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The Google Game:How Maps, Media and Mobility Are Changing Mass Marketing For Ever
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The Google Game: How Maps, Media and Mobility Are Changing Mass Marketing For Ever


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The Google Game:How Maps, Media and Mobility Are Changing Mass Marketing For Ever. A public lecture given in the Asian Civilizations Museum, Singapore in November 2007 organized by the Republic …

The Google Game:How Maps, Media and Mobility Are Changing Mass Marketing For Ever. A public lecture given in the Asian Civilizations Museum, Singapore in November 2007 organized by the Republic Polytechnic of Singapore.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. The Google Game:How Maps, Media and Mobility Are Changing Mass Marketing For Ever
     Angela Hey
    20th November 2007
    Republic Polytechnic of Singapore 2007
  • 2. About Google
    Winners, Losers, Trends, Opportunities
    Mass Marketing
    Google is a trademark of Google, Inc.
  • 3. Google
    Picture Source: Google
  • 4. Why Is Google Successful?
    How Big Is Google’s Impact?
    Who Wins?
    Who Loses?
    What Changes?
    Five Questions
    Picture Source: Google
  • 5. The Pillars Of Google
    Eric Schmidt
    Larry Page
    Sergey Brin
    Screenshot and exec photos source: Google
  • 6. Philosophy
    Don’t Be Evil
    Focus On The User
    Do One Thing Well
    Fast > Slow
    Web Democracy
    Answers Anywhere
    Can Make Money &Not Be Evil
    Always More Info
    Transborder Need
    Serious, But Suits
    Great Isn’t Good
    Features And Not Products
    Paraphrased from
  • 7. AdWords And AdSense
  • 8. Google From Cradle To Grave
    Google Search For Name - Easily Found Or Anonymous?
    Photos – Picasa
    Baby Gifts From FrooglePay With Google Checkout
    Child 1st Website With Google Page Creator
    Teen Makes YouTube Videos
    Student Uses Android Mobile Phone
    Professional Blogs Using Blogger With AdSense
    Entrepreneur Creates Business With AdWords
    Tracks Customers With Google Analytics
    Finds New Offices Using Google Maps & Earth
    Small Business Uses Google Applications
    Large Business Uses Google Search Appliance
    Obituary On Google News
  • 9. Google’s Revenues ($US Billions)
    Annual Revenues
    Source: Techviser and Annual Reports
  • 10. Google’s Profitability (%)
    Google content network reaches:
    • 75% of unique internet users
    • 11. 20 languages and over 100 countries
    Source: Techviser and Annual Reports
  • 12. Top 10 Web Companies – USOctober 2007
    Source: Nielsen Online
  • 13. Top 10 Web Sites – USOctober 2007
    Source: Nielsen Online
  • 14. Google Indirect Investment Of 5% In AOL For $1B Cash
    AOL Focusing More On Ads And Games
    Forms Ad Target and Measuring Business Group
    Platform-A, Also Has Subsidiary
    Acquired In 2007
    Third Screen Media For Mobile Ads
    Controlling Interest In ADTECH AG For Online Ad-Serving
    TACODA online behavioral targeting ad network
    AOL’s Challenges
    Time-Warner Subsidiary
    Downward Pressure On AOL’s Prices For Advertisers
    Dial-up Business Failing- Sold German Business For $850M
    Users Moving Away From AOL’s Portal
    Case Study: America Online
  • 15. Select Acquisitions
    Jan-Jun 2007 – Acquired 10 companies - $184M +$42M on performance
    * Subject to approval by regulators
  • 16. Maps
  • 17. Map Mashup - Housing
    Craigslist and Google Maps
  • 18. Maps Mashup – Tagged Places
    Map Markers Are Ads
    Google Ads
  • 19. National Marketing Service
    “A massive improvement. A massive change. “David Hoffman, CEO SAGAS Group, (couldn't exist without Google Adwords)
  • 20. Maps – Location Of Interest
    Source: Procter and Gamble
  • 21. Maps – Winners and Losers
    Suppliers of underlying maps and aerial photos to Google and major players
    Location-based businesses that advertise on popular map sites – retailers, estate agents, malls
    Advertisers with products related to a location
    Advertisers who create campaigns around locations
    Traditional paper map suppliers
    Established GIS vendors with proprietary platforms
    Any location-based business whose competitors have better maps
    Proprietary map only devices
  • 22. Engage The Customer With Maps
    Maps Become Dynamic, Multi-layered and Interactive
  • 23. Media
    “We can’t expect consumers to come to us. It’s arrogant for any media company to assume that.”
