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Bscg2014 grouppresentation

  1. 1. Broad Street Capital Group Merchant Bankers To The World Since 1988™ Broad Street Capital Group Merchant Bankers to the World since 1988™ “Develop, Finance, Supply & Insure” Develop, Finance, Supply & Insure, Are services offered by Broad Street each day.  In crossing the borders, the headaches we cure,      For clients who risk, we hold danger at bay ------------  The deals are global, the problems are massive, A shepherd is needed to guide business along, We highlight the issues, and structure financing, We help sellers export, as their buyers grow strong -------------  We're Fluent In Foreign and help grow the business For those who seek to franchise, or invest, Until they succeed we patrol cross the borders, Until YOU succeed, our Team shall not rest -------------  So as you get settled and learn all about The business of projects, and exports and risk. Remember to smile, as there is no cure  From catching the bug called "Global Deals Disease" --------------  And once you are ready to venture to strange lands, There is only one thing you can count on for sure, We are here for you and there is no one better, When you need to Develop, Finance, Supply & Insure
  2. 2. Where We Have Been •  Since 1988, the Broad Street Capital Group has relentlessly pursued its quest of becoming a leading full-service boutique merchant bank serving the needs of those wanting to successfully build, or expand their international business operations. •  After more than 26 years of hard work, mistakes, rough spots, successes and a broad range of international transaction mandates ranging in size from $0.5 million to $500 million, Broad Street Capital Group has finally attained its “proof of concept”. We developed our unique Develop, Finance, Supply & Insure™ business model, created a proprietary business development platform called Fluent In Foreign Business™, and pioneered a number of cutting edge proprietary products and services •  Today, the Firm is widely recognized as the premier international merchant banking boutique, and is poised to grow significantly over the next ten years. 2 CONFIDENTIAL 2013 all rights reserves
  3. 3. Broad Street Capital Group Develop, Finance, Supply & Insure SERVICES 7/5/14 Financing - Project Development & financing (USTDA, OPIC, US Ex-Im, bank programs) - OECD ECA Export financing - Special situation equity/debt financing - Purchase Order and A/R financing Risk Management -Insurance Political Risk Export Credit Property and Freight Medical Travel -FCPA Compliance Advisory Export Support & Supply - Export Management Services - Shipping and logistics brokerage - ITAR Coordination Strategic Business Development - Education Tools - Information Publications - Networking events - Market Advisory Services Broad Street Capital Group Merchant bankers™ AMEXImportExportInc. BroadStreet GlobalRiskAdvisoryLTD. BroadStreetCapital,LTD
  4. 4. Why select Broad Street Capital Group? •  Innate understanding of cross-cultural nuances and unmatched gravitas to successfully manage complex international transactions and diverse project participants. •  Proven track record of structuring, development and execution of sophisticated cross-border financings and insurance underwritings in the $30-500 million range, as well successful completion of multiple export and business development mandates. Blue-chip client base. •  Bold, strategic approach to assignment execution, often involving government agency support and press. Fastest document package preparation and submission in the industry. •  Ability to bring in strong strategic partners and world-class subject matter experts to any mandated transaction. •  Compensation structures, which align Broad Street Capital Group’s interest with that of its clients. 4 CONFIDENTIAL 2013 all rights reserves
