What is going on at nyu stern ... and lessons learned


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What is Going on at NYU Stern? ... and Lessons Learned

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What is going on at nyu stern ... and lessons learned

  1. 1. What is Going on at NYU Stern? ... and Lessons Learnedhttp://www.amerasiaconsulting.com/
  2. 2. What is Going on at NYU Stern? ... and Lesso If you are a Round 2 applicant to NYU Stern, then this post wont catch you by surprise, but there seems to be something very odd going on in the NYU admissions office this year. MBA Admissions Consultant | http://www.amerasiaconsulting.com
  3. 3. What is Going on at NYU Stern? ...For starters, there appear to be a number number of Round2 applicants who are still waiting for decisions, over a weekpast the stated notification deadline on the Stern website,which is rather shocking (you would think the school could atleast send out a "we need more time" email).Other students were recently admitted but did not receive acall or even an email letting them know - instead they foundout just by randomly checking their status online.Additionally, we have heard accounts of students beingwaitlisted and then admitted just four days later, studentsgetting interviews after submitting deposits at anotherschool, and other odd anecdotes. MBA Admissions Consultant | http://www.amerasiaconsulting.com
  4. 4. It could just be that weve heard a few horror stories that donot, in fact, define the process this year at Stern, but itseems equally possible that NYU is having an "off year" interms of staying on top of things.These things happen and were not here to judge; especiallywhen it comes to one of our favorite MBA programs. Welove the immediacy and feistiness and collaborative natureof NYU Stern and will continue to promote it as a top choiceto our future clients.Do they appear to need a new notification system?Absolutely. Are we down on Stern because of a fewfrustrated whispers? Not necessarily. MBA Admissions Consultant | http://www.amerasiaconsulting.com
  5. 5. But weve learned a few things as well. And thats thepurpose of this post. Not to bash Stern based on some veryloose evidence, but rather to share some general lessonslearned about applying to business school. Anything thathelps people in the future is worth putting out there.Here are three things weve zeroed in on, even as we hearfrom frustrated clients and applicants:1.Apply Early!2.Understand Tradeoffs.3.Dont Close Your Mind Off. MBA Admissions Consultant | http://www.amerasiaconsulting.com
  6. 6. 1. Apply Early!Whenever possible, get your application in early. It seemsthat Round 2 applicants are having issues, while most of ourRound 1 clients got more prompt feedback and knew wherethey stood much earlier in the process.Whether the news was good or bad, people seemed to knowfairly early. For Round 2, nobody seemed to know wherethey stood until the very end of the process (or even later)and it seems like late Round 2 notifications is whereinformation broke down. For future candidates, do all youcan to apply earlier rather than later. MBA Admissions Consultant | http://www.amerasiaconsulting.com
  7. 7. 2. Understand Tradeoffs.Its important to understand what the pros and cons are to aschools approach. NYU Stern has always favored "beingright" over "being fast." The admissions staff reads the filesand conducts the interviews, so things take much longer.Its not surprising to hear that it is Stern struggling to stay ontop of the information flow. If it was a school like Booth -who uses alumni interviewers, features over 40 studentambassadors in the admissions office, and reads fewerapplications to booth - we would be surprised andconcerned. MBA Admissions Consultant | http://www.amerasiaconsulting.com
  8. 8. But Stern just has a harder time processing due tomanpower issues. (Its a big reason why MIT only uses tworounds of admissions - they use admissions staff only toreview files and specially trained behavioral interviewers tohelp them with interviewing.)So what is the flip side? NYU Stern is more likely to find theright fits and to identify students who will truly thrive there. All told, it is our experience that applicants get a very "trueread" at Stern.This seems to be worth the tradeoff. (We know, easy for usto say!) MBA Admissions Consultant | http://www.amerasiaconsulting.com
  9. 9. 3. Dont Close Your Mind Off.The last point is that you shouldnt rule a school out justbecause of issues you like these. Even if you have putdown a deposit somewhere else and you get in late, beopen to the possibility.This is especially true if Stern was at one point your topchoice, but even if not, dont get mad or made a decision outof emotion or principle.NYU Stern might be the ideal place for you to earn an MBAand it doesnt do you any good to get frustrated at theadmissions office and rule it out. MBA Admissions Consultant | http://www.amerasiaconsulting.com
  10. 10. For starters, you only hurt yourself - they arent going toshed any tears over it.Second, it places too much emphasis on the admissionsoffice in making a decision regarding your experience. Onceyou get to b-school, you wont even go to the admissionsoffice. Make your choice based on all available informationand dont get hung up on how you feel youve been treated.Its not personal, there are valid reasons why things happen,and if there are really systemic problems, the school will paya larger price than your anger. MBA Admissions Consultant | http://www.amerasiaconsulting.com
  11. 11.   Hopefully this post helps any of you still dealing withthis. For those applying next year, keep these things in mind and make sure to apply early! http://www.amerasiaconsulting.com/