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Ameristream delivers hyper local broadcasts that dominate the music and information landscape.

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  • How Social Business Planning Can Enable Better Content, Smarter Marketing and More Effective Customer Relationships #IABCyeg
  • And guess what .. Brands DID join the conversation. And, they went overboard
  • And guess what .. Brands DID join the conversation. And, they went overboard
  • Establishing avoic
  • And guess what .. Brands DID join the conversation. And, they went overboard
  • Establishing avoic
  • Establishing avoic
  • Establishing avoic
    Researchers at the University of Washington sifted through more than 3 million tweets, countless hours of YouTube videos and gigabytes of blogs to find out whether the Internet, and social media services like Twitter and Facebook really played the revolutionary role many claimed they did. 
    According to the study, online chatter about revolution often began just before actual revolutions took place. And social media also served as an outlet for citizens of the region to tell their stories of revolution, which played an inspirational role for neighboring countries, the study found.
    In Egypt, where the Arab Spring blossomed, Howard and his team found that the number of tweets that mentioned revolution in that country exploded from 2,300 per day to more than 230,000 per day. The number of videos, Facebook updates and blog posts about government opposition also rose dramatically. 
  • Establishing avoic
  • Establishing avoic
  • Establishing avoic
  • Establishing avoic
  • Establishing avoic
  • Establishing avoic
  • Establishing avoic
  • Ameristream network

    1. 1. Perry Manno CEO| Founder Ameristream: A Digital Media & Publishing Company
    2. 2. To be disruptive requires a radical change in thinking, communications and business operations
    3. 3. Ameristream delivers [hyper local] broadcasting and curates a variety of On Demand Streams, Blogs and Video programs which can be accessed on the web and through mobile devices
    4. 4. Client Side Value Props Hyper Local Streams Mobile Web Live Events Smart Wall, Banner (CPM), in stream video, push, geo target (GPS), 24/7 measurement w/tracking through Ameristream Networks High impact, expandable units, call to action w/micro design, unlock content, native ad insertion (static/video) across content generators, video billboards for on demand streaming and auctions, 24/7 measurement Live stream sponsors for Ameristream Artist Network events, business and commercial functions .15-.20 second produced audio/video insertions, flex campaign , geo-target zip codes, .6 second pre roll, 24/7 measurement through Ameristream Networks client side panel AMERISTREAM
    5. 5. Quantify the audience based on where content is consumed NOT not where the broadcast is based
    6. 6. Consumer Value Props Content Rewards Music Discovery FB account points, Vine Tuneit, sharing points, trivia games, puzzle games, surveys, online contests, in stream giveaways Music blogs incorporating audio/video streams and sharing Broad base of content including custom pure play streams, new music discovery content hubs, hyper local live broadcasts, blogs, artist launch pad, user generated content, sharing tools, community environment AMERISTREAM Creative Broadcast Develop strategies that fall outside the mainstream; reverse hot clock, short break sets, online contests, multiple formats, 1-hour programs, short form video It’s Free No monthly charge or paid gateways to access content
    7. 7. AA S SS STREAM TLH PUR E PLA Y ATSL AMERISTREA M NETWORKS How Do We Measure? AMERISTREAM Average Active Sessions (AAS) is defined as “Total Listening Hours Session Starts (SS) is defined as “the number of different requests for streams TLH (Total Listening Hours) is defined as the total number of hours we stream during sessions Average Time Spent Listening (ATSL) is defined as “the average number of hours for each session
    8. 8. How Do We Report? AMERISTREAM Advance Targeting • Day/Time, Market/DMA, Format, or Listener geo-targeting (GPS). • Support for complex campaigns includes Dayparts, flights, ad prioritization, frequency capping, and more. • Download advertiser affidavits through Ameristream Networks for proof of play. Audience Metrics across Web, Mobile, Stream • Ameristream accurately records online radio audiences and IP devices with exact audience counts and advertiser affidavits. • CDN-certified Advertiser Affidavits that include station, day, time, and impressions for each ad played or displayed. • Metrics include Sessions, AQH, Cume, Session Length, and more, that many radio advertisers require. • Adjust campaigns in real-time. • Real-time analytics that provide minute-by-minute insight into promotions and marketing initiatives.
