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As media studies

  2. 2.  The design: the use of masthead at the top, colour scheme, logo, bar code, paper used and their connotations and the organisation of topics on the cover. • Language used and its connotations • Title: where it is often found, its size, its type face, its meaning and the connotations of each of these aspects. • The use of main image: Its size and its technical as well as its symbolic codes • The use of teasers: their function, location, font used, colour, images, language used and their connotations • The use of main image: Its size and its technical as well as its symbolic codes • The use of teasers: their function, location, font used, colour, images, language used and their connotations
  3. 3. Masthead Title Cover Lines Main Headline Image – Technical and Symbolic Codes Website Teasers Barcode Cost
  4. 4.  This is the College front cover. It is aimed at college students and focuses all of its contents around them. The masthead is centred in the middle at the top like most other traditional magazines. The headline is centred on the left hand side at the top. This is different to many magazines as it is not in the middle taking up the majority of the page. The rest of the features are situated on the right and left hand side in two columns. There is one picture on the front cover, which is a long shot, and this is used as the background and spreads across the whole page. The font used is various in size but not style.
  5. 5.  The colours that are used are not as contrasting and apparent as the “Parent and School” magazine. Overall the strengths of this magazine are that is simplistic and clean with no overlapping features. The features are listed on either side of the main picture which is the background.
  6. 6. Title of theMagazine Main Headline Image Teasers
  7. 7.  This is the “Parent and School” front cover. It is aimed both related with education and subject but different location. The images are taken by different camera shot, and lenses to engage the reader that the photographer is clever. A deep/shallow focus shot concentrates on the student more than the doctor and nurse.
  8. 8.  The Teasers for this magazine is there are a variety of designs in this magazine like at the top, the name of the magazine in three different fonts like – “Comic Sans Mc” but the same colour. The font used is various in size but not style most of the fonts doesn’t match with the name or headline. And the bottom of the magazine has the same font, but different colours – red and white. The colour scheme has black and red, while it is easier for the audience to read clearly. Overall, I would buy this magazine mainly the images and title which gives the audience a meaning that students should follow an example of the “smart boy”. There is no barcode.
  9. 9.  CONCEPTION Images are developed appropriately for the product being constructed. Spending adequate time planning the images and produce a mock up design for the front cover and other pages to create witht he instinct for the right shot. FRAMING AND COMPOSITION Framing can be adjusted through croping at the design/editing stage, but good framing in the lens leads to a better quality image. By deciding whether the subject in the photograph will be close to us or further away.
  10. 10.  SHOT DISTANCE Using the zoom function will allow a variety of possible distances. It is likely working mostly in a medium close up such as shots of bands or artists. COLOUR AND RESOLUTION The computer using for downloading and editing and the printer influences the final quality of resolution and colour. It is sensible to trial the process first to get a sense of how the reality of a photograph translates into a printed outcome.
  11. 11.  The Brief as follows. The Print Preliminary exercise: using DTP and an image manipulation program, produce the front page of a new school/college magazine, featuring a photograph of a student in medium close-up plus some appropriately laid-out text and a masthead. Additionally candidates must produce a DTP mock-up of the layout of the contents page to demonstrate their grasp of the program. Additional to this I was asked to create a mock-up layout of the contents page. Before I started to produce the front page and contents page, I had to research previous existing material, to gain a vast knowledge on this area so that I could take certain features of previous material and produce them for my own product by using Adobe Photoshop. Before I start producing my magazine I learnt and understood this terminology in Media.
  12. 12.  To do this I typed in various keywords such as “college”, “student” and “magazine”.Once I had found, and I uploaded the pictures either the front cover onto my blog and began to analyse the material, by suggesting what I may and may not take from . After this was complete, and I had gained knowledge and evidence from my research, I had to decide on a layout, and designing some creative ideas to then start my magazine. Once this was complete I finalised my findings and drew up a layout for both my front cover and my contents page. This would be the plan that I would keep to, (if I felt that an aspect of my product was not working) as I went and it did, due to the pictures and fonts was now I was expected.After designing my front cover and content as a draft, I started to have weaknesses both front and content so I analysed and seen the mistakes such as the picture, colours, fonts, too much teasers.
  13. 13. For my background, I chose the colours from black to white to grey, as I feel that it is the base of all colours and most colours are easily seen on the background. My background is one of my original images. The fact that it is an image of two college students wearing their school uniform,concentrating and helping out with their work during the lesson, in a medium close-up shot.
  14. 14.  I think that it is a refreshing piece of material which shows students in a positive light. I also feel that it gives the students more responsibility as like myself, they must think about what may appeal to other students and must carry out a lot of research. It also gives them an opportunity to know what it is like working for a production line. My friends and I are now pleased for the effort using to make a magazine. Through this project I have learnt how to use Photoshop, and even how to use computers made by windows. It has served me good experience which I will carry on to my Main Task for my Media A Level qualification.