Why use Google Apps for Organization


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Importance of using Google Apps for in an Organization

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Why use Google Apps for Organization

  1. 1. Prepared By: Mr. Antriksh Tyagi 1 Why use Google Apps for Organization About Our Company: We “TechBliss Solutions” are authorize Google Apps Reseller based in New Delhi India and have helped businesses globally to go Google. We have expertise in Google Apps Setup, Deployment, Google Apps Certification Training, Corporate IT training, Google Apps Managed Support, Change Management, Google Apps Support Outsource Projects and other. We have hired top cloud developers, sales engineers and creative consultants in the town to develop innovative cloud applications to increase productivity, collaboration that fully integrates with Google Apps. We can let any business evaluate Google Apps without impacting their legacy email solution. Also, our expert Google certified Professionals and Developers can assist you in developing awesome customized application that are smart and fully integrated with Google Apps. See below few our developed application details; 1) Google Maps API integrated Application for Asset tracking 2) Google Maps API integrated Application for Route Management 3) Google Maps API integrated Application for Roster Management 4) Google Maps API integrated Applications
  2. 2. Prepared By: Mr. Antriksh Tyagi 2 Google Apps have been about for some time now and Google have been pushing the Cloud for association for over 10 years now. For the individuals who don't realize what Google Apps are, it is an administration from Google emphasizing incalculable web requisitions with related purpose to expected office suites like Microsoft Office. The distinction between Google Docs and office suites like Microsoft office is that all of Google applications are: They are on the cloud, as it were on a server possible 24/7 and might be entered anywhere. ➢ You don't need to purchase any product project or equipment to utilize the applications and there is greatly little organization. ➢ Google applications carry the force of versatile registering to your fingertips. ➢ You don't need to be secured to the workplace any longer, you can work anyplace at whatever time and be certain that your reports ➢ Vital business endeavor data is sheltered and secure in Google's grasp. Present day organization is not recently done in the work environment any longer. Versatile living up to expectations is developing and that is because of distributed computing. You could be anyplace on the planet and access your information, email, schedule and converse with associates. All you need is an online association. These requisitions could be connected by means of an iphone, blackberry or android telephones and even a few less powerful telephones. This is the manner by which up to date venture is completed and it is situated to remain. The profits are self-evident. Separated from the versatile working prizes and security the value funds most likely include. In the event that you have 10 laborers you have to have 10 work environment programming testaments, although with Google applications you don't have to
  3. 3. Prepared By: Mr. Antriksh Tyagi 3 need to acquire something. All you oblige is a PC with internet access. For new enterprises working with Google applications is perfect, preparing your staff to chip away at the cloud will ensure you business is run easily and safely without having any stress over equipment and programming down time. TechBliss Solution is a New Delhi based Google Apps Reseller Company and can help your company migrate to Google Apps with maximum efficiency and keeping the cost minimum. Click Here Google has cooperated up with very much a couple of Google Apps Resellers so organizations can aid with the move from standard programming and working practices to taking a shot at the cloud. Google additionally supply client help throughout the day each and every day. You can contact Google through email, moment talk on the net or by telephone. The probability of need to contact Google is thin for the reason that of the propelled security capacities. They store the greater part of the data on more than enough server farms so if one neglect to recover your realities it will immediately indicate one more server. As the servers are synchronised, you will just ever get avant-garde constant date. Click Here Assuming that your product of PC has been hacked and you have lost information which lost your little business a considerable measure of time and stores you can see why Google applications are worthwhile to organizations. Extra and extra are getting on to this thought and with what I have expressed above it is not testing to see why. I have been changed over and I trust alot more and alot more organizations will understand the favorable circumstances and significantly more their business undertaking exercises onto the cloud. Google rocks! Click Here