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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. NFCemerging and promising technology WELCOME Amer Enaya
  • 2. Nowadays you can use your mobile toexchange data via :WiFi WiMax 3GZigBee Bluetooth Wireless USB
  • 3. Nothing New ?
  • 4. The new is : A combination of two not new technologies RFID + Mobile devices
  • 5. The new technology is called NFC Near Field Communication
  • 6. In NFC,the communication occurs when two NFCcompatible devices are brought togetherless than four centimeters, or simply bytouching themselves.It operates at 13.56 MHz and can transferdata up to 424 Kbits/sec
  • 7. In an NFC model 2 devices are involved in the communication, initiator and target
  • 8. NFC Initiator and TargetInitiator :• an active NFC device• responsible for starting the communication• it has an embedded energy componentTarget:• can be either a tag,• RFID card or an NFC device• responses the initiator’s requests .
  • 9. NFC only exists in Mobile devices ? No There are two types Active & Passive devices
  • 10. Passive contains information that otherdevices can read but does not read any information itself.
  • 11. Active can read the information, but the sign itself does nothing except transmit the info to authorized devices
  • 12. How to write data on NFCchip?
  • 13. Shapes of NFC tags• Stickers • Key chains• Business Cards • … etc.• Toys• Inlays• Mouse pads• Signs• Waterproof tokens• Buttons and label bins
  • 14. Key Milestones for NFC2002 Sony and Philips co-invent NFC NFC Forum established by Nokia Philips2004 and Sony2006 Initial Specifications for NFC Tags2006 Initial Specifications SmartPoster2009 Peer-to-Peer standards to transfer data.2010 Launch of “N” mark for SmartPosters
  • 15. NFC Forum 140 members from all areas of NFC Ecosystem
  • 16. How does NFC Work ? Three operating modesCard Emulation Mode Peer-to-Peer Mode Read/Write Mode
  • 17. Card Emulation• NFC phone behaves as a secure card( Payment Card, Loyalty Card,Access Control Card, Hotel RoomCard )
  • 18. Discovery (Read / Write)• NFC phone behaves as card reader• Smart Poster contain NFC Tag.• NFC Tag contain URL• Phone automatically jumps to URL.• User is presented with information.
  • 19. Peer-to-Peer Communication• NFC phone acts as a reader talks to each other• Exchange or share apps, music, cards, and services.• Touching NFC mobile to another NFC device (e.g. DVR.)
  • 20. NFC leveraging Contactless Infrastructure How ?
  • 21. PaymentMobile phone = credit card
  • 22. Access ControlMobile phone = key
  • 23. Micro PaymentMobile phone = cash
  • 24. Public TransportMobile phone = transport card
  • 25. What’s Next - beyondpayments• Social networkingSharing contacts, updating social networking profiles, automated location check-in, advertisement• ComputingSecure automatic log-in, easy pairing of devices, …• RetailMobile wallet -payment, loyalty, advertising, - research products• Health CareMedical records / treatments, dosage tracking/tracing, …• GovernmentDriver’s License, benefits cards, Resident/parking permit, .…• AutomotiveAccess to services/data, pairing, motor management, keys, fleet management,driver profile transfer, …
  • 26. And the more WOWMobile Payment & Marketing
  • 27. Using mobile phonefor payment soundslike the future, Right? It’s not !
  • 28. It is already happeningmany parts of the world
  • 29. NFC is driving this revolutionIt makes the paying for things easier and more secure than ever before
  • 30. iPhone 5 does not support NFCMobile payment is going to happen with or without iPhone 5 Nokia + Android = 62 % of smartphones Share And they are in
  • 31. Google Wallet plays avital role in NFC mobilepayment
  • 32. NFC PaymentMarks the beginning of a complete marketing ecosystem
  • 33. Location-based offers
  • 34. Customerscan see an ad, download a coupon and redeem it. Anywhere Anytime
  • 35. And many many applications,Tap to check-in, tap to attend an event, tap to know moreinformation about the movie, ….Tap to make your life easier
  • 36. ReadyTo Use NFC ?