competitiveness. There is no other effort in America that seeks to cut across political and socio-economic divides to offer the entire country a common vision, common strategy and common framework that we can all work to implement together as a united nation of multicultural peoples.

Inclusive Competitiveness is far more than a common vision for America in the 21st century; it is a national economic imperative.

Are you ready to leapfrog exponentially from the 20th to the 21st century? Contact ScaleUp America today. Tomorrow may be too late.

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ScaleUp America - Accelerating Economic Inclusion

  1. 1. It’s not a secret, but nobody likes to talk about it. Your region’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies (CEDS) Plan reveals stark data that show large swaths of your regional population aren’t reaching their full productivity potential. And progress for inclusion in growth sectors over the next five years look grim. You need help. But every region you see is in the same predicament. Who has a working formula for economic inclusion? Inclusive Competitiveness America’s 21st Century Economic Imperative ScaleUp America
  2. 2. Innovation • Inclusion • Impact Mike Green, Co-founder, Executive Director |(541) 730-2164 | | @amikegreen2 1 AMERICA Empowering Underrepresented Communities May 29, 2014 Identifying the Problem Racial demographic shifts across the U.S. are trending toward an increased multicultural society. The rapid growth of historically underserved and disconnected peoples in urban regions accelerates the need to develop inclusive economic frameworks that foster and nurture an active pipeline of more diverse workforce innovators and entrepreneurs contributing to the overall economic competitiveness of the region and increased opportunity for all. Unfortunately, the eight Communities of Influence (COI) that impact local economic ecosystems in every U.S. region do not communicate effectively or collaboratively. Local COI leaders lack a collective common vision, strategy and framework for engaging and empowering underserved and underrepresented communities in local innovation ecosystems. This missed opportunity to develop a flowing pipeline to productivity prevents regions from realizing their highest economic potential. Presently, it is no one’s job to develop collaboration among these influential actors. Yet, each COI inadvertently impacts the local economy in ways that can adversely affect the other communities. Identifying the Opportunity The nation needs more job creators. The fastest-growing landscape of entrepreneurship in America exists in minority communities. Particularly, Black and Latino communities produce 60% and 44% entrepreneurial growth respectively, more than triple and double the national average of 18%. But, many of these entrepreneurs lack knowledge of local resources fueling growth sectors of their local innovation ecosystems, thus total productivity from all black and Latino-owned businesses combined is less than 3.5% GDP. Development of a framework that convenes, informs, connects and empowers this existing landscape of activity could be a model for adoption by regions nationwide. ScaleUp America Solution ScaleUp America is the nation’s leading advocate and voice of Inclusive Competitiveness as a vision, strategy and framework for increasing regional economic competitiveness. We assist policymakers, universities, nonprofits, foundations, economic and community development organizations in understanding how their fragmented Communities of Influence can work together more effectively under a common vision to develop strategies and inclusive economic frameworks that empower underrepresented minority communities to produce greater productivity in the pipelines of tech-based workforce development and creation of more high-growth tech-driven startups. We Can Help Working in partnership with a Local Partner that has convening authority, ScaleUp America proposes the following opportunities:
  3. 3. Innovation • Inclusion • Impact Mike Green, Co-founder, Executive Director |(541) 730-2164 | | @amikegreen2 2 AMERICA A. Develop a new Awareness Campaign for Communities of Influence in the Local Innovation Ecosystem in targeted regions. B. Introduce a system for mapping and measuring any region’s hidden productivity assets through the ScaleUp America lens of Inclusive Competitiveness. C. Advocate for a regional Center for Inclusive Competitiveness to shepherd the process of creating collaboration among targeted regions’ COI. This process diagram is a three-phased approach to transforming a region’s economy through Inclusive Competitiveness. We start by raising awareness. ScaleUp America Center for Inclusive Competitiveness (CIC) Awareness Collaboration Implementation Convening Research Reporting Marketing Mapping Convening Process Vision Strategy Metrics Programs Activities Resources National Marketing Phase 3Phase 2Phase 1 0 – 18 mos 6 – 12 mos 18 - 24 mos: Continuing TIMELINE 8 Communities of Influence (COI)* Education – Industry – Policy – Funding – Entrepreneurs – Community – Development – Communications *Each community contains sub-listings of institutions, organizations, groups, leaders and stakeholders who collectively makeup the local innovation ecosystem. We’ll help you identify these leaders in your region. Local Convening Partner Contact ScaleUp America today! Schedule a workshop to learn how to unlock the hidden productivity potential that will increase overall regional job growth and economic competitiveness. DID YOU KNOW? 250 of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful leaders assembled in London on May 27, 2014 to discuss ways to transform the economic systems in America and Europe to incorporate greater opportunities for multicultural populations. They called it: Inclusive Capitalism.