  5. 5. •  Help U.S. based small and midsize companies (with revenues of $10 mil to $500 mil) –  Expand abroad into emerging and frontier markets –  Double their exports using our proprietary guaranteed ExportBoost℠ program –  Finance and manage their exports, or projects abroad, –  Mitigate multiple international business risks and comply with FCPA/ Patriot Act regulations •  Help foreign companies (with revenues of $10 mil to $1bil.), government owned enterprises and high net- worth individuals –  Obtain U.S. or OECD ECA financing for project development, purchase of capital goods or franchises –  Identify and develop strategic partnerships with midsize, or global corporations –  Successfully enter U.S. business, technology, or consumer markets –  Train their executives at large and mid-size U.S., UK and Canadian companies WHAT DO WE DO? 5 CONFIDENTIAL 2013 all rights reserves INBOUND OUTBOUND
  6. 6. Industry Sectors & Countries we serve •  Although Broad Street Capital Group can operate anywhere OPIC, U.S. Ex-Im, OECD ECAs, IFC and EBRD are open for business, our primary target markets are comprised of 42 emerging market countries (see full list at ) with emphasis on the following sectors: ! Aerospace ! Alternative & Conventional Energy ! ICT and Telecom ! Healthcare ! Executive Education and Corporate Development ! Agriculture and Food Security ! Franchising (fitness, logistics, education, childcare, hospitality) 6 CONFIDENTIAL 2013 all rights reserves
  7. 7. Representative Clients Served •  Motorola Inc. (USA, RU, UA, ROM, TU) •  Qwest Communications (UA) •  Presidential Administration of Ukraine •  KAZNEX Invest (KZ) •  Nobel Telecom Bermuda •  UkrOboronService (UA) •  UkrGazProduction (UA) •  PA Yuzhmash/YuzhmashAvia (UA) •  Sealaunch (USA, UA, NOR, RU) •  Ministry of Emergencies (UA) •  TASCO (UA) •  United Nations (UNDP) (BEL) •  Alfa Bank (UA) •  Double W –Radisson Kyiv (UA) •  Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine •  National City Bank (UA) •  Kumran Ltd/ION GEO (CA, UA) •  Zao FastForward (USA, UA, UK) •  Satgate/AmberCore UAB (LI) •  zao Distributed Generation Co. (RU) •  Physique 57 (UAE) •  apple seeds (USA) •  Transcosmos Inc. (JAP, USA, KZ) •  Government of Ukraine (Invest UA) •  zao MS Spetstelecom (RU) •  Ooo RCI (RU) •  CHS Inc. (UA) •  VinnitsaBud (UA) •  TVinMotion (USA) •  KazmedTech (KZ) •  Trimol Group (US-MD) •  9NetAvenue (USA) •  Government of Turkmenistan •  Forkosh Development (USA) •  Sonus Telecom (USA) •  Gliptone Inc.( USA) •  Sciton Inc. (UA) •  Amdour /Baltic Lumber (FIN, EST)
  8. 8. Representative Transactions . 8 CONFIDENTIAL 2013 all rights reserves PA Yuzhmash Exclusive Financial Advisor On an $80 Million U.S.EXIM financing & Export Management of a turnkey wind tower production facility 2008 Double W Group Exclusive Financial Advisor On a $125 Million OPIC financing for a Radisson Hotel, Kiev, Ukraine 2011 Government of Ukraine Exclusive Financial Advisor On a $500 million U.S. EXIM financing & export management of medical equipment 2010 Double W Group Exclusive Financial Advisor On a $12 Million U.S. EXIM financing for Radisson Hotel, Kiev, Ukraine 2011 DGC LLC Exclusive Financial Advisor On a $305 Million U.S. EXIM and Hungarian EXIM/MEHIB financing for a distributed generation small gas turbine utility Samara, Russia CURRENT III III Physique 57® Exclusive Advisor On a development and implementation of an international franchise strategy for a premier fitness studio operator 2013
