Save water campaign


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Save water campaign

  1. 1. Introducing CWA DABEEDYAL Sohinee It operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Public Utilities. CWA Treatment Industrial Usage Commercial Usage Domestic Usage
  2. 2. Values at CWA DABEEDYAL Sohinee • CWA does everything possible to achieve excellence in:- customer relations, the quality of water and the availability of supply together with the efficient use of our resources. Excellence & Efficiency • They shall act with integrity and shall always show courtesy in all their dealings with customers, employees, suppliers and contractors, and also with the environment. Integrity and Courtesy • They shall work together as a single team and always innovate to ensure that their customers enjoy a reliable and adequate water supply at a fair and reasonable cost. Teamwork & Innovation
  3. 3. Objectives of CWA DABEEDYAL Sohinee • Guarantee the quality of drinking water. • Excel in service delivery to meet the increasing demand with a good round the clock service. • Improve and manage our corporate image in an efficient manner. • Reduce and maintain non-revenue water to an economically acceptable level by improving their network’s efficiency. • Operate their services in a cost-effective manner and consolidate their financial viability.
  4. 4. Public Relations at CWA DABEEDYAL Sohinee The definition of water from CWA PRO: “It is basically an emotional product for the only reason that water is vital and it has no substitutes.” People act negatively (frustration) Recognize Importance of PR: • Wrong public opinion. • Lack of communication. • Affected image & reputation of CWA. faced with water shortages
  5. 5. Public Relations at CWA DABEEDYAL Sohinee Therefore, PR manager will help to: • Respond to daily criticism (noting that there is not one single day without criticism). • Change the negative perception of people. • Try to give a good corporate image which is difficult to do without the aid of Public Relations. • Restore the credibility of CWA. • Protect image of CWA.
  6. 6. Organisational Structure DABEEDYAL Sohinee General Manager Deputy General Manager Chief Engineer Head of Communication National Coordinator The PR manager operates in a transboundary manner. The head of communication is where the PR manager situates himself. The information flows from the GM to the lower level.
  7. 7. Ethics at CWA DABEEDYAL Sohinee According to the PR officer at CWA, “Ethic is a critical success factor.” He has to protect the confidential information. • The PRO has sound judgement • What to say • How • What quantity • Privacy of CWA is not violated An example would be keep the confidentiality of a rise in price of water until disclosed by the Ministry.
  8. 8. PR Department v/s PR Consultants at CWA DABEEDYAL Sohinee • Small projects: PR functions in-house • Large projects: Call for primary consultants and secondary ones also. • They represent a source of fresh ideas due to their exposure to other clients whom they service. However, respecting the ethics at CWA, not everything is revealed to that party Primary Consultants NTO Ministry of Health Ministry of Environment Secondary Consultants Consumers Industrialists Textile Factories Hotels Schools Hospitals Public in general
  9. 9. Campaigns by CWA DABEEDYAL Sohinee
  10. 10. Campaigns by CWA DABEEDYAL Sohinee Result Oriented launched in October 2010: message definite Different target audience with different strategies, media consumption for each category of people Attraction Interest Desire Action Satisfaction
  11. 11. Defining Management and Employee Relations RAMSURRUN Sudha • Employee relations, a company’s internal communication to its employees, create programs designed to motivate employees to do their best work. • Management is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively.
  12. 12. Management and Employee Relations at CWA RAMSURRUN Sudha • PR communicates to the whole organization • They enjoy healthy relationship • They share high secrecy and confidential matters
  13. 13. Crisis in PR- Definition RAMSURRUN Sudha • Crisis management involves planning, how to manage communications during crises. • Internal corporate public relations specialists prepare the crisis plan, and some organizations hire an outside firm that specializes in developing crisis management plans and training staff to prepare for a crisis.
