Does this Data make my Butt look BIG? #IDSD @digitalPhilip


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Does this data make my butt look BIG

10 things online display advertisers should pay attention in the data driven world to successfully increase target reach, reduce waste, all while avoiding bad data.

As online marketers are looking to reduce waste and make ad dollars go farther, it is estimated that the majority of all online display advertising will use third party data shortly. This signals a changing of the guard as traditionally the majority online ad buys were ‘publisher direct’ buys, where ads are placed on websites based on the site’s ranking for the target audience. That is why, many agencies and advertisers who used to outsource their data strategies, are now racing to bring the data expertise back in-house.

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  • Per MediaKit:59% Male47 years$500,000 value of portfolio
  • "we are following the user" "Data is not Sexy, but avoiding waste is important" Aimee Munton
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  • You Might Say: Boooring – I am in Media, let the data folks deal with the data.
  • Agencies must to bring the data decisions in house or we risk our campaigns' effectiveness being lost in the void between our strategists and 3rd party data platforms.
  • Lost of people furstrated. Every step removed from the client you lose accountability. Lot of people go selfmanaged, because they don’t get the granular attention. Managed service promise not fulfilled, loss of business, instead agencies eating their retainer to get a person I nhouse
  • File #15275824 You Expect me to Say eXelate – But no, I don’t eXelate is not for everyone. It depends on your campaign, objectives and how you define success.AUDIENCE Who is working with data – whose data are you using… BluKai, excellent data source, in fact a lot of eXelate customers have used BluKai before they came to us.
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  • Skirt Female – No Skirt Male. I don’t know how they get away with that these days. But
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  • Two things we learn from this (1) Not everything you read on the internet is true (2) Quality beats quantity
  • This majority vote systems is the latest fad, only use data that performs
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  • Does this Data make my Butt look BIG? #IDSD @digitalPhilip

