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Tooltech Global Engineering, is a decade old company. We offer complete solution capability for Mechanical Engineering from concept design to manufacturing, ranging from CAD modeling to FEA Simulation and Validation for Advanced Engineering Applications across industry verticals including:
Industrial Engineering | Automotive | Aerospace | Ship Design

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Tooltech Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. a new way of delivering engineering solutionsGeneral/Industrial Engineering Automotive Aerospace Ship Design/Marine EquipmentQMS – ISO 9001:2008 ISMS – ISO 27001:2005
  2. 2. About Us Tooltech, is a leading Remote Engineering Design and Simulation solutions provider. We offer end-to-end solution capability from concept design to product development, for Advanced Engineering Applications, across various industry sectors like. Automotive | General Engineering | Ship Design | Aerospace | Oil & Gas We seamlessly combine European Engineering maturity with Indian skills, to create a “Mix Model”, which we have pioneered, to enhance customer’s competitiveness. Demonstrated competence in the set up, management and engineering deliverables for ‘Dedicated Client Centers’ Multinational Engineering Resource Pool of over 200.
  3. 3. Delivery Solutions Traditional – Local Model Tooltech’s New Ways Traditional Outsourcing TT Europe Client TT Europe Client Client TT Europe TT TT India India Local Model Mix Model Off-shore ModelExecution in Tooltech Europe Office Project leader at Client end / Tooltech Office Execution in low cost Delivery Centersor Client Location Seamless Execution at Tooltech Europe & India  Lowest operational costs Local engineering competence, Optimal Engineering Strategy as this model:  Shorter lead time language, culture and client co- ordination  Gives best price performance ratio  Business commitment Client has control over operations,  Lowers operational costs intellectual property & data protection  Shortens lead time  Gives clients complete control over operations
  4. 4. Cost Saving Potential in a Mixed Model OperationLive Examples Captured Team Member Ratio European: Indian Average Cost Leading European Upto 40% Cost & Car Manufacturer Lead Time Saving in the 3rd year of operation Leading European Heavy Indian efficiency Equipment Manufacturer Year 1 - 60 % | Year 2 – 80 % | Year 3 – 95 %
  5. 5. Capabilities in all Major Software CAD  AUTOCAD  NX CATIA V4  MDT  SolidEdge  Pro-Engineer  Vertex G4  Tribon  CATIA V5  Inventor  SolidWorks CAE Pre / Post-Processor Solvers CFD  Hypermesh  Abaqus Pre- Processor:  Ansa  LS-Dyna  Gambit  Patran  Ansys  FEMOD  Nastran Solver & Post-Processing  ANSYS  Pamcrash  Fluent  Animator  T-Grid
  6. 6. Assimilation of Knowledge Management Processes inProject Management Over the years, we have devised and implemented strong processes to maintain business continuity and project delivery independent of people. Project & Quality Management Create WBS | Assign Task Schedule | Quality Plan INITIATION Resource Plan | Knowledge assessment and acquisition plan| Risk Mitigation Plan Project Scope &Feasibility PLANNING MONITOR & EXECUTION CONTROL CLOSING Detailed Execution Procedure Schedule Control | Know how up Capture lessons Learned Train and Develop Project Team gradation Perform | Quality Control Update Knowledge Base Document processes Maintain Competency Concurrent Knowledge Management Process for enrichment and QMS – ISO 9001:2008 future use Map Capture Organize Transfer Utilize
  7. 7. Data Handling, Security, & Isolation License Servers IPSec VPN Router Isolated Client Router Network Switch Workstations & Desktop Tooltech license Network ISMS – ISO Switch –Application Server 27001:2005 –Dataserver Router Internal network Speed1 Gbps Access Denied Internet Cloud – DATASERVER Managed Switches Tooltech Network- – Application Server Sufficiency of network capacity is – Domain Controller Firewall monitored continuously to ensure Workstations & Desktop that delivery to the Client is seamless We use Safe Data Transfer protocols such as FTP, VPN, OFTP Isolated Client Network - Tooltech has established a segregated and dedicated network for directly accessing the Clients network thus ensuring data security network Tooltech License Network - Used to share license for both Tooltech and Client network. The communication is one way
  8. 8. Case Studies by Vertical In accordance with Non – disclosure and Confidentiality agreements,certain Client names & confidential project information are omitted. Allnames, information and diagrams that follow, are mentioned with prior permission of the concerned Client.
