Marketing through whatsapp


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Marketing through whatsapp

  1. 1. MARKETING THROUGH WHATSAPP Wise OnGo offer a wide range of web based services including graphic design, web programming and web hosting, Cloud Computing, Sales Solution, web consultancy and web management. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and attention to detail in making all our sites as user friendly and compatible as possible to ensure that your site works equally well in all of the main web browsers across all desktop platforms. ADVATAGES: 1. COST: The possibility to send text messages without any money , so it is a very cost effective technique 2. GLOBAL REACH: It has amazing popularity and used by billion of people around the world. So you can advertise your service at a global level and can get open to new markets 3. POPULAR: Teenagers love chatting and communicating by text messages and this is the group who mostly use WhatsApp so it will be a good way to market your company. 4. GREATER MOBILITY: Messages can be sent from anywhere and anytime via internet through mobile phone 5. IMMEDIATE REPLY : you are able to receive immediate and instant replies from your potential customers 6. HASSEL FREE: With WhatsApp you no longer have to bother about SIM card top ups and cash card values . All you need is internet connection
  2. 2. 7. SEND MORE MESSAGES FOR FREE: You are no more restricted by word limitation of a SMS 8. ATTACHMENTS: To attract more customers you can send images, audio files or video related to your product or service . 9. 24*7 : the communication channel with the other party is pretty much open 24×7 – be it to schedule meetings, share industry updates through infographics, exchange business gossip, inform them about relevant events or even to negotiate & finalize business deals 10. TIME TRACKING: it also tracks the last time an user was active on WhatsApp – this makes it much harder for either party to feign ignorance. 11. PROJECT MANAGEMENT & STAFF COMMUNICATION: You can use this app to create group conversations around different project teams, different hierarchy of employees as well as to broadcast and disseminate companywide updates DISADVANTAGES: 1. LIMITATION OVER NO. OF PEOPLE: In WhatsApp the limitation of no. of people in a group is 50 .So if you want to communicated to a large no. of audience you need to create multiple groups which is not feasible. Hence with WhatsApp as a marketing tool , this is the major disadvantage. 2. NO FREE CALLS: While BBM, Line, WeChat, and KakaoTalk have all introduced the free online calls, WhatsApp seems to be left behind. If you want to do a free call over the internet, WhatsApp isn’t the app you’d use. 3. COMPETITORS: WhatsApp competitors are doing aggressive marketing to promote themselves unlike the former .So a major chunk of young population is shifting to other instant messaging applications which a big loss for companies doing marketing through Whatsapp.
  3. 3. 4. WhatsApp isn’t FREE: There are a lot of people who have been using WhatsApp for over a year without paying anything. But when WhatsApp starts being strict in charging users the annual fee, there will be a lot of people considering moving to other – and totally free – messaging services instead. So companies marketing over WhatsApp may loose their potential clients. 5. PROBLEM IN COLLECTING DATABASE: Collecting database of potential clients will require market research which is a very costly and cumbersome task to do. So WhatsApp can be used if you have database already in your hands. How WiseOnGo Can Help You? As we all know WhatsApp is really a great tool for messaging and is almost free of cost. It’s got everything SMS, MMS everything. But now we being an internet marketing firm, have decide to got into WhatsApp marketing because this app has the potential of getting clients for local business more than any other thing. This can be the best local marketing resource. The services which we will provide you are as follows:  Market research on the demographic, social, technological aspects in finding new customers for you.  You can create and broadcast your promotion messages, emoji icon, coupon images, shop locations or even some movies directly to your customer’s smartphone.  Our text message service support different languages like English, hindi, punjabi, gujrati, bengoli…etc. – So we can customize your message according to the demographics.  We can also send GPS location of your stores! so that it becomes easy for customers to locate the store
  4. 4. Contact us: WA-83, Main Market, Shakarpur, Near Laxmi Nagar Metro Station, Delhi-110092 Phone: + 91 8377 0040 33, 9971 8002 70 Landline: 011-4305 2643 Mail : Don’t hesitate, try out our WhatsApp marketing service and contact us for more details