Shortened URL's Benefit Your Websites and Links
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Shortened URL's Benefit Your Websites and Links



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    Shortened URL's Benefit Your Websites and Links Shortened URL's Benefit Your Websites and Links Presentation Transcript

    • What are examples of the benefits of using URLshorteners? Perhaps the main benefit is that a short URL is easier for copying into an e-mail, a forum post, or a post on Twitter, where the poster is constrained to 140 characters for the whole post. Particularly if you;d like a Twitter post to be passed along by others, you want the address to be as temporary as possible to make room for their introductory words.
    • Another benefit of using URL shortening services is tomake URLs thatll be read out loud, so that people cansimply spell them out. The URL shortening sites create nice, human-readable URLs, however tend to createlonger URLs for readable purposes than when they areexactly shortening an address to reduce the amount of characters it contains.
    • The idea of shortening long URLs goes back to the year 2001. The 1st "breakout" shortening service was LittleURL, which launched in 2002. Today, there may be more than 100 shortener sites.
    • Making a URL shorter requires using http redirection to utilize a short domain interlinked to the website with the longer address. Methods for doing this include creatingkeys in the numeric base 36, which thinks 26 letters and 10digits, or base 62, which includes 10 digits, higher case and lower case letters. Another system uses what is sometimes known as a hash function, and some shorteners use random number generators to make key sequences.
    • Youll also find that URL shortening services have developed a lot over the years which add many extrafeatures to make using url shorteners far better. One nice function is when you shorten a URL you will be able tokeep track of that URL and check statistical data on it such as how many clicks you have received.
    • Another benefit of these services is that youll start to find a number of them offer you to earn extra cash by employing your short urls on other websites. Whenpeople click your short URL on twitter or other social sites they will go to your URL but will also have an advert and you can also earn money through the URL shortening service.
    • Users of shortening services should be aware that someservices and their products are blocked in some places. As an example, Saudi Arabia blocks some link shortening services, as does the social site MySpace. Panera Bread locations block URL-shortening access in its free WiFi networks, and Craigslist doesnt accept some shortened links.
    • If youre planning on using a short URL service, youd be wise to always preview the shortened address before posting it. There have been instances of services being hacked and redirecting users in unexpected ways.
    • For the casual poster on sites like Facebook and Twitter,short addresses are awfully handy for keeping your postspassing. But it is usually a smart idea to test out any shortURLs you generate using a shortening site before posting them to make sure they go where you would like them to.Learn How to drive thousands of visitors to your website...