  9. 9. Skill Matrix – Design General Engineering (DESIGN) Material Handling Industrial & Paper & Wood Marine Civil Piping & Heavy Process Tool Design Equipments Machinery Equipments Construction Design Machinery Material Handling Industrial & Paper & Wood Marine Civil Piping ACTIVITIES & Heavy Process Machinery Equipments Construction Design Machinery EquipmentsComponent Design      Value Engineering / Design      OptimizationManufacturing Feasibility      StudyDetailed Design      Design Automation      Reverse Engineering      Design Data Porting      Product Catalogue / Library      
  10. 10. Examples of CAD/Design Projects : INDUSTRIAL & PROCESS EQUIPMENTS PAPER & WOOD MACHINERY Design automation of slaker tank assembly  Design data porting of Wood chipper machinery Design data porting for:  Design automation of:  Separators  Dewatering unit  Double suction centrifugal pumps & accessories  Conventional sym roll  Grinding machines  Panel board machineries like auxiliary wagon,  Industrial washing machine belt conveyors etc Detailed design of:  Detailed design of Dryer & wire section units  Crusher in swarf handling  Design data porting of Paper unwinder  Hydra draw bench  Design modification & detailing of various  Tank cell in floatation unit of mineral processing assemblies of chemical & mechanical pulp units machinery (to ansi standard)  Detailed design & design automation of Reverse engineering & CFD analysis of Valve body Various units of plywood machinery layout Generate catalogue & e-library for Gas generators Re-engineering of:  CO2 generating & extracting unit CIVIL CONSTRUCTION  Raw-water filtration equipment  Detail design of: Concept & detail design of Tailing lines, Platforms,  Exterior sections (glass, aluminum) & glass overflow pipe, Rack assembly for mining machinery panels for commercial buildings  Trustle & structural members of material handling system
  11. 11. Examples of Other CAD/Design Projects : MATERIAL HANDLING & HEAVY MARINE EQUIPMENTS MACHINERY  Design automation of Driveshaft.  Design of Fork lift mechanisms  Concept design of Marine exhaust manifold using  Detailed design of Truck trailers composites.  Design automation of Conveyor belt idler rollers  Detailed design of:  Design data porting & detail design of assembly  Offshore & Marine Cranes fixtures of Locomotive couplers & accessories  Lift-Away Hatch covers  Detailed design of Dairytainer  Winches  Simplification for Belt conveyors, Screw  Design & strength analysis of Gear box conveyors, Bin actuator, Hopper, Hopper scale  Concept design, design automation & detailed  Detailed design & design standardization of design of Ramp way doors Seed & grain crushing machinery  Design automation & detailed design of Quarter  Detailed design of various units of Tunneling ramps & Folding ramps  Generate 3d web library & lighter 3d models for & Mining equipments Gears & Engines  Product catalogue images for truck mounted  Generate catalogue & e-library for Mechanical & Hydraulic platform Hydraulic fittings AUTOMATION PIPING DESIGN Development of PLC ladder logic for Billet handling line  Reverse engineering of Hydraulic fittings adaptors in LVL process for a global supplier of technology to  Detailed design of Hydraulic piping systems wood products industry, using Omron Cx-Pogrammer
  12. 12. Skill Matrix: Analysis General Engineering (ANALYSIS) Structural Strength / NVH / Acoustic Mold Flow CFD Analysis Durability Analysis Analysis Analysis Structural Pre- Processing Processing /Solving Post-ProcessingStrength Types Abaqus- FE Safe/ Hyper- Abaqus- of Analysis Hypermesh ANSA Nastran Ansys Optistruct Ansys Implicit FEMFAT works viewerLinear Static         Non-LinearStatic         ThermalAnalysis         Couple fieldAnalysis      Thermal -Electrical      AnalysisParametricModeling DurabilityAnalysis 
  13. 13. Examples of Other CAE/Analysis Projects: NVH ANALYSIS  Frequency response analysis of Railway Bridge.  Modal analysis of inlet manifold LINEAR & NON LINEAR ANALYSIS  Non- Linear Fin Forming Process IMPACT /DROP TEST ANALYSIS  Parametric Modeling & Analysis using  Drop test analysis of twin screws inside the pump Ansys chamber  Ramp Door Stress Analysis  Drop test of screw driver handle  Optimization of Lift-away Hatch Covers  Fin forming analysis FATIGUE ANALYSIS  Fatigue Analysis of Grinding mill/Ball mill as per BS DYNAMIC ANALYSIS 7608  Dynamic Analysis of Rear Bike Carrier  Fatigue Analysis of Engine Assembly THERMAL ANALYSIS  Coupled Field Analysis of Hot Runner  Thermal Analysis of Inlet Manifold
