Applications of the serious game initiative 11 feb-2013


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Applications of the serious game initiative 11 feb-2013

  1. 1. Virtual Simulators as Alternate TrainingTechniques for Construction Equipment Operators & Generation X and Y Adam M. Gerson Seattle Region X – Federal OSHA
  2. 2. Overview of Presentation This is a technology overview of applications of virtual simulations to improve workplace safety & health, with a specific focus on the construction industry The PPT is not an overview of the new OSHA Training Guidelines that are posted on the Federal OSHA website - The PPT was originally created for the Residential Construction Safety Group of the Master’s Builder Association for a presentation in August 2010 Although the speaker is from federal OSHA, this is not a Regional or National OSHA initiative Providers of demos and videos were contacted before their material was included in this PPT
  3. 3. Overview of Slide Presentation What are Video Games, the Serious Game Initiative (SGI), and Pedagogical Simulations?  Types of Virtual Simulations  Potential utility for construction workers and workplace safety & health Examples of virtual simulations to improve health management, construction and workplace safety Videos & demonstrations of simulations
  4. 4. What’s a video game? A video game is an electronic game Involves interaction with a user interface Generates visual feedback on a video device The electronic systems used to play video games are known as platforms  examples – PC’s and video game consoles. Video games use a variety of ways to provide interaction and information to the player.
  5. 5. Video Game / Simulation Genres Core games - dedicated strategy on video console Casual games - smart phone games MMOG or Massive Multiplayer Online Game  An example would be World of Warcraft Serious Games Pedagogical Simulations
  6. 6. Demographics of Video Game UseExpansion in 25-40 Yr age group  Per data from the November 2005 Nielsen Active Gamer Study  The age group among male players has expanded significantly up into the 25 - 40 age group. (Gen X&Y)  In 2008, the average American gamer has been playing for 12 years  On average, the gamer is 35 years of age
  7. 7. Video Games would seem ideal to MotivateGenerations X, Y, & Millenium  Think “Smart Phones”  Multitasking is OK  Collaboration  Structure  Technology  Online Communication  How can technology be utilized by trainers to engage younger audiences????  ….the serious game initiative and pedagogical simulations
  8. 8. What are “Serious” Video Games, andhow are they utilized?  A serious game is an interactive video game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment.  Environmental message games  Educational games  Medical Visualization  Health Related Games  Corporate Training  Advertising Games
  9. 9. Ongoing Research into theSerious Game Initiative Microsoft – Games for Learning Institute (G4LI) Michigan State University – Serious Game Curriculum Wii Rehabilitation Research  Use of Wii for Parkinson’s or Physical Therapy  University of Toronto – Pediatric Rehabilitation Engineering DARPA / US Military Simulations
  10. 10. Examples of Serious Game Initiative inPractice for ESL/EFL Training English as a Second Language Training available on the internet  Actively promoted by Larry Ferlazzo  California High School Teacher  Prominent Blogger and with ESL Top Ten Lists Hyperlink to examples of content…. 
  11. 11. Examples of Serious Game Initiative forMedical Visualization & Physical Therapy Parkinson’s Therapy with Nintendo Wii’s Wii Fit, Yoga and Physical Fitness Medical Surgery Visualization  Visible Body 3D Rendering
  12. 12. Utilization of the Nintendo Wii forParkinson’s Therapy – “Wii-Habilitation”
  13. 13. Wii Fit – Weight Sensitive,Interactive Balance Interface
  14. 14. Wii Fit Screenshot / BMI Trackingthrough Time
  15. 15. Screen Shot of –Medical Visualization Tool
  16. 16. Screen Shot of –Medical Visualization Tool
  17. 17. While Serious Games are a tangent of videogames… they are slightly different thanPedagogical Simulations Pedagogy is the study of being a teacher Construction & heavy equipment training simulations do not function like typical video games They are designed to orient an operator with a mode of operation, and oversee their progress Pace of training is relatively slow (on purpose) They are not designed for “fun”
  18. 18. Why would you utilize a PedagogicalVirtual Simulation? Simulators allow for classroom teaching by demonstration Workers with Tactile Intelligence, or those who are exceptionally good with their hands, can learn by doing Simulators allow operators to learn from near misses in a controlled environment Performance can be remotely monitored by instructors
  19. 19. Examples of Virtual Simulators for HeavyIndustry and Workplace Safety & Health  Simulations for Oil Rigs & Offshore Energy  Virtual Incident Management Training  Concrete Boom Truck Simulators  Ireland – Safety Game for HSA  Visual review of workplace standards and hazards  Currently in development
  20. 20. Serious Game Simulation by CooleImmersive for Oil Rig Safety
  21. 21. Coole Immersive – Service Rig Trainer Features of the Oil Rig Simulation  8 Categories and 57 work methods for the 4 roles  Jr. Floorhand, Sr. Floorhand, Derrickhand and Operator  Multiple interactive training operations for each role  Glossary of over 700 terms with visual reinforcement  Task specific video and instructional voice over  You Tube Link –  5rX1OA&feature=player_embedded
  22. 22. Virtual Incident Response Training I-95 Corridor Coalition They are creating an intensive training program that uses three-dimensional, multi-player computer gaming simulation technology Utilize distance-based learning technologies to test incident management practices “Multi-Player” across the Coalition region
  23. 23. Screen Shot and User Interface forI-95 Incident Response Training
  24. 24. Sim Ops Studios (Code 3D) - IncidentResponse Virtualization Screen Shots
  25. 25. Vortex / CM Labs of Montreal –Concrete Boom Truck Simulators Realistic concrete boom truck controls with virtual simulator in front of operator. This is a made-to- order custom simulator
  26. 26. Silvertongue Software – Safety and HealthGame under development for Ireland HSA
  27. 27. Examples of Pedagogical Mining &Construction Simulators Valmet Komatsu Forestry Simulator Excavator Simulator JCB 3CX Simlog - Construction Equipment Simulation Software  3D simulation for heavy equipment operators in the crane/construction, forestry, and mining industries.
