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America21 is seeking support to change the economic narrative across America, promote inclusive competitiveness and connect the economically disconnected to opportunity. We've bootstrapped our way to a recognized national voice on minority innovation. We need your immediate help to sustain our activity and expand the movement.

If you're tired of the talk that hasn't moved the data on education, workforce development, employment, entrepreneurship, job growth and access to capital, please consider taking action by supporting America21.

We have a clear vision. We have a solid action plan. We're executing the plan and making progress. Join the cause and be part of a growing network of doers who are making a difference.

Help spread the campaign through your networks. On Twitter, please use #tiredofthetalk and link to this presentation.

Thanks so much for your support!

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America21 - Tired of the Talk Campaign

  1. 1. Tired of the Talk? Complaints are worthless without vision, plans and action.Support America21’s new economic vision,framework and goals for an inclusive economicfuture that strengthens the globalcompetitiveness of America.Economic change starts with us. The first step youcan take is to push the button below and supportthe solutions America21 is actively implementing.We need your help. Now.Push the button #TiredoftheTalk
  2. 2. MOVETHENARRATIVEMOVETHEPEOPLEMOVETHENEEDLEUrban America needs a new Policymakers determine what is Data don’t lie.message that informs 20th important, what strategies to In education,century economic minds about adopt and deploy, and what employment, equity21st century job growth and investments to make in the investment,wealth creation processes. future for the nation. entrepreneurship and every economicThe Innovation Economy is Inclusive Competitiveness is the indicator, the disparitiesracing along at breakneck speed only sustainable economic clearly indicate little haswhile the economically strategy. It requires the changed in decades. Wedisconnected stand flat-footed inculcation of inclusion as a core must change that.watching in amazement as the investment strategy at thechasm between the haves and beginning of a process, ratherhave-nots widens. than an after-thought add-on.
  3. 3. MOVETHENARRATIVEMOVETHEPEOPLEMOVETHENEEDLE 1% Data don’t lie. K-12 STEM Education Yield In education, College grads in STEM fields employment, equity Representation in Tech investment, entrepreneurship and Business revenue (GDP%) every economic Funded growth companies indicator, the disparities INCREASE Funded minority startups Minority Investors clearly indicate little has changed in decades. We must change that.Move the Needle: Just a 1 percent increase in any of the above categories wouldrepresent the largest movement of the data needle for minorities in decades.
  4. 4. 1 Change the economic narrative across Urban America2 Promote Inclusive Competitiveness in established innovation ecosystems3 Connect the economically disconnected to regional innovation clusters and opportunity
  5. 5. FRAMEWORK P 2P IPELINE RODUCTIVITY Innovation Ecosystem Innovation Ecosystem Innovation Ecosystem Innovation Ecosystem STEM Education (science, technology, engineering and math)pipeline & Workforce Developmentproductivity HIGH-GROWTH Entrepreneurshipresources Access to Capital Investments Job Growth & Wealth Creation
  6. 6. ACTIONChange the economic narrative across Urban AmericaSince January 2011, America21 has worked to raise the issues involved in the 21stcentury Innovation Economy. Our successful online and offline campaigns haveelevated America21 to national prominence, recognized from the White House toSilicon Valley, as an authoritative voice on the issues of minority innovation andinclusive competitiveness.The packaging of our online media and offline live events will help us continue to dothe work of breaking down competitive silos and penetrating the walls ofdisconnection to reach those who are tired of the old rhetoric and seek real solutionsto the economic challenges of today. We need your financial support to do this.
  7. 7. ACTION Promote Inclusive CompetitivenessIn June 2012, America21 co-founder Chief Strategist and Evangelist JohnathanHolifield was appointed the nation’s first Vice President of Inclusive Competitiveness.His prominent perch at Nortech, a tech-based economic development powerhousecovering 21 counties in Northeast Ohio, is a clear signal the established innovationecosystem is interested in inclusive economic strategies that invest in all of theregion’s talent pools.Holifield’s appointment is just the beginning of the road that must be paved withactions across America that open doors to an inclusive framework that strengthensthe economic competitiveness of the nation. We need your support to continue toengage policymakers nationwide.
  8. 8. ACTION Connect the Economically DisconnectedAmerica21 is working with local partners in Portland, OR and Philadelphia, PA todevelop strategic alliances across the economic divide and throughout the regionalinnovation ecosystem to connect leadership representing disconnected communitieswith leadership within the established innovation landscape.These connections build bridges across the divides of education, entrepreneurshipand investment capital. These bridges ensure viable access channels by whichdisconnected communities can equip and prepare today and tomorrow’s generationsto access high-wage opportunities, establish job-producing enterprises and gainaccess to financial fuel that helps companies grow faster.We need your help to sustain and expand these efforts.
  9. 9. Tired of the Talk? Complaints are worthless without vision, plans and action. We Need Your Help!America21 has a clear vision and plan.We are taking action now on a new inclusiveeconomic future for America. Join us.We need your active financial support now.Push the button #TiredoftheTalk
  10. 10. Upcoming America21 Network Live Events STEM Summit at NIH (DC)Digital Hollywood: Youth Edu (Calif)Gathering of Angels (Silicon Valley) SBIR Conference (Portland) Tech, Arts & Innovation Summit Past Live EventsInnovation Leadership Summit (Balt) Gathering of Angels (Newark) CNN Black in America Screenings Gathering of Leaders (Portland) Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED)Leadership Luncheon (Philadelphia)Media Entrepreneurship (SD, Philly) Black Ivy Alumni League
  11. 11. The America21 Project Co-Founders Contact Us: Email: Web: Phone: (541) 730-2164 Johnathan Holifield Mike Green Chad Womack Chief Strategist & Chief Mass Communications Managing Director & Evangelist Strategist Chief STEM InnovatorSTEM Education • Entrepreneurship • Capital • STEM Education • Entrepreneurship • Capital #TiredoftheTalk