  14. 14. Automotive- Capabilities •CAD •CAE Durability Interior & Exterior  Concept Pedestrian Safety  Master sections Design & Analysis Development  Packaging Strength & NVH  A Class Surface Body Design  Manufacturing Feasibility Crash Analysis Digital Mock Ups FE – Modeling (2D, 3D) Detailed Design Full Vehicle Software Conversion Linear / Non Linear Material Sub Level Systems Reverse Engineering Small / Large Interiors Deformation 2D – 3D Modeling (Non-linear Geometry) Seatings Series Development Implicit / Explicit Solving Algorithm Series Production Supervision Tool Design Manufacturing Material Handling Engineering S.P.M
  15. 15. Examples for Other CAD/CAE ProjectsAutomotive: Concept and Pre-Development of Instrument panel Concept Design and Prototypes of Door Panel Design and development of luggage compartment Concept Design for Underbody floors, heat isolation shields, sound isolation shields, wheel house covers Concept for Bumper, sillbord, trim strip Concept Design of Floor, upper body, front end Concept design for doors, covering and openings. Crash Simulation for BIW and component level Pedestrian Safety-Head Impact and Lower Leg Impact NVH and Strength analysis for BIW and component level Strength analysis for Seat Belt Anchorage CFD Analyses of Engine Assembly Fatigue Analysis of Engine Assembly Powertrain and Transmission analysis
  16. 16. Skill Matrix – Marine Vertical Marine Design Special Vessels Large Merchant Vessels Marine Equipments (MSV, OSV, Fishing Vessels, (Cruise, Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax) (Hatch cover, winches, Gearbox) Semisubmersible conversion, FPSO) Hull Outfitting Interior Concept Design Basic Design a a Detail Design a a a 3D modeling a a a Production Drawing a a a Nesting a Installation drawing a a a Bill of Materials a a a Software skills a a a (Tribon, Foran, CatiaV5, Autocad) Legacy conversion a a a
  17. 17. Examples of Other CAD/CAE Projects Marine:  Detail Design of Hull and outfit  Modeling, Fabrication Drawing, Nesting and Pre-Fab Drawings  Detail design of ship interiors  Detail Design and Modification of Hatch Covers  Strength and Fatigue analysis of Hatch Covers  3D Modeling of Gear box  Analysis and Design optimization of reduction Gear box  3D Modeling of Cranes  Modeling & Manufacturing Drawings of Winch Assembly  Fatigue Analysis of Cylinder Head  Band Break Analysis of Winch Assembly  Design Analysis of Turbine Hanger and Turbine Hanger Running Tool
  18. 18. Skill Matrix – Aerospace Vertical Aerospace Design & Engineering Development & Testing & Styling Interior Design CAE Fitment Procurement Documentation Development & Testing & Styling Interior design CAE Fitment Procurement Documentation A class surfacing a Concept Design a Panel Upholstery a a a a Interior accessories a a a a a a Lighting & electrical a a a a Manufacturing Feasibility study a a Detailed design a a a Manufacturing drawing creation a Tolerance analysis a Tooling development a Service / Operator’s Manual a Reverse Engineering a Software porting a Legacy conversion a
  19. 19. Example of Other CAD/CAE ProjectsAerospace: Design & Manufacture of a VVIP Military Helicopter Interior in compliance with FAR Part 29 Static & Buckling Analysis of a Turbine Casing
  20. 20. Why Tooltech 3 Quick Ramp Up of Qualified Man Power Onsite & Offshore 2 Operational Mix Model for best Design: Cost Experience 1 End to End Solution for Design, Development & Productionization Programmes  Complete Solutions (CAD, CAE, CAM)  Indo – European collaboration  Best price-performance ratio  No compromise on quality  Client driven customized delivery models
  21. 21. Our Global Locations Tooltech Deutschland GmbH Tooltechsoft Sweden Tooltech Europe Oy Frankfurter Ring 117, Filial Till Tooltech Global Spektri Duo, 3rd Floor 80807 München, Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Metsänneidonkuja 6, Germany Plejadgatan 3, 02130 Espoo, Finland Tel: +49 -89 3220 92 250 41757 Göteborg, Sweden Tel: +358 40 5631205 Fax: +49 -89 3220 92-25 Tel: +46 768814102 Email: samuli.eklund@tooltech.netEmail: Email: HEAD OFFICE Tooltech Global Engineering Pvt. Ltd. 401 Beta 1, Gigaspace, Viman Nagar, Pune 411 014, India Tel: +91 -20 -30511200 Fax: +91 -20 -30511201 Email: Tooltech Global Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Tooltech Romania 2nd Floor C Block, Kushal Garden Arcade, Sos. Borsului nr. 20, 1A Peenya Industrial Area, IInd Phase, 410605 Oradea, Bangalore 560 058, India Romania Tel: +91-80-41256556 Tel: +40 -72 -8837788 Mob: +91 80888 86055 Email: Email: