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Case study files

  1. 1. Case Study FilesSection B
  2. 2. Films
  3. 3. The Kings Speech• Production Company: See Saw Films• Distributor: Momentum• Budget: £8m• Revenue: £42.4m (UK) $430,821,166 (WW)Funding• Received 1million from UKFC• Aegis film fund also financed part of the production• SeeSaw films helped put together the finance for the film and secure distribution dealsMarketing:• Promotional materials: posters,• Strategy: Feel good period film targeted at an older audience – smart move?• Cast & Crew: Features an all star cast with international appeale.g. Helena Bonham Carter, Colin FirthDistribution:• DVD• Distributed digitally so it was cheaperExhibition:• The average age of the audience was 57.7.• Was put out on 1,543 cinema screens
  4. 4. Searching For SugarmanFact File:• Production Company: Red Box Films, Passion Pictures• Distributor: Studio Canal• Revenue: £51.9m (UK)Marketing:• Budget:• Promotional materials: Posters, Soundtrack• Cast: Starring Sixto Rodriguez, Directed by Malik BendjelloulDistribution:• DVDExhibition:• Shown in ‘art’ cinemasSynergy:• An Album available through itunes.
  5. 5. The Hobbit• Production Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), New Line Cinema• Distributor: Warner Brothers• Budget: $200million• Revenue: $922million Opening Day - $37.1million• Marketing:• Promotional materials: Website, Theatrical trailer, Posters, extensive cross media promotionse.g. Youtube journals, magazine features, twitter feeds etc• Cast: Ian McKellan, Martin Freeman, Cate Blanchett, Elijah Wood, Directed by Peter Jackson• Distribution:• Released in cinemas in 7 formats: HFR 3D, IMAX 3D, IMAX, 3D, and 2D• Released in over 2000 cinemas• Exhibition:• Technology: 48 FPS, Dolby Atmos, Imax 3D• Synergy:• Itunes got to release the film a few days earlier•
  6. 6. The Avengers• Production Company:• Distributor: Walt Disney• Revenue: £51.9m (UK)Marketing:• Budget: $100 million• Promotional materials: Interactive website, posters, comic book• Cast & Crew: Features characters from other successful comic book films e.g. Iron Man, X MenDistribution:• DVD, Blueray, Blueray 3D, Digital copy• In the 14 weeks since its home video release, the film has grossed $202.4 million in salesExhibition:• Shown on 1,700 cinema screensSynergy:• Toy sales: Figurines sold in the Disney Store• MP3 album: available via iTunes• Digital app: Avengers Second Screen Experience (a free app that allows you to accessinteractive content relating to the film)• TV animation: The Avengers Assemble shown on the Disney Channel•
  7. 7. Companies –Independent
  8. 8. See-Saw Films• Has a first look deal with Momentum Pictures• Se Saw Also works closely with sister company Transmission films, anAustralian Distributor.• Buckland co-finance their films.Film Successes -Shame –• Budget: $6,500,000 Gross:$10,781,688Oranges and Sunshine –• Budget: $4,500,000 Gross: $5,000,000The Kings Speech
  9. 9. Warp Films• Warp Films is a British independent film production company.• Warp Films was established by Warp Records founding partners Rob Mitchell andSteve Beckett.• It was initially created with a remit to produce a number of short films.Film Successes -Kill List (2012) –• Budget: $800,000 Gross: $169,063Submarine (2010) –• Budget: $1,90000 Gross: $4,581,000This is England (2006) –• Budget: $1,5million Gross: £5,058,600
  10. 10. Companies –Conglomerate
  11. 11. Working Title• A British Film Company based in London.• Owned by Universal and founded by Tim Bevan and Sarah Radclyffe and this istherefore where they get their funding from.Film Successes –Four Weddings and a funeral (1994) –• Budget: $4,500,000 Gross:$244,000,000(highest grossing British Film in cinema history)Pride and Prejudice (2005) –• Budget: $28,000,000 Gross: $121,000,000Les Miserable (2012) –• Budget: $61,000,000 Gross: $27,281,735 (opening weekend)Love Actually (2003) –• Budget: $30,000,000 Gross: $59,000,000
  12. 12. Paramount Pictures• Distributes through Paramount Pictures and Paramount Vantage,Exhibition through Paramount Home Entertainment, Insurge Pictures,Paramount Famoud Productions,• Operates in over 70 Countries such as USA, Australia, Brazil, Ireland,Mexico, New Zeland and the UKFilm Successes –Rise of The Guardians –Budget: 145,000,000 Gross: $306,590,972Top Gun –Budget: $15,000,000 Gross: $356,800,601Paranormal Activity –Budget: $15,000 Gross: $193,876,403
  13. 13. CinemasMultiplex
  14. 14. Cineworld• Founded in 1995• 78 screens in the UKLuton –• 11 screens• Disabled Access• Digital Screens• Car ParkingType Of Films Shown –• Mainstream BlockbustersE.g. Olympus has Fallen,Spring BreakersMainly 12A films, apart fromkids section.
  15. 15. CinemasIndependent
  16. 16. The RexIn Berkhamsted• 1 Screen• A Bar• Box seats/ Regular SeatsTypes of Films Shown –Art FilmsE.g. Les Miserable, The PaperboyAudience –Older Audience, 40 to 80 years of age
  17. 17. issues raised bymedia ownershipcross mediaconvergence andsynergy inproduction,distribution andmarketingImpact of newtechnologies onproduction,distribution,exchangeThe significanceof proliferation inhardware andcontent forinstitutions andaudiencesThe importance oftechnologicalconvergence forinstitutions andaudiencesThe issues raisedin the targeting ofnational and localaudiences byinternationalParamountPicturesSee SawFilmsThe KingsSpeechTheAvengersSearchingForSugarmanThe HobbitStar Wars
  18. 18. Past PaperQuestions
  19. 19. • "Discuss the issues raised in the targeting of national and localaudiences (specifically, British) by international and globalinstitutions".• Explore the exhibition issues faced by a media industry youhave studied.• Explore some of the ways in which new technologies havehad an impact on a media industry you have studied.• Discuss the ways in which media product(s) are produced anddistributed to audiences, within a media area, which you havestudied.• How important is technological convergence for institutionsand audiences within a media area which you have studied?
  20. 20. • “Global institutions dominate media production. Theseinstitutions sell their products and services to nationalaudiences.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?• What significance does the continuing development of digitalmedia technology have for institutions and audiences?• Discuss the issues raised by media ownership in theproduction and exchange of media texts in your chosen mediaarea• Successful media products depend as much upon marketingand distribution towards a specific audience as they do upongood production practices. To what extent do you agree withthis statement, within the media area you have studied?• To what extent does digital distribution affect the marketingand consumption of media products in the media area youhave studied?