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Wonk `11 Wonk `11 Presentation Transcript

  • WONK Spring ‘11.
    Public launch. Campus integration.
  • Goals/Objectives
    Increase awareness of the WONK campaign (and its key institutional messages) within the region
    Increase support on campus especially among upper-class students
    Integration of the WONK campaign in messaging, publications, media, etc.
  • Audiences
    Everyone in DC area, but especially regional influencers, prospective students and families, and spring tourists
    Prospective graduate students
    Upper-class undergrads
    All students, faculty, staff, campus visitors
    Brand Ambassadors
    Alumni and donors
  • Awareness & Support by Audience
    On-Campus – awareness is extremely high, support varies by audience
    Alumni – more work to be done in term of awareness, especially with those that are not already engaged
    Prospective students – gaining awareness through integration of Welcome Center, enrollment materials, video messaging, etc.
    Graduate students – awareness via grad advertising, more to be done via full integration of schools and amplified by spring media buy
  • Creative Strategy
    Build on graduate school advertising
    Look for opportunities to tell the KNOW/WONK story and show a variety of WONKS in context
    Highlight brand messages along with the institution’s quality and progress, academic strengths, and student and faculty achievements
  • Media Strategy
    March-April timeframe to coincide with high volume prospective students visits and Freshman Days (4/8 & 4/15)
    Tourist season: Cherry Blossom Festival March 26-April 10
    Coincides with spring grad recruitment
    Focused media and timeframe to maximize impact
  • Media Recommendations
    Metro - Poster series in high tourist Metro stations (Smithsonian and Farragut West)
    Airport - Station domination in Reagan Airport Metro station with presence in airport
    Outdoor - Bus shelter series at Farragut North, Wisconsin Ave., Convention Center, Gallery Place
    Online advertising to support quiz
    CBS Wonk Talks to highlight faculty
  • Two sheets
  • Station domination
  • Test your documentary knowledge against Film Wonk Patricia Aufderheide
    1. What is the highest grossing Documentary Film of all time?  a. Enron: the Smartest Guys in the Room  b. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work  c. Fahrenheit 9/11  **  d. An Inconvenient Truth
    2. Which of the following is not an example of successful fair use in documentary film? a. Capturing Copyrighted Media Content in the Process of Filming Something Else b. Using Copyrighted Material to Repeat the Original Purpose (e.g. using a popular song as soundtrack). ** c. Using Copyrighted Material in a Historical Sequence d. Employing Copyrighted Material as the Object of Social, Political or Cultural Critique
    3. What do filmmakers think is acceptable ethical practice? a.  Promising a subject privacy and then revealing a secret.b. Asking a subject to stage an activity that they usually perform. **
    c. Editing a sequence to put a relevant event out of order.
    d. Paying a subject for an activity that they have no normal expectation for payment.
    4. Which of the following uses no fictional elements in a documentary film? a. Andy Warhol's Sleep  ** b. Errol Morris' Thin Blue Line c. Robert Flaherty's Nanook of the North d. DzigaVertov's Man with a Movie Camera
    5. Which of these films is not an example of cinema verite?
    a. The Maysles Brothers' Salesman
    b. Jean Rouch'sChronique d'un Etec. Kim Longinotto's Hold Me Tight, Let Me God. JorisIvens' Rain  **
    0-1 correct answer: Production Assistant status---you must be new to the industry.
    2-3 correct answers: Producer status--definitely on your way up in the biz.
    4 correct answers: Director status--you sure know you way around a set.
    5 correct answers: You've reached WONK status-- your passion and expertise about film shows.
  • Wonk Talks
    Faculty expert interview segments on CBS-9
    Connected to CBS morning and 7pm news
    Six segments, 3-minute segments that run 2x a week for 8 weeks, plus :90 segments
    Promotional spots and our WONK PSA
    Ability to air on our website, YouTube channel, send out electronically, Four Winds screens, etc.
    Pat Aufderheide (SOC) – done, James Thurber (SPA), U.J. Sofia (CAS) and Caleen Jennings (CAS) in the works. Others TBC.
  • Timing
    TV, transit shelters, on-line ads, web revise: March 7- May 1
    Metro posters: March 21- April 17
    Reagan station domination and airport: March 22 – April 21
    Thoughts, questions, comments.