Comparisons between r’n’b and pop


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Comparisons between r’n’b and pop

  1. 1. R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop /Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop /Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop Comparisons between R’n’B and Pop By Amelia O’CallaghanR’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop
  2. 2. Beyoncé: Single Ladies • Here are a few screen shots from the music video ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyoncé. The R’n’B music video is all in black and white and only focuses on Beyoncé and her two dancers. The outfits are minimal ad consist of a black leotard and an arm bracelet for Beyoncé. As for the Mise en scene the location is a basic white backdrop. The lighting, however, looks as though it has been very carefully thought through due to the shading mainly hitting the other dancers and never on Beyoncé – this is important as she is the singer/artist. Amelia O’Callaghan
  3. 3. Spice Girls: Wannabe • In ‘Wannabe’ by the Spice Girls the genre ‘Pop’ is very clear. Compared to ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyoncé this song is very different in the way of Mise en scene including: locations, outfit and overall feel within the music video. The music video has lots of camera angles within it and focuses on both the whole group and then individuals singing – I would like to include this within our own music video if we choose to do pop as we can choreograph dance sections which all of us can be included in. Unlike ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyoncé the group all interact and show a connection which I feel is another important feature within a Pop music video. Amelia O’Callaghan
  4. 4. Rihanna: Umbrella • Within ‘Umbrella’ by Rihanna the Mise en scene is very extreme – the costumes changes are fast paced though the locations are about the same four throughout. Although the music video features Jay-Z there are very few shots of him as the video generally focuses on Rihanna expanding on the idea that se is he most important lead singer. Jay-Z also says in the same outfit whenever he is shown whereas Rihanna has a variety of hairstyles, makeup and costume. Right through the music video the same locations are used but not always the same shot type or angle. In he music video black and white colours are greatly used however when colour is introduced they are very neutral colours (3rd screen shot). Amelia O’Callaghan
  5. 5. Katy Perry: California Girls • This music video ‘California Girls’ by Katy Perry is very colourful and the Mise en scene includes a wide variety of both costumes and locations. Throughout the music video other characters are introduced including Snoop Dog and the dancers. The music video does have both performance scenes and narrative scenes that flow together well. Although Katy Perry is the lead singer there are sections where the camera focuses on a new character being introduced or on a dancer – this shows that the lead singer isnt always in a show within a Pop music video. Amelia O’Callaghan
  6. 6. Alisha Keys: No-One • This R’n’B song by Alisha Keys has lots of the same conventions of the other R’n’B music videos I have analysed. The Mise en scene again depicts dark colours (black ad white) and colours seen tend to be neutral. Within this video there are lots of different camera angles however there are some camera movements such as a pan into a new scene on screen shot two. Lots of the shots taken of Alisha Keys are of her looking at the camera straight on almost due to the effect of the song being emotive to the audience. Amelia O’Callaghan
  7. 7. Stooshe: Black Heart • ‘Black Heart’ by Stooshe is another Pop son I have analysed. Once again it sees very similar to the others before. The Mise en scene is very similar (same locations – different camera shots, bright colours, costumes very bright ect). There is a strong narrative throughout the music video about a man cheating which includes every member in Stooshe. Although there are shots of the whole group singing together there are singular shots of each member right the way through he video which help us to establish the emotions of the different characters and the roles they play within the narrative. Amelia O’Callaghan
  8. 8. R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop /Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop Our chosen genre is: POP • After intensive research we have decided to chose a song from the Pop genre. We believe that by choosing this genre we will be able to be more creative with our music video unlike creating an R’n’B one. Whilst thinking of the Mise en scene our music video can be colourful and include a range of camera angles. We must also remember that if we were to do a group song we must not only film us as a group but have singular shots of each of us too in order to establish each singer within the group.R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop/R’n’B/Pop