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NoAppFee is a next-generation platform that reinvents the process of renting for both renters and landlords, saving both time and money on both sides of the rental equation. Initially designed to streamline the process of housing homeless families, NoAppFee is soon to become the signature online platform for the real estate rental industry.

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  1. 1. Re-inventing Renting The first rental platform designed specifically to assist 21st century families in America find housing Help us launch in early 2014! See our IndieGogo Fundraiser Campaign.
  2. 2. U.S. RENTAL MARKET HOMELESS FAMILIES ARE A SUBSET OF A MUCH LARGER RENTAL MARKET Total U.S. Households: 132M (2012) Household Renter Fraction: 36% (47M units) Real Gross Rent (Median): $884 Median Tenant Income: $30K Vacancy Rate: 6.77% $2K: Typical cost of tenant turnover Sources:Dept. of Numbers; US Census;National Multihousing Council 2
  3. 3. 21st CENTURY RENTAL MARKET LANDLORD PROBLEM Good Credit Only 20th century renter’s methods still being applied to new market conditions. Credit checks Steady income verification High deposit / fees Expensive property manager RENTER PROBLEM 21st century middleclass families were squeezed down the economic ladder during the Great Recession. Marginalized families Great Recession impact Home foreclosure crisis Unemployed/Under-employed HUGE RENTAL MARKET! Entrepreneur / Freelancer We tailored our platform to meet the needs of even the most challenging demographic: Homeless Families 3
  4. 4. RENTAL MARKET PROBLEMS LANDLORD Lengthy Interview Process Unqualified Applicants Lost Time = Lost Revenue Multi-day Application Process RENTER 3 - 4 day Application Process Application Fees Per Attempt Application Rejected Good Credit Only Loss of Privacy/Personal Info More Time = More Cost 4
  5. 5. HOUSING HOMELESS FAMILIES PART OF THE 21ST CENTURY RENTAL MARKET PARADIGM 1/3 of homeless population are families 1.6 million children experience homelessness each year Any given day, 200,000 children are homeless 20 months: Average wait for public housing 35 months: Average wait for Section 8 voucher 24 million jobs (1/5 of all jobs) do not keep a working family of four out of poverty. A fulltime minimum wage worker cannot afford a one-bedroom apartment anywhere in the U.S. 5.8 million units needed to fill affordable housing gap for lowest income bracket Source: National Center on Family Homelessness 5
  6. 6. SOLUTION REVOLUTION RE-INVENTING RENTING TO ADDRESS THE HOMELESS FAMILIES CRISIS IN AMERICA NoAppFee is an industry solution tailor-made to address the challenges that any 21st century family (even homeless) might face in seeking rental housing. OUR GOAL: Within 24 hours of initiating a search, we intend to match even the most challenging renters with properties for which they qualify. 6
  7. 7. SOLUTION REVOLUTION SOLVE THE TOUGHEST PROBLEM AND THE SOLUTION BENEFITS EVERYONE. LANDLORD BENEFITS Quickly find qualified tenants online at NoAppFee Schedule meeting to confirm agreement and give keys RENTER BENEFITS Quickly find and apply only to qualifying properties Receive notification of accepted application Show up at scheduled meeting to sign agreement and receive keys 7
  8. 8. HOW IT WORKS LANDLORD PROCESS List Unit on (no cost) No Application Process Choose 1st Pre-Qualified Renter Schedule Verification Meeting Agreement, Payment & Keys RENTER PROCESS Create Profile Page (easy, like Facebook) Initiate Search on* Choose From Match Properties Show Up to Scheduled Meeting Agreement, Payment & Keys *Homeless families pay no application fee. 8
  9. 9. ABOUT See our IndieGoGo Campaign and help us launch NoAppFee in early 2014. NoAppFee was founded by Tyrone Poole based on his personal experience, and the insights he discovered while assisting homeless families find rental housing. Click the mic to hear Tyrone tell his story from firefighter to homeless advocate NoAppFee addresses the challenges faced by homeless families, and the nonprofits that assist them in finding rental housing. It streamlines a lengthy process and eliminates cost impediments that prevent families from finding housing they need. It provides a benefit to landlords by auto-matching listed properties with preapproved tenants, which saves both time and money. Click images above for video and audio.
  10. 10. Re-inventing Renting The first rental platform designed specifically to assist 21st century families in America find housing Help us launch in early 2014! See our IndieGogo Fundraiser Campaign.