  9. 9. Representative Transactions . 9 CONFIDENTIAL 2013 all rights reserves Ooo MS Spetztelecom Exclusive Financial Advisor on $68 million multi -region TETRA system development project. Contractor for the USTDA feasibility study 2003 Radio Communications International Exclusive Financial Advisor and Investor. Arranged $6 million OPIC financing and provided US equity investment 2006 SEALAUNCH Financial Advisor Originated $107.5 million Eurobond offering 2004 NKAU Alcantara Financial Advisor 0n a $150 million debt financing 2004 UkrGasProduction Exclusive Advisor on $150 million US EXIM Financing 2006 PA Yuzhmash Exclusive Financial Advisor on $320 million CHP project. Contractor for the USTDA Feasibility Study 2008
  10. 10. Representative Transactions . 10 CONFIDENTIAL 2013 all rights reserves AmberCore UAB Exclusive Advisor for financing of a $60million TIER III Data Center in Lithuania CURRENT Ministry of Interior of Turkmenistan Exclusive financial advisor and escrow agent on a three country equipment supply transaction 2006 National City Bank Advisor Provided advisory services in connection with entering Ukrainian market 2005 UkrMulch Exclusive Financial Advisor Represented the company in negotiating exclusive distribution arrangements and export financing arrangements with Rotochopper and Amerimulch 2009 - 2014 AccuPatient, LLC Advisor Represented the company in negotiation exclusive distribution arrangements with Sciton Inc. 2009 Spotless AC Advisor Represented the company in negotiating exclusive distribution arrangements with Tommy's Car Wash systems 2009
  11. 11. Representative Transactions . 11 CONFIDENTIAL 2013 all rights reserves CHS Sole Insurance Advisor On a $30 Million Political Risk Insurance Policy for a grain terminal in Ukraine 2011 UMT Universal Mobile Telesystems Inc. Exclusive Financial Advisor Advised on the acquisition of the Ukrainian subsidiary from Radio Communications International Corp. 2009 TASKO Represented TASKO in resolving Ukraine's $17 mil. dispute with the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). Arranged repayment financing. 2009 UkrKosmos Exclusive financial advisor for a $125 million US EXIM export financing 2009 Alfa Bank Ukraine Exclusive Financial Advisor Provided advisory services in connection with entering U,S. and Canadian markets 2008 Ministry of Defense of Turkmenistan Export Management Services of specially commissioned Parade Limousines 2008
  12. 12. Our Approach Member companies in our group get involved with clients very early on in the process. Our professionals analyze the assignment and create a Road Abroad Guide™, which serves as the strategic foundation of the relationship. Afterwards they –  Educate clients, suppliers and professionals on cross-cultural issues, as well as financing programs, risk mitigation and compliance to raise their international IQ –  Enable clients to make more informed decisions through the use of proprietary analytical and information tools, Group’s publications and books –  Structure and implement financing structures, development strategy, export management and risk mitigation solutions, as clients require –  Arrange financing and insurance policy underwriting –  Connect clients with strategic partners, service providers, suppliers and new customers 12 CONFIDENTIAL 2013 all rights reserves
  13. 13. Members of our Group Broad Street Capital Group Merchant Bankers to the World since 1988 •  Fluent In Foreign Broad Street Capital LTD AMEX Import Export Inc. 7/5/14 Broad Street Global Risk Advisory Ltd REGAL ASSET MGMT.