  14. 14. Crisis Management Team at CWA= to review RAMSURRUN Sudha General Manager Chief Engineer Head of Communication (PR) National Coordinator Deputy General Manager
  15. 15. Crisis Management Plan RAMSURRUN Sudha
  16. 16. Examples of Crisis faced RAMSURRUN Sudha • Water interruption in East and no supply for 4 days • Problem: several broken pipes in one day. • Tampering:- Fraud of Meter Reading • Frustration among public- they were growing violent • Political pressure
  17. 17. How they dealt with the crisis? RAMSURRUN Sudha • Use of media support • The press, internet and TV • Opinion leaders • Persuade opinion leaders • Showed the problem to the public so that they believe
  18. 18. How they dealt with the crisis? RAMSURRUN Sudha • Do’s and DONT’S (see if relevant you add it)
  19. 19. Measuring the PR activities “Micro-trottoir” For me, these measures are not practical. Mare aux Vacoas has a serious problem which is that it has a low rate of filling. Thus I think that pumping the water from there to here is a bad idea. I’m asking whether those measures will actually take place. If yes, in how much time? It has to be done quickly because I’m worried about the level of water in our country. I think it is a good idea to construct a barrier at Riviere du Poste, Arnaud,La Flora and Tamarin Falls. It is important to make good use of the big quantity of fresh water being evacuated in the sea I think that it is a good idea, since our situation is an alarming one. For me, it is a big wastage to let the water go in the sea. The new measures taken by CWA will certaining help. Personally, I do not believe it. The fact is that, finally 50% of this water will be lost again in the pipes of CWA which I believe is defective. CWA Initiative of pumping water from Midlands Dam to Mare-aux-Vacoas
  20. 20. Planning the SAVE WATER CAMPAIGN CAMALL SAIB Amiirah • Allocating the budget is an essential part of a campaign so all costs should be taken into consideration. • A satisfactory financial plan is crucial to achieving optimal results. • The PR Unit is given a particular budget to work with, and the cost allocation should be:
  21. 21. CAMALL SAIB Amiirah • It is easier to make a realistic budget once the following are identified Objective of the program The audience The message Channels of communication
  22. 22. CAMALL SAIB Amiirah In October 2010, an insistent campaign was launched to sensitize Mauritians about the importance of saving water. THE GOVERNMENT PUBLIC INTEREST R s 2.2 MILLION “SAVE WATER CAMPAIGN”
  23. 23. Budgeting the Campaign CAMALL SAIB Amiirah • To go ahead with the “SAVE WATER CAMPAIGN”, the CWA had to seek the service of a consultancy firm. • The PR manager states that the charges for consultancy services vary from one organisation to the other. But specifically for a long-time PR campaign, the considerations for the budget include advisory fees which are charged after the firm has accepted the service. • The consultants charge the expenses to cover the days or hours of attending meetings, its research and the submission of the report.
  24. 24. CAMALL SAIB Amiirah The major areas of costing in the campaign include: Prints and Production Exhibition Media briefings and Conferences Advertising Transportation Sponsorship Supplements Media Coverage Consultancy Cost
  25. 25. Planning the Campaign CAMALL SAIB Amiirah • Specific step-by-step measures should be taken when planning any PR campaign to ensure it meets the objectives set. • Research For the “SAVE WATER CAMPAIGN” the research method used was the primary method. The idea came by:  analyzing the market  opinion poll through the media  situation analysis  press revolt  image burden
  26. 26. CAMALL SAIB Amiirah • Objectives (SMART) The sensibilisation of different targeted audience of the importance and need to save water. • Identifying Publics Students (Primary, Secondary & tertiary) Housewives The public in general
  27. 27. CAMALL SAIB Amiirah • Key Messages An essential part of the attitude forming process and demonstrate the effectiveness of the communication. • Strategy The strategy is usually the overlying mechanism of a campaign from which the tactics are deployed to meet the objectives. • Tactics The challenge is choosing the right tactics to meet the objectives. • Timescale The “SAVE WATER CAMPAIGN” lasted for 6 months. It allow the PR manager to co-ordinate his tactics appropriately and be aware of certain deadlines.
  28. 28. CAMALL SAIB Amiirah • Budget The Budget for this campaign was planned on 2.2 million rupees and was financed by the Government because of national interest. • Evaluation The evaluation is vital to discover which parts of the campaign were successful and which were not. It helps to determine what the current situation is after the PR activity has ended. The evaluation process is the ‘added value’ of PR and is something that should not be neglected.
  29. 29. Media of Communications/ News Media/ Press Releases BURNAH Neeta Definition: Storage and transmission channels or tools used to store and deliver information or data. • A positive reputation leads to public support and confidence. • CWA communicates to its publics- internal and external.
