Emerging Markets Disconnect Webinar


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Overview of the disconnect that exists in concluding business in emerging markets and a solution to help bridge the gap.

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Emerging Markets Disconnect Webinar

  1. 1. Emerging MarketsBusiness Opportunities Disconnectand What to Do About It.
  2. 2. Emerging Markets: Business Opportunities Disconnect and What to Do About It.The DisconnectAs international business grows globally, there are many moreentrants and more countries competing to attract foreign investors,partners and suppliers seeking to enter new markets.These emerging countries often spend millions of dollars andcountless hours, let alone incur enormous opportunity costs becausethey lack proven and efficient processes to identify and securequalified suppliers and partners.Because of the size and nature of these projects, small and middlemarket companies are the most suitable for these projects. Yet, manysmall and middle market participants are ill equipped to pursueinternational opportunities and lack the means and know-how tosecure and identify suitable international partners.They also lack cross-cultural understanding and communicationskills and are often unaware of various risks such as governmentexpropriation, theft of intellectual property, non-payment, physical orreputational harm and ways to mitigate them.
  3. 3. Emerging Markets: Business Opportunities Disconnect and What to Do About It.A Fraction of 20%►Roughly 80 percent of potential Emerging Markets opportunitiesare a pure waste of time. We call them the “soap bubble 80”► Of the remaining 20 percent that are potentially solid and verylucrative deals, only a small percentage actually getconsummated.►Given, that this small percentage amounts to hundreds ofbillions of dollars, only underscores the fact that billions more areleft on the table undone. After looking at countless businessopportunities, it has become increasingly clear that a substantialportion of the unrealized opportunities results from severalrepeating and recognizable factors:
  4. 4. Emerging Markets: Business Opportunities Disconnect and What to Do About It.CausesAfter looking at countless business opportunities in emergingmarket countries, it has become increasingly clear that asubstantial portion of the unrealized opportunities results fromseveral repeating and recognizable factors:►Lack of cross-cultural communications and relationship skillsamong counterparties involved in transaction►Lack of ADVANCED international business experience►Lack of a mechanism to properly package, evaluate andstructure opportunities, both by their sponsors and by potentialparticipants►Lack of an effective platform to develop in depth relationshipswith QUALIFIED counterparties in multiple markets
  5. 5. Emerging Markets: Business Opportunities Disconnect and What to Do About It.PremiseIf someone could filter and trap the “soap bubble” 80percent and yet at the same time cost-effectivelyunlock even a small portion of the unrealizedopportunities, it could create billions of dollars ofadditional economic value for those involved.
  6. 6. Emerging Markets: Business Opportunities Disconnect and What to Do About It.Solution►Identify the most attractive emerging market nations and,through their investment agencies and other sources, solicit theirbest investment, procurement, supply, service, and franchiseopportunities.►Identify and pre-screen U.S. companies already involved ininternational business, or those seeking to enter the internationalbusiness arena, as well as professionals who serve them.►Create on online and off-line platform, which enables theseparticipants to learn, obtain reliable information tools, meet,screen, build relationships and commence projects.► Invite the prospective participants to become members of sucha platform at a target monthly investment of $550-750 with aminimum 2-year commitment.
  7. 7. Emerging Markets: Business Opportunities Disconnect and What to Do About It.SolutionAt Fluent In Foreign Business we developed just such a platform. It wascreated with a singular purpose - to help franchisors, exporters and directinvestors overcome international cultural divide and successfully developor expand their operations abroad. We use it to create the Road AbroadToolbox℠ to help its clients grow and manage their international business.It stands on 4 pillars:►Educate- Through Fluent In Foreign Academy we offer proprietary on-line/off-line training in overcoming cross cultural differences, identifying andmanaging risks, financing international projects, trade and expansion, FCPAcompliance, international IP commercialization and many others►Inform– Proprietary publications and tools such as: Fi180 Global BusinessAtlas, individual country profiles and Fi3™country attractiveness indices,industry segment reports and latest government warnings►Connect – multiple networking events on various topics with the ultimategoal of holding 2014 Global Business Conference at Sea℠►Advise– top notch professionals (top law firms, financiers, cross culturaladvisors) to guide and advise companies in their expansion either throughprivate engagements or via on-line Q&As, forums, and webinars
  8. 8. Emerging Markets: Business Opportunities Disconnect and What to Do About It.Emerging Markets Business: The KeysTo America™ - Our First Challenge: The premise of this initiative is to facilitate and close at least $5 Billion of tangible international opportunities over a 24-month period. These opportunities will consist of pre-qualified and viable project mandates, distribution contracts, direct investments, export transactions, franchise agreements and advisory services. The Advisors, along with the professional staff will work with participants to help them improve their offerings, better understand requirements of their counter-parties and provide opportunities for quality networking and relationship building. By offering participants spot in this unique initiative we take the burden of doing a preliminary screening and pre- qualifications work, thus only exposing participants to viable pre-qualified opportunities.
  9. 9. Emerging Markets: Business Opportunities Disconnect and What to Do About It.The Keys To America - Our FirstChallenge: Fluent in Foreign is working to identify and invite several hundred state approved companies with annual revenues in the range of $5 – 500 million, trusted project developers and government officials from over forty countries in the following industry sectors: ˃ Healthcare ˃ Alternative Energy ˃ ICT and Telecom ˃ Travel & Tourism ˃ Construction ˃ Agriculture ˃ Education ˃ Franchising
  10. 10. Emerging Markets: Business Opportunities Disconnect and What to Do About It.CulminationThe initiative will culminate in aspectacular marquee event inMay of 2014 –UnlockingAmerican BusinessMarkets Conference at Sea. Thisis a unique internationalbusiness forum where the above-mentioned pre-qualifiedChallenge participantswill meet to network, developrelationships and of course makemoney by getting their dealsdone. This event will take placeover a 5-day Atlantic Voyageaboard USSKeys To America, afully chartered 2,750-passengerluxury ship
  11. 11. Emerging Markets: Business Opportunities Disconnect and What to Do About It.What are we looking forLikeminded international professionals who understand theEmerging Markets Disconnect problem and are interested ingetting involved either as:►Marketing partners►Advisors►Contributors for our weekly publications►Academy instructors and presenters along covered topics►Content providers►Global Conference at Sea Participants and sponsors
  12. 12. for more information subscribe to:http://keystoamerica.wordpress.com/http://fluentinforeign.wordpress.com/
  13. 13. Emerging Markets: Business Opportunities Disconnect and What to Do About It.Thank YouAlexander M. GordinManaging Director, Fluent In Foreign, LLCTel: +1 (212) 490-4323Fax: +1 (212) 490-4324Email: agordin@fluentinforeign.comwww.fluentinforeign.comFollow us on twitter: @fluentinforeign