Breaking down the new 2012 essays for ross


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Breaking down the New 2012 Essays for Ross

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Breaking down the new 2012 essays for ross

  1. 1. Breaking down the New 2012 Essays for Ross
  2. 2. Breaking down the New 2012 Essays for Ross Guide for 2012 Ross Essays MBA Admissions Consultant |
  3. 3. Breaking down the New 2012 Essays for RossIf a tree falls in a forest and theres no onethere to hear it ... does it make a sound? MBA Admissions Consultant |
  4. 4. Essay 1 –Introduce yourself to your classmates in 100 words or lessThis is one place where we can see that the essays are different from lastyear, as the introduction assignment is now focused on "classmates" ratherthan an ambiguous audience. In what is becoming a theme (see: Columbia),we were one step ahead of Ross on this one, as we insisted last year that ourclients not write about work or career goals or anything else that they mighthave thought an admissions officer might want to read. Instead, we pushedthem towards the place that you should always default to when you arethinking about Ross: MAP. Multi-disciplinary Action Project. This is Ross prideand joy and for good reason as it puts most other action-based learningmodels to shame.They love MAP, they love action-based learning, and they believe that theclassroom is a place where everyone teaches (and learns from) each other.So when you apply there, your through-line has to be "what perspective have Igained that I can come share with everyone?" Thats your hook with Ross.And this introduction is the place to state that right off the top. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  5. 5. Essay 2 - Describe your career goals. How will an MBA from Rosshelp you achieve those goals? What is your vision for how you canmake a unique contribution to the Ross community? (500 words)Theres not a lot to say here that we havent said dozens of times aboutcareer goals, but you basically want to nail the WHAT of your careergoals (stating them clearly), the HOW (offering proof of your transferableskills), and the WHERE (Why Ross, your contribution to Ross). The"contribution" angle is a new one this year and, quite frankly, one heck ofa challenge since the word count didnt change.Our initial feeling is that it just means hammering more of the MAPprogram and making sure to remember that "teaching others from yourunique perspective" is the ideal way to "contribute" in the Ross universe.And since you wont really hit that on the nose in Essay 1 (rather it is justinforming your approach), you can lay it on pretty thick here withoutgetting overly repetitive. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  6. 6. Essay 3 - Describe a time in your career when you were frustratedor disappointed. What did you learn from that experience?(500 word maximum)This is exactly the same Essay 3 from last year. That said, we still wantto talk about this one for a minute. Consider it a Public ServiceAnnouncement, but wed like to see people far better on this question(and others like it). Everyone seems to make the same mistake, which isto "go negative." They arrive at a bad experience - a mistake, a failure, acrushing setback - and then they never flip it. So it just winds up beingthis big downer and a missed opportunity to write about anaccomplishment.The key here is to take the negative experience or the disappointmentand flip it on its head. It goes: MBA Admissions Consultant |
  7. 7. SituationCrushing DisappointmentLesson LearnedThe Way You Turned It AroundWithout that forth prong, it just becomes a sad story. Sure, you canshare a lesson and show some introspection, but why not prove that youlearned the lesson by then showing it in action? This one is a whiff for somany people that we had to rant about it a bit. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  8. 8. Essay 4 - Two Choices:What are you most passionate about? (300 word maximum)Describe a personal challenge or obstacle and why you view it as such.How have you dealt with it? What have you learned from it? (300 wordmaximum)Ah, the dreaded choice essay scenario. What is interesting here is thatRoss lost the "be an effective teacher to your classmates" question thatapparently was too on the nose given what we know about the overalltone and objective of this application. So that leaves the relatively broad"what are you passionate about" question (always a good one) or thestepsister of Essay 3, which is a more personal challenge or obstacle. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  9. 9. Which one to write about probably goes like this:• If you have something that you were planning on writing about in anoptional essay, find a way to make it work for 4B and turn it into anactual, powerful essay rather than a tacked-on mea culpa in the optional.• Otherwise, bring the passion to the table and end this thing on a huge,positive note. Share the thing that makes you tick. Ideally (as withStanfords famous What Matters Most to You and Why essay) the thingthat makes you tick will connect with your long-term goal from Essay 2.In many ways, 4A is your chance to write about the WHY of your careergoals (usually an anchor of career goals essays, but theres no room for iton Ross 2). So take full advantage. MBA Admissions Consultant |
  10. 10. We hope this helps many of you out there. Good luck! If you are interested in our services for your MBA admissions journey, email us at to request afree consultation. Additionally, you can download our free guides for applying to HBS and Columbia.