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Control M Monitoring and Management services
Control M Monitoring and Management services
Control M Monitoring and Management services
Control M Monitoring and Management services
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Control M Monitoring and Management services


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GSS America offers control m monitoring and management services.

GSS America offers control m monitoring and management services.

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  • 1. Get more out of your Control M investments
  • 2. If you already have Control M, here’s how you can get greater value from your investments. GSS America has several applications and services designed and developed specifically for BMC’s CONTROL-M. With enterprises facing the challenge of increasing business demands and shrinking budgets, we offer managed services to help you improve productivity and operational efficiency. Managed Services GSS provides customized managed services for CONTROL-M Enterprise Scheduling. These services include upgrades, migration, training support and the full management, monitoring and operations of your environment from our offshore center. With experience installing, upgrading and migrating over 500 installations, GSS ensures a proven, successful and ‘best practices’ approach. Our suite of solutions offer quicker implementation, accelerated learning curve, and lower TCO. RIMS for CONTROL-M In addition to our custom developed products tailored to BMC’s CONTROL-M, GSS America also has a department within our Remote Infrastructure Managed Services (RIMS) division devoted to this application offering several services. Full outsourced CONTROL-M Monitoring, Management and/or Administration. GSS America has technical specialists skilled in all levels of CONTROL-M working 24X7 that can help reduce the total cost of ownership for CONTROL-M by outsourcing any or all of the tedious and often costly staffing and training requirements 24X7 Monitoring of Client CONTROL-M Environment CONTROL-M Scheduling support Full Remote Administration of client environment Control M Level 1 Support Services For those companies that need more personal support than they can get from BMC, we offer Level 1-2 Subscription Based Support Services Email and call support services for BMC CONTROL-M. Technical expert advice through call or email. WebEx to access CONTROL-M environment for diagnosing and fixing issues when required. Ticket logged and progress tracked by client, for every incident reported. Control M Training Services When you need to increase the efficiency of your team, training is often the answer. GSS America offers customized training solutions for all skill levels Has a pool of skilled BMC Control-M trainers Provides 3 levels of training Operator Training (Basic) Scheduler Training Administrator Training (Expert level) Training delivered on-site, online or at our training center at Hyderabad. Enhances the skills of existing Control M staff.
  • 3. Control M Migration Services Whether you are moving from a competitive Enterprise Scheduler or just looking to upgrade your CONTROL-M environment to the latest and greatest, GSS America is there to help by providing: Specialized tools to automate the migration process thereby enabling reduction in manual intervention, time and cost. Wide experience in upgrading to latest Control M versions and migrating from other job schedulers to BMC Control M with over 500 successful projects. Expertise in migrations including custom developed applications. GSS America Database Application Integration GSS America’s highly specialized database application Integration for Control M provides a highly reliable, secure and agile sharing of business processes within your enterprise at a marginal additional investment. These AIs are guaranteed to give you quick ROI that’s visible and measurable. GSS AIs are custom integrations that work seamlessly with CONTROL-M in the same manner as BMC Control Modules, providing tab based forms within the job definitions. This alleviates the issues of developers needing to create and maintain script based integrations, often with complex execution strings, continual maintenance and security issues. GSS Database AI features By presenting the AI’s as a GUI tab within CONTROL-M’s Job Editing Form, GSS AI’s eliminate the need to type long cryptic command lines, creating and maintaining custom scripts or training the schedulers on complex application program calls. The Database AI supports the popular enterprise database platforms including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, and DB2, as well as an exhaustive range of database query types and commands including DDL & DML statements. Schedulers can define and monitor these database commands entirely within the CONTROL-M framework. Database User ID's and Passwords are encrypted at the agent level and presented as an “account” to CONTROL-M which eliminates the ability to view this data in the job definition or in the CONTROL-M Sysout. Provides Database Statement syntax help from within the CONTROL-M/Desktop Job Definition Form. Provides Database Statement syntax validity checks on job definition save for increased productivity and reduced human error. Returns Database error messages in plain text with detailed explanations. Full integration with CONTROL-M/Enterprise Manger Alerts and Escalations. Automates data query execution. Improves accuracy and reliability. Reduces costs, improves security, and simplifies Database Management.
  • 4. Web Enablement One of the common complaints from BMC CONTROL-M customers is the fact that BMC does not provide a web based solution for this product line. GSS Web was brought to market to address this need. With GSS Web, users can access the Enterprise Manager or CONTROL-M Desktop from the browser of any PC in their network without installing anything larger than a simple plug-in. With GSS Web, all the features of CONTROL-M are served over the web making it indistinguishable from a local client install. WHY GSS America Elite BMC Partnership Certified Services Provider Certified First Level Support Certified Training Instructors Conversion and Implementation Experts - Real Life Expertise GSS America acquired Infospectrum Consulting which establishes its leadership in business service management space. GSS Web – A tool which web enables the BMC Enterprise Manager GUI (much like Citrix) GSS Reporting Facility which provides over 75 customizable reports specific for the customer’s CONTROL-M environment. Control M Level 1 support Replacing BMC Level 1 support, GSS America provides telephonic and email support services for BMC CONTROL-M. WebEx is used to access CONTROL-M environment for diagnosing and fixing the issues if required. For every incident reported, a ticket is opened and status can be tracked by client. Control M Training Services GSS America has a pool of skilled BMC CONTROL-M trainers and offers training services to clients. Training delivered on-site or online GSS America has wide Upgrade and Migration Experience with CONTROL-M, be it a upgrade/migration from older versions to the latest or migrating from other job schedulers to BMC CONTROL-M. Over 500 CONTROL-M Upgrade/Migration projects successfully completed. Expertise in migrating the production environment from almost all Job Schedulers to CONTROL-M, including custom developed applications. GSS America Infotech Ltd. Block ‘B’, Third Floor, Cyber Gateway, HITEC City, Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500 081.AP. India. Tel: +91 40 44556600 | Fax:+91 40 40028703 | email: GSS America Infotech Ltd. GSS America, Inc. GSS America Infotech Ltd. GSS America Infotech Ltd. GSS America Infotech Limited #189, Road No. 72 1699 Wall Street Australia P.O. Box :73030 3 Shenton Way, Prashasan Nagar, Jubilee Hills Suite 201 Tel: +61 2 80643771 Dubai Internet City # 03-09 Shenton House Hyderabad-33 AP. India. Mt. Prospect, IL 60056 Dubai - United Arab Emirates Singapore 068805 Tel: +91 40 40028707 Tel: +847 307 7606 x271 Tel: +97 143 755 710 Office: (65) 6227 8157 Fax +91 40 40028703 Fax: +1 847 640 3701 Fax:+97 143 672 786 Cell # (65) 8117 8175 email: email Fax # (65) 6491 5300