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Minorities are underrepresented in the 21st century knowledge-based, tech-driven globally competitive innovation economy. Mike Green seeks to change that by empowering the disconnected and informing the well-connected.

Mike is one of America's leading voices on economic inclusion and developing frameworks to connect disconnected communities to local innovation ecosystems and economic opportunity. From the pipeline of STEM education to the productivity of high-growth entrepreneurship and the startup culture, Mike paints the big economic picture in ways any audience can easily understand. There's a new economic game being played across the nation and Mike helps students, parents, educators, entrepreneurs, investors, foundations, business leaders and policymakers understand the game, identify local innovation ecosystems and develop collaborations, that bolster the economic competitiveness of local regions.

Put Mike on your speakers list to deliver a powerfully enlightening and motivating message to your target audiences. Book Mike today for your classroom, graduation, meeting, workshop, summit, conference or retreat. Don't just inform audience members. Transform them.

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  • I've known Mike Green for a number of years and count myself as fortunate to have worked with him on a number of projects. I continue to be impressed by the breadth of his abilities and knowledge, his even-handedness, his respect of deadlines and his amazing ability to provide the variety of services he has mastered.

    Further, I have met some of the principals who are engaged in collaborative efforts with Mike and can attest to their qualifications and dedication to pushing forward to results.
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Mike Green - Economic Inclusion

  1. 1. Our nation cannot reach its highest economic competitiveness goals with so much of its population producing so little. Empowering more Americans to compete in the Innovation Economy is a national economic imperative. Johnathan Holifield, Vice President of Inclusive Competitiveness at NorTech; Co-founder America21 Award-winning journalist & digital media strategist Social Entrepreneur Realizing America’s Dream of Economic Inclusion Leading voice on 21st century Innovation Economy I’m determined to reveal the secrets of the 21st century economic game to millions and empower those left behind in the quicksand of a 20th century mindset to join the movement of economic inclusion. The economic game has fundamentally changed. Are you ready to compete? RESERVE NOW Speaker / Producer mikegreen Author: 3 Ways to Save America’s Black Boys
  2. 2. 1960 11% 11% 11% 1998 Represented in NFL Represented in NBA Represented in MLB 2012 65% Black youth were taught how to play sports games and learned to compete. 77% 15% To compete in the arena of innovation, we must learn how the game is played. 50 years of Black American “progress” into 21st century < 1% < 1% < 1% < 1% Bio/Health Scientists Math / Computer Science / Engineers High-Growth Tech Entrepreneurs / High Growth Job Creators Risk Capital Investors / Angels / Venture Capitalists < 4% < 4% < 1% < 1% 20th century economic strategies don’t work today. What’s our strategy for the next 50 years?
  3. 3. Advanced Manufacturing 1963 2014 Manufacturing Jobs Jobs
  4. 4. LearnTheGamePlayTheGameCompeteinTheGameWinTheGame You know about this: • • • • • • • Wealth Gap Wage Gap Achievement Gap School Dropout Rate School-to-Prison Pipeline Mass Incarceration High Unemployment Rate Do you know about this? • • • • • • • Local Innovation Ecosystem STEM Education TBED / iBED SBIR / STTR CEDS / NADO Angels / VCs All 1.9 million black businesses combined produce LESS than 1% of America’s GDP and zero percent job growth Did You Know? Most Americans do not know: How the Innovation Economy works How to create generational wealth How to speak the language of the 21st century Innovation Economy How do we empower all students with the knowledge to compete in a 21st century innovation economy?
  5. 5. We teach financial literacy; we need economic literacy We speak of income inequality; we should discuss wealth creation We promote College to Career; we should also add innovation, entrepreneurship, competitiveness & lessons covering the 21st century Innovation Economy
  6. 6. LA’s STARTUP COMMUNITY If you overlay this map across your local region, how many icons would fill the map and what would the legend look like? How can you develop YOUR own Local Innovation Ecosystem? A good start is to include K-12 and higher education on the map!
  7. 7. AUDIENCES Audiences Will Learn • The BIG PICTURE of how America’s New Tech-Based, Globally Competitive Innovation Economy works • How to Equip / Prepare / Train Youth to Compete in the 21st Century Innovation Economy, from kindergarten to career • How to Identify and Participate in their Local Innovation Ecosystems • How to Build / Sustain Generational Wealth • How to Develop High-Growth Entrepreneurial Enterprises that produce jobs and wealth Can we talk about this? Foundations TBED / iBED Orgs Educational Institutions Church Groups Youth Groups Leadership Orgs Black Male Achievement Programs Inmate Re-Entry Programs Civil Rights Groups Social Justice Groups Small Business Leadership Orgs Professional Development Groups Policymakers Educators Influencers
  8. 8. Black and Hispanic Americans are underrepresented in the Innovation Economy and Startup Culture the Numerous reports by authoritative organizations and media point to a need for an economic inclusion framework. Economic inclusion starts with a working knowledge of the Innovation Economy. 21st century economic strategies center on economic inclusion but 20th century ecosystems lack knowledge of this national movement.
  9. 9. Mike Green is a nationally recognized expert on STEM Education, Innovation Economy and Economic Inclusion.
  10. 10. Mike Green Consultant: Innovation Economy, STEM Education, Startups, Capital, Social Media, Digital Innovations Speaker: Keynote, Workshop, Panelist, Conferences, Summits NY Times Leadership Academy 17 years media experience Award-winning journalist & Digital Media Innovations Strategist Columnist: • • • Oregon Business Magazine Governing Institute Huffington Post Co-founder, America21 Founder, Saving America’s Black Boys Solutions Summits “No discussion about the education of minorities would be complete without speaking with Mike Green.” Dr. Michael Eric Dyson MED Radio Show Jan. 20, 2011 VOICE OF
  11. 11. “ The biggest challenge in 2014 is bridging the disconnect between national policymakers and investors seeking to develop 21st century economic inclusion frameworks with those disconnected communities still operating under 20th century business models. I provide a bilingual bridge, speaking the languages of both 20th century economics and 21st century innovation and opportunity. Mike Green ” Book Mike Green today! 541-730-2164 mike@blackinnovation.org Benefit Options • • • • • • • • Consulting Leadership Training Keynote Expert Panelist Meeting Facilitator Lead Small Group Discussions Workshop Education & Planning CONTACT: 541-730-2164 mike@blackinnovation.org Mike introduces the ScaleUp Innovation Campaign at the Clinton Global Initiative 2013