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Social media

Social media



Social media presentation

Social media presentation



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    Social media Social media Presentation Transcript

    • Understanding and Using Social Media So many people So many opinions Is any of it for me? Sigmund Fidyke III www.octechexec.com October 2009
    • What I Will Cover
      • What is Social Media?
          • New way(s) to communicate
          • Types of Social Media
      • How do I use Social Media?
          • View, participate, contribute
          • Stay in character
          • Expect no privacy
      • How do I get started?
          • 6 stages of using social media
    • What is Social Media?
      • Online content created by people
      • A shift in how people discover, read, and share news, information and content
      • Moving from monologue (one to many) to dialogue (many to many)
      • Changing people from content readers into contributors and publishers
      • Does not require expensive equipment or a government-granted license
    • Types of Social Media
      • Blogging
        • A blog (or 10) for every subject
        • Twitter (micro-blogging)
      • Social Networking
        • Facebook, MySpace, Classmates, Friendster, Bebo, Orkut, Hi5
        • LinkedIn, Plaxo, Xing, cofoundr, naymes
      • Bookmarking sites
        • Del.icio.us, blogmarks, dogear
      • Photo / Video sites
        • Flickr, Photobucket, YouTube
      • Virtual Reality
        • Second Life, World Of Warcraft (WOW)
      • Groups
        • Google, Yahoo!, etc.
    • Which Are The Most Popular?
      • Network Size* (07) Size* (09)
      • Facebook 20 200-250
      • MySpace 60 125
      • YouTube 123 views/day
      • LinkedIn 5 45
      • Twitter 32
      • World of Warcraft 11.5
      • Most Everybody Else < 5
    • Facebook
      • Where you spend time with people you know
      • Part blog / part community – much of what’s on your page is contributed by selected friends
      • You can play with apps and take & share surveys
      • A replacement for email
      • Professional networking – sharing what you’re doing and posting examples of what you’ve done
      • Businesses – fan sites where people to learn about the company, follow announcements and find links to the store site for orders
    • Facebook Fan Site
    • MySpace
      • Where you find people & bands and share interests
      • Similar to Facebook: blog & online community
      • Unique focus on music industry
      • Buy tickets to performances, track show dates
      • Focus on being found & seen – and finding & seeing
      • Customize look of your profile pages
      • Beyond music, has a younger crowd than Facebook
      • Businesses can display products and link to store sites for orders
    • MySpace Home Page
    • YouTube
      • Where you watch & upload videos
      • 14 hours uploaded every 60 seconds
      • YouTube has become an important place for both people and businesses
      • Share videos of personal interest (vacation, pets…)
      • Share newsworthy videos (events, news, politics)
      • Share videos of personal talents (music, interviews)
      • Share business videos (product demos, pretest ads)
      • Find videos about companies, products, people
    • YouTube Search Example
    • LinkedIn
      • Where you make business contacts
      • For professionals only – don’t expect anyone who isn’t in (or wants to be in) the workforce
      • Start with your work history and go from there
      • Display your information for others to find
      • Find people who know people you want to meet
      • Special interest groups add community feel
      • Different attitudes on who to connect to
      • Various levels of geographic filtering
    • LinkedIn Profile
    • Twitter
      • Where you follow people you want to know
      • For the ADD in you – microblogging
      • A growing area where new things are happening
      • Create your personal or business brand
      • Advertising is out, unless it’s interesting, fun, & expected
      • Opt-in connections – choose who you want to follow
      • Can be trivial or useful
      • If you don’t like what you see, follow someone else
      • Bing and Google now have real-time access to Twitter
        • Searches now, more features coming soon
    • Twitter – Using TweetDeck
    • Blogging (Web Log)
      • Where you speak your mind & show your stuff
      • Part diary, part op ed commentary, part real journalism – all with comments from others
      • Started like Twitter – frivolous, personal journals
      • Don’t do it to make money (though it’s possible)
      • Do it to find a career – show your expertise
      • Do it to share a passion – cars, sports, …
      • Do it to document your life – as long as you like living in a glass house
    • Chris Brogan’s Blog
    • How Do I Use Social Media?
      • Blogging/Microblogging
        • Show what you know and what you can do
      • Social Networking
        • Connect & stay connected with others
        • Personal interest (music, shopping, sports, travel)
      • Bookmarking sites
        • Share web finds
        • Become trusted source of information
      • Photo / Video sites
        • Share pictures and videos (and search )
      • Groups
        • Business, personal, special purpose
    • How Do I Use Social Media? (2)
      • Regardless of where you go, remember:
        • Be Interesting!
        • Expect no privacy (fatty paycheck example)
        • Stay in character - ALWAYS
        • Watch first and follow the accepted form
        • Do not advertise or ask for help immediately
        • Give first, receive later
        • Alliance partners – help each other
    • Using LinkedIn
      • Just a couple of points (way too much said already)
      • Spend more time on profile than on resume
      • Include buzz words for searching recruiters
      • Open your connections to others
      • Try for 360 degree recommendations
      • Keep active!
        • Change status, join groups, answer questions
      • Stay-connected emails
      • Look for jobs and connections
    • Using Facebook
      • Public or Private? (sorry, not a choice)
      • More personal – not direct job search, but staying connected to others
      • Promote yourself and promote others
      • Post recommendations and thank-yous
      • Create fan page to broadcast thoughts & events
      • Stay on topic
      • Be careful! Especially with photos
    • Using Twitter
      • Know why you are on Twitter (brand)
      • Speak to that topic (and keep on topic!)
      • Set expectations, then meet them
      • Create interesting content
        • Expertise, trends, informed opinions, etc.
      • Keep active
      • Help with viral growth (retweet)
      • Follow others, many will follow you back
    • Using YouTube
      • What happens in Vegas, stays on YouTube
      • Be careful with your image or name!
      • Great for research
        • Companies: CEO interviews & product demos
        • People: learn from their videos
      • Post your own success stories
        • Proof of success
        • Your product demos
    • How Do I Get Started?
      • No classes, no books, just do it
      • 6 stages of using social media*
        • Inactive – sign up, do nothing
        • Spectator – watch only (lurking)
        • Joiner – join some groups, still read only
        • Collector – have favorites that you follow
        • Critic – comment on what you read
        • Creator – create original content
      *Reid Carr of Red Door Interactive
    • What’s Next?
      • 20 years ago – no Web
      • 10 years ago – no Facebook
      • Today – Web 2.0 and Social Media, but mostly doing old things in a new way
      • Near Future – starting to find new things to do with this new media
    • References
      • This PowerPoint: www.octechexec.com
      • My Twitter Feed: sigmund3rd
      • Recommended Blogs on Social Media (they all have Twitter feeds)
        • Guy Kawasaki: http://alltop.com
        • Chris Brogan: www.chrisbrogan.com
        • Peter Cashmore: http://mashable.com/
        • Ryon Harms: www.thesocialexec.com
        • Tim Tyrell-Smith: www.spinstrategy.com/
        • Neal Schaffer: http://windmillnetworking.com/
      • Lists of Social Media Sites:
        • http://traffikd.com/social-media-websites/
        • http://www.joe-whyte.com/2007/04/02/looking-for-a-list-of-social-media-sites-i-have-them-all-here/