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  • 1. Do you think this is hate speech? “F*** you and f*** the Dream Act. F**king illegal f**king wetbacks. Suck my c***. I hope somebody shoots you.”
  • 2. How about this? “Hey jack-a**. Quit thisAmerican Dream bullsh*t. Getout of here, dude. F***ng takeback this country by having 20kids, huh? We don’t want your f***ng spick a** here.”
  • 3. Is this hate speech? “You goddamn traitor to ournation. What the f**k are youdoing? Go back to Mexico and fix your s*** over there. This is a f***ng hostile takeover. I hope somebody shoots your a**.”
  • 4. How about now? “I hope you get f*** cancer tomorrow and start to die. I hope you choke in your ownvomit. Better yet, I hope you’re hit by a f****g car crossing across the street, you f****g pile of sh*t.”
  • 5. And now? “You are one dumb, ignorant son-of-a-b*tch. Pull yourfreaking head out of you’re a**. Ayayayayaayay [mimicking a stereotypical Mexican cowboy].”
  • 6. And now?“Hey, you little slimy sack of dog sh*t. Quit giving our money to illegal immigrants. You love them so much, go back to Mexico, you a**hole.”
  • 7. Still nothing? “You guys better pack yourbags. You don’t belong here. Do the right thing for once, please. Go home.”
  • 8. How about this? “What makes you think you have more rights than me?...Ideserve this more than you do. You’re just a bunch of rotten thieves.”
  • 9. And now? “Stop stealing my f***** taxmoney. Mexicans don’t deserve my f****g money. They don’t belong here. They hoard, they steal. They don’t deservemoney for college. They don’t deserve anything.”
  • 10. And now? “Hey you fat, greasy, f***** pig. [Illegals] don’t deservenothing. They are not legal,they’re illegal. I hope you rot in hell, you dumb b****. ”
  • 11. How much of this can we tolerate? “I want to thank you for all your hard work. It made me realize I need to fire my gardener. That’s what I am going to do. Maybe he can take his happy little a** back to Mexico.”
  • 12. Is this hate speech?