How to start your own affiliate marketing business


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How to start your own affiliate marketing business

  1. 1. How To Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business If is important to find a mentor you can trust to help you become successful in your business of affiliate marketing. It might take a while, but I found two people that have done nothing but help and guide me, and you need to do the same. The ease of use and low start-up costs have made selling products online an attractive business model. Below are three tips on how to start an affiliate marketing home business. Equipment And Experience Needed The start up costs for affiliate marketing are very low with many people already having the necessary equipment to get started. You'll need a computer, internet access, and software to type documents. You don't need to have prior experience selling online to be successful with affiliate marketing. When first starting it's always a good idea to promote products within a niche you're familiar with. You'll feel more comfortable writing about products you're familiar with. It also cuts the learning curve by reducing the research needed to promote products within an unfamiliar niche. Choosing Products To Sell Today, the easiest way to gain access to a wide variety of products to sell online is to join an affiliate network like or You can visualize an affiliate network like a giant mall of digital products. You only have to sign up one time, and then you're given access to thousands of products to promote. You're linked to each individual merchant through the affiliate network. The network will track your incoming traffic, sales earned, and is responsible for sending your sales commission check every month. Go to Although affiliate marketing is considered one of the best ways to earn money on the Internet, it is equally difficult to make your own mark. To join any affiliate programs you need not pay anything. When you join any affiliate program, you are given a unique ID and URL to the merchant's web site. So, whenever a buyer purchases a product by landing on the merchant's web site through your unique link, the merchants pay you commission. These Steps Will Help You In Your Affiliate Marketing Business Do some deep research work on affiliate programs available. It is very important for you to know about the product that sells and those that do not. Conversion rate is the factor which helps you to find out the credibility of the product. Generally 5% of conversion rate is considered very good. This implies that if 100 unique users are landing on your page, 5 of them will be ending up buying the product. Use a website as your tool to market an affiliate program. You must have seen web sites of many good and big affiliate marketers of your niche. They must have been maintaining those web sites for a purpose. It is a great way to keep the potential buyers interested in you. By having a web site, you can provide a good number of alternatives for your customers regarding your affiliate programs. Write genuine and relevant content on your website. If the merchant you are linked with deals with e- books, you cannot write about gadgets. So, what you are putting on your web site, must correlate with your affiliate products.
  2. 2. Concentrate on building web traffic on to your site. The logic is simple, more are the number of people visiting your web site, higher is the probability of your product being sold. So, driving good web traffic on to your website will always guarantee you better profits. Below are a few of the effective methods to drive traffic to your web site: Article Marketing One can write quality write ups with the links to affiliate products and submit them to article directories. This method can bring huge free traffic on to your web site. But make sure that your articles relate to your affiliate product. And if you really want to see some difference, then you need to submit articles frequent enough (one or two every week will do). Participate in related forums. There are a number of forums present on the Internet related to almost every niche. You can spare a few of your hours to ask questions or answer the questions of others. But make sure that you add a link back to your website as your signature. Once you become active in any particular forum, your status will increase. Soon people will start trusting and following your opinion and users will click on your website link. It is just about earning a status in a community and people will start following you. Like I said in the beginning of this article, the very most important thing you can do is find somebody that you trust that has been successful in affiliate marketing and follow their guidelines. Don't be afraid to ask questions. I do everyday several times a day and I am fortunate my mentor has the patience of a Saint. LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN and take ACTION.