    9. 9. Ameristream Mobile
    10. 10.
    11. 11. 5 STEFAN PRESIDENT Brand Ambassador JAY COO Accounts - Talent PERRY FOUNDER | CEO Ownership AMERISTREAM
    12. 12. STAFF EXECUTIVES Rob Barden Tara Kelly Kevin Mason Brian Melhan Social Media Coordinator Product Manager News Director Copy/Web CMS Editor Promotions Director Rebecca – Operation Manager Galla – VP/Talent/Sales Victor – CFO/Treasurer Jeff – Video Director JR.EXEUCTIVESONAIR ENABLEMENT WORKFORCE Deeper customer engagement More effective and relevant content Smarter marketing that align to business goals Integrated and converged media Integrated community strategy Effective content operations and governance POSITIVE BUSINESS OUTCOMES
    13. 13. Staff - Hire more talent - Ameristream Video Anchor - On site video editor - Account Executives w/territory - Off Site Broadcasters for Ameristream Global - Freelance writers - Interns for promotion, board operations
    14. 14. AMERISTREAM Optimize the content supply chain for planned content Push to content to CMS - Ameristreamlive .com & Ameristream Mobile Push to content to CMS - Ameristreamlive .com & Ameristream Mobile no yes Approved Content planning & brainstorming Content planning & brainstorming Contributor submits content Contributor submits content Post-ready & submitted via CMS Editor schedules post/tweet Editor schedules post/tweet Submission emailed to Perry & Copy Editor Sent back to Contributor for revision or rejection Sent back to Contributor for revision or rejection Contributor may choose to revise & re-submit no yes Approved Approval request emailed to Perry 4 hrs. Rejections sent back to Editor Rejections sent back to Editor Post or Tweet automatically published @ scheduled time Post or Tweet automatically published @ scheduled time CONTENT BEST PRACTICES
    15. 15. Mobile Developer Maintain wire frames and content delivery UNDERTONE High impact units for web including native advertising Genesis Media High impact video w/ content unlock Air Push Mobile messaging, banners, rich media, push, smart walls ABACAST Streaming media players, ad target insertion, third party sales force, royalty reporting Lightpath Network Administrator Intertech Media Web side CMS, User generated content Brightcove Custom CMS, Video media player/HTML5, Live Stream Vendors Vendors AMERISTREAM
    16. 16. In Stream: 25% of AVAILS Sold across 4 Hyper Local Streams & Ameristream Global in Year One What are the goals? Account for 30 minute ATSL (average time spent listening & 1,000,000 SS (session starts) in year One Develop UGC and paid gateways for Live Steam Events accessible through devices in year Two Purchase Local Content Hubs in year Two Rank in the Top 20 of Streaming Providers in Year Three
    17. 17. Established a framework through building content themes AMERISTREAM Our Growth Our brand recognition Our initial feedback Milestones: Master Content Narrative Product Launched Mobile App Developed Publishing New Music Discovery Real-time, trending and reporting Curated, 3rd party industry content
    18. 18. Assign roles & responsibilities (channel) CONTENT CONTRIBUTORS (LISTENERS, EMPLOYEES AS BRAND JOURNALISTS) FACEBOOK EDITOR TWITTER EDITOR TUMBLR EDITOR BLOG EDITOR BLOG EDITOR Brand Engagement Customer Advocacy Programs Brand Journalism Initiatives Influencer Marketing AMERISTREAM
    19. 19. What’s next? Build converged media models (integration of paid, earned & owned) CONTENT SYNDICATION (Pushing owned media content into paid media) EARNED MEDIA AMPLIFICATION (Pushing earned media into paid/owned media) SOCIAL MEDIA (Sponsored Posts, Promoted Tweets) AMERISTREAM
    20. 20. Ameristream User Generate Content
    21. 21. Ameristream Perry Manno CEO|Founder 516.375.4636 @Ameristream