Introduction to LinkedIn for MELSIG by Carlotte Corke LJMU


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Introduction to LinkedIn for MELSIG by Carlotte Corke LJMU

  1. 1. Intro to LinkedIn Charlotte Corke World of Work Careers Centre Liverpool John Moores University
  2. 2. • Understand its value • Who you are - profile • Who you know – networking • What you know – employer research • Understand how employers use it Intro to LinkedIn
  3. 3. What percentage of recruiters have hired through social networks? A: 38% B: 58% C: 78%
  4. 4. 300M+ Professionals globally 3.5M+ companies 150+ industries 24K+ universities 15M+users in UK Who uses LinkedIn? 300k+ jobs
  5. 5. How to be ready for these opportunities Identity Who you are Networks Who you know Knowledge What you know
  6. 6. Who you are Your identity 1. Be FOUND 2.Be GREAT
  7. 7. 1: Register Registering for LinkedIn is fast and free!
  8. 8. 2: Build your profile Add a professional photo You’re 11 times more likely to be viewed when you have a photo – but make sure it’s the right photo
  9. 9. 2: Build your profile Think Keywords
  10. 10. 2: Build your profile Headline - use this to tell people what you are passionate about
  11. 11. 2: Build your profile Headline - use this to tell people what you are passionate about
  12. 12. 2: Build your profile Summary – this is your “elevator pitch”
  13. 13. 2: Build your profile Experience and Qualifications
  14. 14. 2: Build your profile Skills and Endorsements 2. Get endorsed 1. Add skills Super powered keywords
  15. 15. 2: Build your profile Recommendations
  16. 16. Who you know Your network Not just for today- for the future
  17. 17. 3: Build your network Connect with all the people you know
  18. 18. Your LinkedIn network
  19. 19. Personalised invitations Always send connection requests from the person’s profile so you can use a personal message to give the context to your connection
  20. 20. What you know Knowledge and Insights Use LinkedIn to your advantage
  21. 21. Use LinkedIn to get an insight into - People working in your field, their skills, their career paths - Companies you would like to work for - Different job roles in those companies or in your field - What graduates from your degree subject have gone on to do Research
  22. 22. Groups Finding the right groups – some are suggested
  23. 23. Jobs
  24. 24. Jobs
  25. 25. “LinkedIn is certainly my method of choice for connecting with talent for our business. There are teams of recruiters across the country that as we speak are actively trying to find talented candidates on LinkedIn. It’s such a rapidly growing talent pool that I think you can’t afford not to be a part of. It allows you to build a really useful professional network, which will stay with you throughout your career.” Nicola Heywood Strategic Resourcing Employers
  26. 26. Employers proactively target the talent they need using “LinkedIn Recruiter” They can search by - University - Field of study - Graduation date - Keywords - Groups Employers
  27. 27. Useful resources LinkedIn Help Center Student support site
  28. 28. Intro to LinkedIn Any questions? To find me on LinkedIn, search Charlotte Corke