Don't apply round 3


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Don’t Apply Round 3 - The common myth surrounding Round 3 of the MBA application process

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Don't apply round 3

  1. 1. Don’t Apply Round 3 ... Until You Read This Post!
  2. 2. Don’t Apply Round 3 ... Until You Read This Post!The common myth surrounding Round 3 of the MBA application process MBA Admissions Consultant |
  3. 3. Don’t Apply Round 3 ... Until You Read This Post!As with anything, there are bits of truth in these soundbites ... but only bits. Lets work through those threestatements:• The class is pretty much full.• You have to be unique to get in.• Only European programs admit this late. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  4. 4. The class is pretty much full.There are a few ways to look at this.The first is to say that Round 1 and Round 2 make up thebiggest segment of an incoming class.That is definitely true. However, the other way to examinethe timing of all this is to note that in many cases, Round 3applicants "beat" Round 2 admissions decisions.Meaning: a new batch of applicants comes in the door ofthe b-school before decisions are sent out on the previousbatch. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  5. 5. This is done for an obvious reason, which is to generateenough wiggle room in case Rd 3 applicants come in andtrump the people who are about to be admitted.So the class is probably just about full ... but a lot ofdecisions are pending, in case some great people flood inlate. Which leads us to... MBA Admissions Consultant |
  6. 6. You have to be unique to get in.This is not true at all.Or, to put it another way, you only have to be as unique asyou would have had to be in a previous round. Its not anexotic species contest.What IS relevant is whether you are A) qualified, and B)what the class mix needs.There is no way to predict the second part, of course, butyou can certainly take stock of the first bit. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  7. 7. A flier in Round 3 is probably not a great way to workthrough a low GMAT score, but if you have a good profile,you may be exactly what an MBA program needs. MaybeSchool X is light on females, or marketers, or Canadians.You never know. So you dont have to be "unique" so muchas qualified and something they might need more of in theclass. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  8. 8. Only European programs admit this late.This one is a bit of a trick statement, because programs inEurope DO tend to admit quite late.But we throw in the "only" to once again state that manyU.S. programs keep a sharp eye and/or hold back spots forthe later rounds. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  9. 9. Four critical things:• Consider the reapplication process.• Submit perfection.• Explain yourself.• Figure out amenable schools by looking downstream. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  10. 10. If you need help with Round 3 - either comprehensively or juststress testing your essays to make sure they hit the mark -email us at can get more distance from the field in Round 3 than atany other time and the quality of your work will make a hugedifference.To demonstrate our commitment to doing Round 3 right, wehave a very unique policy: work with us on a comprehensivepackage for Round 3 and we will help you reapply to thesame schools free of charge in the fall, should it come to that. MBA Admissions Consultant |