Nobel Trace and Track Project


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Presentation on how Nobel implemented pharmaceutical track and trace system in Turkey using 2D Barcoding

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Nobel Trace and Track Project

  1. 1. Pharmaceutical Trace andTrack SystemUlkar Holding Information TechnologiesShort presentation for PQE25.Nov.2010
  2. 2. CSV_20101125_D02_PQE_Trace_N_Track_Presentation SCOPE OF TRACE & TRACK PROJECT WITH ULKAR HOLDING • 2D barcode and linear label printing • Data and product transfer to license holders • Server hosting (Production) • Finished product entry • From Nobelfarma • Other contract • MOH production manufacturers and sales data • Other goods entries transfer control (labeling, returns) (not complete) • Warehouse management • Server hosting operations (not (Warehouse, data comprehensive) transfer and • Reboxing reporting) • Sales to drugs wholesaler • MOH sales data transfer control (not complete)
  3. 3. CSV_20101125_D02_PQE_Trace_N_Track_Presentation ULKAR HOLDİNG TRACE & TRACK NFarma N İlaç 2D BARCODE LIFECYCLE process process Systems: Other Non-Ulkar 1: NTT (Desktop, Mobile, contract license Web, Reporting) mfacturer Holder 2: MTS 3:SAP shipments goods entry Create Nobelfarma Nobel İlaç 2D label Nobel İlaç production goods sales printing goods entry orders shipment shipment • SAP production • Transfer of data• In-warehouse • Incoming • Reading of order creation from NTT operations goods from labels for (SAP) management (NTT-Mobile) Nobelfarma: shipping system to Read waybill containers or • Data entry into printing system • Waybill barcode (NTT- box 2D NTT print (NTTMTS) scanning/ Mobile) barcodes for management printing at sales (NTT- system (NTT- • 2D label shipment • Goods entry Mobile) DT) printing (MTS) (SAP, NTT- from other Mobile) contract • Transfer (SAP, • Transfer of manufacturers NTT –DT) verified 2D • Transfer of (NTT-Mobile, barcode info to XML NTT-DT) back to general information to print license holder • Returns: management through Optional system (MTS website (NTT- barcode check NTT) Web) (NTT-Mobile)
  4. 4. CSV_20101125_D02_PQE_Trace_N_Track_Presentation PRINTING OF 2D BARCODES AND LABELINT Automatic packaging line example Start or process: Flow direction Wired barcode production order is reader transferred from NTT to the line 2D barcode print 2. Automatic shrinking Shrink / box Boxing Sampling & 1. verification verification or cartoning labeling Verification system example (2d print & check station) Automatic carton / 2D reader shrink labeler, camera (counts Barcode reading the number of and cable barcode boxes entering reader Palleting carton or shrink) (manual) Pallet labeling Wired barcode reader, Pallet barcode writer, PC End of process: Touchscreen Rejected Checking of 2D (boxes) and linear (shrink, control system boxes go box, pallet) barcode data of the barcode via here finished operation, is camera transferred to NTT
  5. 5. CSV_20101125_D02_PQE_Trace_N_Track_Presentation WAREHOUSE OPERATIONS AND GOODS SHIPMENT FROM CONTRACT MANUFACTURER Warehouse operations (Operations Contract manufacturer good shipment: common to contract manufacturer and licence holders): • Transfer of boxes between containers: • SAP shipment note – Transfer operation – Error Checks (Product/Batch checks) SAP – Relabeling • SAP invoice number is – Virtual pallets: Correction of mistakes entered into NTT mobile during prouction handheld and data transferred to SAP • Transfer og boxes between containers: NTT – Transfer operation • Pallet barcodes are read and mobile NTT – Error Checks (Product/Batch checks, boxcount / batch are container capacity checks) compared between SAP shipment note and NTT • Deactivation (No MOH data transfer for pallet contact manufacturer, only for licence holder) • A label for the shipment note XML is printed and XML data for • Information / reporting queries shipped boxes is loaded into NTT web Nobelfarma website
  6. 6. CSV_20101125_D02_PQE_Trace_N_Track_Presentation Partner LICENCE HOLDER WAREHOUSE ENTRY, Warehouse op SALES AND REGULATORY SUBMISSIONS Regulatory Data transfer Nobelfarma Reg. Submission Labeling Reg. Submission (sales) XML (Other (prod) contract mfc) Delivery (Sales) Depo To pharma bulk Label printer Entry işlemleri sale (outsourced) Delivery warehouses (transfer vb) (to destr) Returns Deactivation Deactivation (revisions) (destruction) Revisions (Reboxing) Reg. Submission (deactivation)
  7. 7. CSV_20101125_D02_PQE_Trace_N_Track_Presentation NTT SYSTEM INFRASTRUCTURE A series of web services are in use for data transfer between involved parties: • Ministry Submissions Production Notification Web Service • • Deactivation Notification Web Service • Warehouse Control Notification Web Service • Receiving Notification Web Service • Returns Notification Web Service • Sales Notification Web Service • Sales Cancellation Notification Web Service • Other Submissions • Customer Sales XML Notification (i.e. License owner to Warehouse) • Contract Manufacturing Notification (i.e. Contract manufacturer to License owner)
  8. 8. CSV_20101125_D02_PQE_Trace_N_Track_Presentation NTT SYSTEM INFRASTRUCTURE An example of the XML data transmitted via web service:
  9. 9. CSV_20101125_D02_PQE_Trace_N_Track_Presentation NTT SYSTEM INFRASTRUCTURE Clustered backup, data replication between Ümraniye and Düzce, desktop & mobile application operation through “remote desktop”
  10. 10. CSV_20101125_D02_PQE_Trace_N_Track_Presentation END