  30. 30. CWA BURNAH Neeta When campaigns are launched: • General Manager identifies problems • Orders pass on to lower levels • PR Manager understands and reports issue to press
  31. 31. Media of Communications at CWA BURNAH Neeta • PR based upon a two-way communication system • Media coverage-negative and positive impact on campaigns • Disseminate information and build rapport with customers • Communication mixes; customers hear and see broadcasted images
  32. 32. Media of Communications- CWA Campaign BURNAH Neeta • Result oriented • Sensitisation process targeted to different audiences: students, housewives and the public in general
  33. 33. Communication Plan BURNAH Neeta Consisted of: • Stated message • Purpose of the project • Procedures • Resources • Timing and assessment of whole campaign
  34. 34. Communication Mixes BURNAH Neeta Aiming the young ones • Trendy easy popular song was used • Reach people at various times and different categories Reach maximum people • Keep in touch with new publications and publishing plans • Posters, press adverts and brochures T.V caption at 19.30 before evening news on MBC1 • Blend of colour, movement and sound
  35. 35. Social Media BURNAH Neeta • Networking; in women centers who use more water for cleaning purposes • Internet; voice heard to the mass and target various audiences • Facebook; challenge to CWA PR divisions-control the quality of information broadcasted
  36. 36. Social Media BURNAH Neeta • Dictates effectiveness of the campaign • Billboards proved to be successful for campaign
  37. 37. RAMBURN Antish
  38. 38. Market Research for the Save Water Campaign RAMBURN Antish • Market research covers all techniques used to study opinions, attitudes or preferences. • Market research is about scanning the environment to identify issues related to the organization. • For the Save Water Campaign, desk research and field research were carried out.
  39. 39. Objectives of Market Research for the Campaign RAMBURN Antish • To carry out an in-depth analysis on the campaign • Ensure that the campaign is viable • Identify the sampling frame • Identify other factors associated with the campaign such as budgeting.
  40. 40. Market Research Process for the Save Water Campaign RAMBURN Antish 1) Analyzing the situation. That is, water shortage. 2) Set budget for the proposed solution. 3) Proposal sent to Central Water board for more feasible research. 4) Ministry of Utilities and other bodies submit a final project after consultation.
  41. 41. Market Research Process for the Save Water Campaign RAMBURN Antish 5) PR manager along with advertising agency works on the physical aspect of the campaign in terms of creativity. 6) Finally, the purpose of market research constitute of a pre- testing using an opinion poll for the sampling frame.
  42. 42. Legal Aspects involved in the Save Water Campaign KORIMBOCUS Naaila • Consumers should also not dump garbage, building materials like sand, stone near or on a meter chamber. • Use rain water in a recipient to water plants • Consumers should notify the CWA promptly in case they do not receive their monthly bill. • Avoid flushing the toilet for nothing.
  43. 43. Legal Aspects involved in the Save Water Campaign KORIMBOCUS Naaila • Do not let tap open while brushing teeth • Do not let your children play with water • Close tap well to prevent waste of water
  44. 44. PR v/s Legal Aspects RAMBURN Antish • In crisis situation, the PR manager together with regulatory bodies set out the legal issues. • Measures are taken which the public has to adhere to. • For instance, after a joint consultation, the ‘’CWA Drought Period Regulation 2011” comes into place.
  45. 45. PR v/s Legal Aspects RAMBURN Antish • According to the regulation, it is forbidden to wash cars, lawns or floors. • The PR manager communicates with his publics to inform them about the legal issues and thus, protect them against legal clashes.
  46. 46. KORIMBOCUS Naaila Green Issues in the Campaign • PR of CWA took in consideration of the green issue in the campaign save water • Environmental issues such as impacts on reservoirs and waste water is of highly importance for the CWA • The ad campaigns demonstrate the green aspects that every citizens should respect
  47. 47. Green Issues in the Campaign KORIMBOCUS Naaila
  48. 48. Evaluation of the Campaign KORIMBOCUS Naaila • Both qualitative and quantitative • Two measures: 1) Surveys (Quantitative) 2) Observation (Qualitative) • Opinion Poll • Media Evaluation Chart
  49. 49. The Transfer Process KORIMBOCUS Naaila Hostility Sympathy Prejudice Apathy Ignorance Acceptance Interest Knowledge
  50. 50. Evaluating PR results- Opinion Poll KORIMBOCUS Naaila
  51. 51. Evaluating PR results- Media Evaluation Chart KORIMBOCUS Naaila Title Value News Release 1 News Release 2 L’Express 5 3 5 Le Matinal 4 4 3 Le Weekend 5 3 4 Le Dimanche 4 2 3 Score 12 15
  52. 52. Special uses and trends in PR- Image problems BELIM Fariiha Water shortage Image Problem PRO needed to act immediately: Add A to Z list
  53. 53. Strategies used to recover image at CWA BELIM Fariiha Create Awareness- Shortage of Water Communica tion To the General Public Choosing the Media- Long back, only MBC Radios were available
  54. 54. Social Media- a Boon or a Burden? BELIM Fariiha Social Media such as: • Blogs • Facebook, forum, websites… Causing both a Challenge & Advantage to the work of PRO Forming People’s Opinion Spreading Of News
  55. 55. The Save Water Campaign BELIM Fariiha The Target Population: Youngsters- the most frequent user of internet
  56. 56. BELIM Fariiha The campaign of “Save Water Campaign” lasted for six months 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% October November December January Febuary March
  57. 57. QUESTIONS