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Could your geographic region use an economic shot in the arm to boost regional competitiveness? Do you need more job growth and more productivity?

It's possible the economic solution exists right in your backyard and you're missing it. Let me show you the economy that's hidden in plain sight in cities all across America.

Are you an entrepreneur trying to get started or reach the next milestone? Are you an investor looking for high-growth deal flow?

The resources many entrepreneurs need exist in their local innovation ecosystem. And the entrepreneurs many investors are looking for are racing around in the disconnected communities trying to connect to elusive resources.

I can help. I'm a connector. I connect founders with funding and funders with founders. I connect disconnected communities with local innovation ecosystems to bolster job growth and overall economic competitiveness.

For historically disconnected underserved minority communities, I also connect 20th century economic ecosystems with 21st century innovation hubs. One side receives new investments, the other side finds existing assets and value to scale up. Both sides receive mutual benefit and the entire region wins.

Is this really possible? Can there really be valuable assets, talent and opportunity hidden in the recesses and blind spots of urban regions?

Call me. Let's talk. I will show you possibilities for producing a pipeline of productivity in your region and a new perspective that will inspire hope and encouragement.

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Mike Green - Consultant - Building Inclusive Local Innovation Ecosystems

  1. 1. Mike Green M i k e G r e e n C o n s u l t i n g C e n t r a l P o i n t , O R 9 7 5 0 2 5 4 1 - 7 3 0 - 2 1 6 4 A m i k e g r e e n 2 @ g m a i l . c o m T w i t t e r : a m i k e g r e e n 2 Consultant Did you know? All black-owned businesses produce LESS than 1% of America’s GDP. Add in all Latino-owned businesses and the total is LESS than 3.5%. Yet … the fastest rate of entrepreneurial growth in America is among black and Latino startups with 60% and 44% growth respectively. (National rate is 18%) America needs more entrepreneurs, more startups, more job creators. Fortunately, they’re all around us. Let’s invest in existing value and scale it up. Planning Strategy Recruiting Networking Productions Marketing Storytelling Branding Alliances Connections Workshops Speaking Media Easy to Understand Intelligent Analysis Visionary Solutions Step-by-Step Execution Measurable Results Increased Regional Economic Competitiveness Strategic Impact Investing Economic Inclusion
  2. 2. MIKEGREEN Email: amikegreen2@gmail.com | 541-730-2164 | Twitter: @amikegreen2 | LinkedIn Profile STRATEGIC THINKING AHEAD OF THE GAME Co-founder and Executive Director of ScaleUp America, a national nonprofit dedicated to changing the economic narrative across urban and rural America, connecting economically disconnected communities with local innovation ecosystems and promoting the 21st century economic vision of Inclusive Competitiveness. Consultant to policymakers, educational institutions, foundations, entrepreneurs, investors and regional economic development organizations. Strategic advisor on developing inclusive innovation ecosystems in universities, governments and tech-based economic development organizations. Mentor & Advisor to Media, Tech and Social Entrepreneurs. Member of the Clinton Global Initiative's High- Growth Entrepreneurship Working Group. Coordinator of a national Inclusive Competitiveness Summit series aligned with the objectives of President Obama's recently launched My Brother's Keeper initiative to empower boys and young men of color. Founder of Saving America's Black Boys Solutions Summit series. Invited back-to-back years (2013-2014) to present at SXSWedu Conference in Austin, TX. Event Producer: Gathering of Angels, Minority Biomedical Entrepreneurship Conference, HBCU Innovation Summit, Oregon Governor Scale Up Rally and more. New York Times Leadership Academy Fellow, Social Media at CNN.com. Award-winning Media Innovations Strategist for Dow Jones Local Media Group Award-winning print & digital journalist, editor and media strategist with 18 years experience. Columnist for the Huffington Post and Oregon Business magazine Let’s face it. Starting a business of any kind is hard work. Whether for-profit or nonprofit, there will be similar challenges to overcome along the way: Recruiting and organizing a qualified team Understanding market trends, identifying opportunity and avoiding unnecessary pitfalls; analyzing business models Raising funds, networking, strategic alliances, partnerships Reaching target audiences, storytelling, marketing, branding You need someone who can help you think strategically and make sound business decision. You need Mike Green. Connector: One-of-a-kind business and economic strategist with strong national networks spanning the channels of media, marketing, finance and equity investment, policymaking and professional services. I can help make the right connections. Advisor: Unparalleled knowledge of the 21st century tech-based globally competitive Innovation Economy and local innovation ecosystems. Personal advisor to tech entrepreneurs, policymakers, business and educational leaders. Tech & Social Entrepreneur: Former CEO of 3D game and EduTech company. Co-founder of leading national nonprofit with trendsetting economic vision and strategy. Producer: Introduced a string of unprecedented successful events bringing together diverse communities of entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, policymakers and educators. Speaker: Experienced as a talk radio host, keynote speaker for large/small audiences, workshop facilitator, panelist. Examples:  SXSWedu Conference Track Session 2013 & 2014  Bill & Melinda Gates Symposium Panelist 2013  Martin Luther King Jr Celebration Keynote: Portland Convention Center 2012  Tabor 100 Keynote: Business Gala at Washington Convention Center 2012 WHO AM I?