  28. 28. Valmet Komatsu ForestrySimulator
  29. 29. Excavator Simulator JCB 3CX
  30. 30. Simlog training descriptions….(from their website) Each Construction equipment simulator provides training and facilitates objective evaluation in the following areas:  Training and evaluating novices in the proficient operation of equipment  Providing a new-recruit screening system  Providing effective refresher training for experienced operators  Instilling the theory and practical aspects of economical mining  Providing training in emergency situations not possible on the real equipment  Entrenching safety procedures
  31. 31. Simlog – Construction & MiningEquipment Simulators
  32. 32. Example of Virtual Simulation to AssistPre-site Planning Sicklesteel Crane Simulation  Facilitated a 2009 bridge demolition over the Sauk River in NW Washington.  Sicklesteel utilized a crane simulation software called LiftPlanner  This software interacts with AutoCAD  It allows a designer to precisely model a worksite as well as position and configure cranes in 3 D Space  AGC Technology Award Winner for 2009
  33. 33. Picture of “Lift Planner” CraneVisualization
  34. 34. John Deere Virtual EquipmentSimulators by Immersive Technologies Example of Cost Assessment for a Pedagogical Equipment Trainers
  35. 35. Examples of John Deere Simulators by Immersive TechnologiesRelated Link to John Deere Simulators (Prices Quoted from Website as of 07/14/10)
  36. 36. Example of Realistic Controlsfor Excavator SimulationJoysticksand LeversFoot Controls
  37. 37. Excavator Virtual Simulation Software andRealistic Controls - $9,976
  38. 38. Software Only Option for ExcavatorSimulation - $4,776
  39. 39. 4WD Loader Simulation with Softwareand Realistic Controls - $15,997
  40. 40. Conclusion Video games use a variety of controls for player interaction  Demographics illustrate rapid adoption in Gen X/Y segment Serious Gaming designed for other than pure entertainment Example of a serious game application is “Wii- Habilitation” – Rehab with traditional video games Another genre of serious games –  Medical visualization of human anatomy and systems  is analogous to pedagogical teaching tool
  41. 41. Pedagogical Simulations… A tangent to video & serious games Allows for classroom teaching by instruction May be especially useful for workers with Tactile Intelligence Realistic pace of equipment operation as opposed to “video game speed” There are many pedagogical simulations already on the market
  42. 42. The upcoming slides are examples ofvideos & demos of Virtual SimulationsProviders of Content –1) Siqur2) Vista (Simlog Software)3) Code 3D4) Big Look 3605) Caspian Learning “Thinking Worlds”
  43. 43. Videos and Demonstrations of VirtualSimulations for Workplace Safety & Health Siqur – Interactive Safety & Health   Can utilize USB XBox Controls to manipulate training environment  This simulation trains users in Fire Safety for a residential environment  Metrics and collaboration are integral parts of the Siqur training environment
  44. 44. Videos and Demonstrations of VirtualSimulations for Construction andWorkplace Safety & Health Vista Video Overview of Caterpillar Hauling Truck Simulation and Training Software  Text from their website….  “This new program combines web-based training, simulation and on-the-job tools into a comprehensive, integrated curriculum designed to help adult learners retain much more of what theyve been presented. Because its web-based, you can train new operators at any time, at any location with internet access, using only a web browser.”
  45. 45. Videos and Demonstrations of VirtualSimulations for Construction andWorkplace Safety & Health Code 3D – Emergency Response Simulations with Authoring Software  These sims are intended for emergency responders  Simulation authoring software is free to download  The website has a demo of a chemical plant explosion, and varied scenarios for training  
  46. 46. Videos and Demonstrations of VirtualSimulations for Workplace Safety & Health BigLook 360 Demo – Immersive Video   Actual video footage from multiple angles  Allows user to browse an environment from multiple perspectives  This demonstration allows a user to view the demolition of Texas Stadium from multiple angles (within the stadium)
  47. 47. Caspian Learning – Thinking WorldBrowser Based Sims Browser Based Simulator called “Thinking Worlds” Add different worlds, characters and objects from libraries - templates, wizards and icons using simple drag and drop. Demos include:  Oil Rig & Safety  Military Checkpoints
  48. 48. Last Simulation if we have time and thecapability… ”Construction Destruction”  Construction Simulator  Available for download, compatible with Windows environments (Demo Available)  Vehicles – bulldozer, crane, dump truck, excavator, front end loader  Multiple perspectives – 1st and 3rd person  Variety of different scenes
  49. 49. Screen Shots of “ConstructionDestruction”
  50. 50. Sources of Information on the SeriousGame Initiative and Virtual Simulations  The Escapist   Serious Game Blog of Eliane Alhadeff   PixeLearning – Serious Game White Papers 
  51. 51. Examples of Companies Mfg. VirtualSimulations for Training & Visualization(not all-inclusive by any means) Siqur  Code 3D  Silvertongue Software Simlog  Caterpillar Vista (Simlog distributor)  Look360 NGrain  Vortex / CM Labs Coole Immersive  Immersive Technologies
  52. 52. Thank you for your time…Adam M. Gerson, Occupational S&H ManagerU.S. Department of Labor - OSHAOffice of Technical Support - Seattle Regional