    1. 1. 10stepstofindtheperfectdatafitforyourdigitalads!dataDoes thismake my butt lookbig?@digitalPhilip #IDSD #AliensAreWatching@eXelate
    2. 2. Share the Vision“What is so great about data!?”Step 1#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 4
    3. 3. $17 CPM…you could pay the Wall Street Journal a- @BenKunz, VP Strategic Planning @Mediassociates 6$2.50 CPM…or you could use audience targeting to reach the sameexecutives at a
    4. 4. follow the user!…people have a life [outside of their special interest website],@DarylGMcNutt, SVP Marketing and Research @BrightRoll#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 7
    5. 5. Accept it.Step 2“Is this really happening to me!?”#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 8
    6. 6. #IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 9Advertisers 80%88%89%2012AgenciesPlatforms2013DSPsAd NetworksExchangesData Usage for Ad Targeting83%91%94% 3pts 5pts 3ptssource: 2013 eXelate Annual Industry Survey , n=650
    7. 7. #IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 10Data Effectiveness for Ad Targeting (Agencies)source: 2013 eXelate Annual Industry Survey , n=65036%Very Effective59%Effective3%Somewhat Effective1%Neutral
    8. 8. Embrace It.Step 3#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 11“Who should be making the data decision?”
    9. 9. bring the data…we saw a betweenour media team and the data folks [at the platform].We decided to- @TroyLerner, President @BooyahAgency#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 12expertise backin-house!disconnect
    10. 10. 3#1 keep your jobreasons to care#2 collaborate intelligently#3 ensure your client’s best interests are met#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 13
    11. 11. Get HelpStep 4“Who is the right data partner for me?”#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 14
    12. 12. Accuracy Quintilesdemoautotravelshopping20% 60% 100%40% 80%#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 15Data Validation: eXelate comScore
    13. 13. 0.230.360.481.00 1.00 1.001.821.361.20Internet untargeted averageOCR targeted average (Benchmark)eXelate targetedData Validation: eXelate Nielsen18-24 18-24 25-54#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 16
    14. 14. #IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 17
    15. 15. Choose the Type of DataStep 5“What type of data is best for me?”    #IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 18
    16. 16. Demographics#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 19
    17. 17. DemographicsInterestsIntent#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 21
    18. 18. CustomAudience#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 22based on Look-alike Data
    19. 19. Custom AudienceGender: FemaleeXelate Demographic Gender: FemaleIncome: $100,000 pluseXelate Demographic Income Level - $100,000 plusAge: 25-34eXelate Demographic Age: 25-34Interest: WeddingeXelate Interest Events - Wedding and EngagementIntent: Vegas TraveleXelate Intent Travel - Destination - Las Vegas LASEducation: CollegeeXelate Demographic Education Level - College Grad#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 23
    20. 20. De-MystificationStep 6“What does it mean!?”#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 24
    21. 21. *source:“He was charged with assault with intent to kill”a : the act or fact of intending :b : the state of mind with which an act is done :c : a usually clearly formulated or planned intention :purposevolitionaim*#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 25in·tent noun in-ˈtent
    22. 22. in·tent noun in-ˈtenta : the act or fact of intending :b : the state of mind with which an act is done :c : a usually clearly formulated or planned intention :d : exhibition of behavior that typically occurs immediately priorto a conversion event :purposevolitionaim*data targeting intent#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 26
    23. 23. Example: eXelate Intent Auto - Buyers ~ Make:Ford - Taurus“exhibition of behavior that typically occurs immediately priorto a conversion event”behavior: visited auto shopping website & searched for FordTaurus, submitted quote, looked up Ford dealer.typically: majority of people exhibiting that behavior buy a newin the next 90 daysimmediately: there are no other major steps left to do onlinebefore convertingin·tent noun in-ˈtent
    24. 24. Men In TroubleExample: eXelate Smart Segment - Men in TroubleDefinition:Gender - MaleShopping - Flowers and Gifts#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 28
    25. 25. Pick QualityStep 7“how can Bruce Willis help we with my data!?”#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 29
    26. 26.  1 2 3 4 source5.comQuality Controls SystemsMajority Vote Result: Femalebecause 3/5 random sites say cookie is female.#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 30
    27. 27. 31© 2013 eXelate Inc. Confidential and Proprietary.
    28. 28. 33© 2013 eXelate Inc. Confidential and Proprietary.
    29. 29.  1 2 3 4 Dating.comQuality Controls SystemsWeighted Vote Result: Malebecause 2 sites with intense registration process say cookie is male.
    30. 30. LeverageItLeverageItStep 8Ambitious Advertiser is looking forcommitted relationship with AttractiveData Segment.#IDSD2013#IDSD2013#IDSD2013#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 36
    31. 31. 1st Party Social Media1st Party Custom1st Party CRM3rd Party Offline3rd Party Online0.850.851.762.731.93.05Advertisers Rank Data Effectiveness forDirect Response Campaigns#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 37
    32. 32. 1st Party Social Media1st Party Custom1st Party CRM3rd Party Offline3rd Party Online0.850.981.932.192.183.02Advertisers Rank Data Effectiveness forBranding Campaignssource:2013 eXelateAnnualIndustrySurvey, n=650#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 38
    33. 33. Think CreativelyStep 9“What else can I do with this?”#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 39
    34. 34. Audience Profilinginforms messaging and targeting decisions, while validating audience reach.
    35. 35. Competitive Intent Trackeris predictive of competitive sales and tells you on which regions to focus your campaignsAuto - Buyers ~ Make:Honda - OdysseyeXelate Audience Signal Regional MidwestAuto - Buyers ~ Make:Chrysler - Town and CountryeXelate Audience Signal Regional SouthAuto - Buyers ~ Make:Dodge - Grand CaravaneXelate Audience Signal Regional WestAuto - Buyers ~ Make:Mercury - MarinereXelate Audience Signal Regional Northeast#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 42
    36. 36. Step 10“What can I do to make data work hard for me!?”4 Best Practices#IDSD@digitalPhilip@eXelate 43
    37. 37. Always try to consult with the data providerdirectly to obtain up-to-date segment informationand recommendations for your specific campaignand objectives.DO THIS: Add Data Partner to RFP Distribution List
    38. 38. Case studies and industry benchmarks have theirplace, but do not reflect the unique elements of yourspecific campaigns.DO THIS: Set and measure your own success/ ROI metrics.
    39. 39. The product or service that you are advertising has a uniquesales cycle.DO THIS: Set ‘lookback’ period when using data.
    40. 40. Many data partner can work wondersmodeling of past converters.DO THIS: Test look-alike data segments.
    41. 41. so much funTry on for Armstrong | (619) 246-6228This wasdata