  14. 14. •  This wholly owned business development subsidiary has been in the works for five years. Its team has created and perfected a full portfolio of products to help clients develop, or expand their international business operations. •  Fluent In Foreign Business™ is focused on educating, informing and advising clients on what it takes to do business internationally. It highlights core issues of risk identification and management, cross-cultural proficiency, as well as financing options. •  Once the clients are comfortable with the landscape , they undertake strategic business development efforts guided by the professionals at Fluent In Foreign. 14 CONFIDENTIAL 2013 all rights reserves
  15. 15. •  Fluent in Foreign has created a number of proprietary international business development tools such as: •  Fluent In Foreign Academy™ (a growing library of proprietary content, agreement with TMC/Berlitz to distribute Cultural Navigator®) •  FI180 Global Atlas™ •  FI3 Country Indices™ •  Road Abroad Guide™ •  Fluent In Foreign Business Book •  Fluent in Foreign Business™ and KeysToAmerica™ brands and blogs •  ExportBoost™ - program designed to double exports in 18 mos. •  Proprietary Networking events, Business/Study tours and Global Conference at Sea™ •  20,000+ targeted email database 15 CONFIDENTIAL 2013 all rights reserves
  16. 16. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PROSPECTS SUCCESSFUL CLIENTS Networking events, conferences, business tours Education – financing, cross- cultural, financing, risk & compliance Information on doing business in 180 Countries, proprietary products, books CONFIDENTIAL 2013 all rights reserves 16
  17. 17. Focused on serving foreign governments and private companies with revenues between $10 and $500 million, Broad Street Capital is a private Merchant Banking member of the Group, which since 1996 provides unique financing and project development solutions designed to assist clients in achieving their short-term and long-term financial goals. Our highly qualified financial, legal and business professionals have years of training and real world experience. Broad Street Capital offers: Export Finance • Guaranteed by the US EXIM, foreign ECAs and private banking institutions • Financing available on short, medium & long-term basis for up to 85% of the export value at favorable rates. • We support loans of up to $500 mil per transaction Cross-border Project Finance •  Sources include OPIC, EBRD, IFC, US Banks, Broad Street’s own capital and Private Equity funding. Up to 70% LTV • We support projects of between $100 mil and $ 1Bil., 8-18 year tenor Grants and Technical Assistance • We utilize private and U.S. government resources for overseas project development in various infrastructure sectors • Develop grand proposals and manage complete feasibility studies • Typical grants range from $250,000 to $1 million 17 Broad Street Capital, LTD. CONFIDENTIAL 2013 all rights reserves
  18. 18. •  This wholly owned subsidiary, formed in 1988, is a pure international trade company and the oldest member of the Group. Involved for decades in Import/Export operations, in the last five years the company has expanded its focus to include Export Management Services, which compliment Group’s existing mandates and serve the trade needs of its clients. 18 AMEX Import Export Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 2013 all rights reserves
  19. 19. •  Formed in 2013, after successfully completing a $30 million political risk insurance (PRI) OPIC policy underwriting in-house, this subsidiary focuses on providing PRI, export credit, freight, medical travel and complex property insurance and risk mitigation solutions to its clients. •  Guided by highly experienced insurance advisors, this youngest member of our Group plans to expand its relationships with OPIC, MIGA, the US EXIM and multiple private carriers. The Firm has also recently entered into a marketing agreement with IMG – one of the most reputable providers of the travel medical insurance to begin marketing a private label product having a complimentary patient medical record as its competitive advantage. •  Working together with several leading law-firms in New York and Washington, DC, the Firm provides comprehensive FCPA and Patriot Act compliance reviews •  Part of the State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) Broad Street Global Risk Advisors provides security and corporate risk assessment meetings to its clients 19 Broad Street Global Risk Advisors, LTD. CONFIDENTIAL 2013 all rights reserves
  20. 20. 7/5/14 20 Regal Asset Management LTD. A focused international investment vehicle geared to direct equity and quasi-equity investments in the areas of: •  Alternative/Distributed energy – small gas turbines, wind, solar, biomass & waste to energy, •  Energy component engineering & manufacturing •  Wireless and ITC companies (Health IT, data storage, B2B and B2C cloud apps., specialty radio comms, controls) •  Aerospace (launch services, components, heavy freight) Target markets for portfolio companies are – USA, Canada, Panama, India, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Slovakia, Baltics, Hungary, Czech Republic, Israel, Azerbaijan)
  21. 21. We stand ready to help you Develop, Finance, Supply & Insure For more information visit follow us on twitter @fluentinforeign
  22. 22. Contact Alexander Gordin Managing Director Broad Street Capital Group 140 Broadway, 46th Floor New York, NY 10005 USA +1 212 490-4323 Coming Soon Additional Offices *Washington, DC*Philadelphia*Princeton*Charleston*Miami*Portsmouth* *Toronto*London*Vienna*Budapest*Kyiv*Almaty*Tel Aviv*Panama City* *Bermuda*Baku*Moscow*Bogota* 22 CONFIDENTIAL 2013 all rights reserves