    Quincy Smith, president of CBS Interactive, May 14 2007 Wall Street Journal
  • 24. More people read the Blogosphere than read newspapers
    Google trials offline media - TV
    Advertising Favored Over Some Subscriptions
    Sept 07 – NY Times drops $50/year subscriptions
    Nov 07 – Wall Street Journal announces free access
    Huffington Post- 1800 Unpaid Bloggers
    New online mega sites
    Social Networking – MySpace, Facebook
    Open Social – Google cross-platform initiative
    Netnography – market research on websites
    Media Trends
  • 25. USA – 30,000 advertising and marketing services companies
    Top 50 have less than 40% of the market
    Typical local agency has 30 people with $5M in revenues
    USA - 23 million small businesses, 1M advertise online (Source: Rupert Murdoch)
    Advertising Statistics
    Source: Hoovers
  • 26. US Ad Spending Market Share
    2007 TV advertising estimates
    • $68 B (Universal McCann)
    • 27. $75 B (Morgan Stanley)
    Source: eMarketer and
    TNS Media Intelligence Strategy
  • 28. Internet Advertising US Share
  • 29. Internet Ad Spending
    Per User Annual Spending
    Annual Spending $M
    Source: YazidAksas, Stanford Business School, May 2007
    Cf $21,700M US Online Ad Spending Estimate from eMarketer
  • 30. Global Marketing - Startup
    • Power Of Blogging
    • 31. Trousers - $85
    • 32. Google Ads - $24 per customer
    • 33. 42% repeat business
    • 34. 25% overseas
    • 35. Text info on website
    Source: Cordarounds
  • 36. US Local Advertising
    Local Online includes ads on local media sites and local ads from national sites
    Local Total includes print, billboard, TV, radio, print yellow pages
    Source: eMarketer 2007
    based on data from September 2006 from VeronisSuhlerStevenson,PQ Media, Borrell Associates, Corzen, Interactive Advertising Bureau, Simba Information
  • 37. Local Marketing - Major Brands
    Uses Google Maps
  • 38. Media – Winners and Losers
    Multi-format media properties
    Major brands that create engaging multimedia experiences
    Businesses that expand their reach with online ads
    New companies that offer services remotely
    Television and newspapers without actively engaged users
    Ad and marketing agencies that don’t embrace search and community websites
  • 39. Mobility
    6.6 Billion People
    3 Billion Mobile Phones
  • 40. Global Mobile Advertising Spending
    Total - $1.5B in 2006 growing to $16.2B In 2011
    Direct response ads are for potential purchases (e.g. link to online store)
    Brand ads are promotional
    Source: eMarketer, October 2007
  • 41. Free WiFi in Mountain View
    700 MHz Auction Bid?
    Dark Fiber
    Mobile Search, Ads, Gmail
    SMS Search GOOGL - 46645
    Google Maps, YouTube
    • Android Device Platform
    • 42. Open Handset Infrastructure
  • Android Architecture
    Source: Google)
  • 43. Battle For Personalization
    Past - Ringtones, Backgrounds, Cases
    Now – Ringbacks, Multimedia
    Next – Tiles and Widgets
    Will On Deck or Off Deck Win?
    Platform Provider
    Device Vendor
    Samsung SPH-M4650 SmartPhone
    With MS Windows Mobile
    Widget Vendor
  • 44. Mass Marketing
    Engage Users
    The Long Tail
  • 45. What Marketers Want
  • 46. Web Analytics For All
    66% Use Search, 34% Go Directly To A Website
    Raising The Bar
  • 47. Landing Page Statistics
    Survey 4203 Marketing Sherpa readers
    Landing Page Conversions
    46% say landing page conversions are up
    14% say conversions are holding steady
    Source: Marketing Sherpa, Sep 2007
  • 48. Year Of Widgets And Gadgets
    Engage Users With Widget Ads
  • 49. Google Trends - Widgets
    Australia   2. United States   3. Canada   4. India   5. Switzerland  
    6. United Kingdom   7. Sweden   8. Germany   9. Belgium   10. Netherlands
    Source: Google Trends
  • 50. iGoogle With Gadgets
    SGLifestyle Gadget
    Singapore Population
    Phone Call
    iGoogle indexes over 20,000 gadgets
  • 51. Widgets – USA Today
  • 52. OpenSocial
    OpenSocial – Share Friends, Activities, Lifestyle
  • 53. 60M active users by end of 2007
    75% outside college
    58% have college education
    56% female
    34% work as professionals, execs, sales, education or technical
    12% full time students
    45% are 35 or older (Nielsen) 6% worldwide (Forrester) – numbers differ
    Facebook – A Quick Way To Get On Mobile Devices
    Source: e-strategy, Forrester, Nielsen
  • 54. Google’s Success
    Clever People
    Vast Customer
    Financial Savvy
    Trusted Brand
    Big Visions*
    * Pictures Courtesy Google
  • 55. Conclusions
    Old Marketing
    New Marketing
    Videos Maps Widgets Blogs Social Networks
  • 56. Dr Liew Beng Keat
    Republic Polytechnic of Singapore
    IEEE Singapore
    Imperial College Alumni Of Singapore
    Singapore Computer Society