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  • When we speak about technology we all knows that to keep our customers on top of their business our Oracle products have to be always be developing new features that will fit tomorrow business We in Oracle always care about our customers investment. Oracle has a proven track of innovation since its first Oracle 2 version till reach the Exadata, this is to allow our customers to always get the best from their systems and investments.
  • According to Gartner, Oracle Is #1 in worldwide RDBMS software market share Holds more market share than its five closest competitors combined Grew at 10.9%, exceeding both the industry average (9.9%) and the growth rates of its closest competitors. For more details see AR Market Data Blog (http://blog.us.oracle.com/marketdata/), or this Blog Entry or download this Market Share Brief (2010Marketsharebrief-db.pdf).
  • For a complete solution following challenges exist. Budget challenges: -Capacity cost -Implementations costs -project managements costs Deployment challenges: -compatibility -timescale -skills Performance challenges: Support challenges:
  • The slide detailed how we solve the problem.
  • The Exadata will consist of components: -database machine: where the Oracle database software runs -storage server: where the actual data stored -infiniband network components are gathered in one rack and are designed to balance capacity and performance
  • The slide details today traditional storage bottleneck
  • Ships less data: because the storage tier in exadata knows what data is stored on them then it can ship only the needed blocks for any query HCC: a unique copression technique for Exadata that allows more data to fit in one block hence will reduce the capacity needed and number of blocks need to be scanned for any query. More Pipes: The storage tier is consist of smaller building blocks each called a cell, where each cell has its own pipes. Also like this adding more capacity will also add pipes. Bigger Pipes: The Infiniband network has a speed of 40Gbps compared to the traditional Fiberchannel that max reach 8Gbps Smart flash: storage is equiped with flash cache that store the most random access blocks to eliminate any disk access which will significantly improve the perfomance of single block read
  • 3 sizes of exadata as slide show
  • We have a range of reference customers in all sectors Banking , telco, education, etc
  • All major applications are certified to run and make use of Exadata features.


  • 1. Oracle Exadata Overview Copyright © 2009-2010, Oracle Corporation
  • 2. Continuous Innovation (We Care) Oracle 11g Exadata Storage Real Application Testing Advanced Compression Oracle 8i Automatic Storage Management Oracle 8 Transparent Data Encryption Self Managing Database Oracle 7 XML Database Oracle Data Guard Real Application Clusters Oracle 6 Flashback Query Virtual Private Database Oracle 10g Built in Java VM Oracle 5 Partitioning Support Built in Messaging Object Relational Support Oracle 9iOracle 2 Multimedia Support Data Warehousing Optimizations Parallel Operations Distributed SQL & Transaction Support Cluster and MPP Support Multi-version Read Consistency Client/Server Support Platform Portability Commercial SQL Implementation
  • 3. Oracle #1 RDBMS Vendor - GartnerSource: Gartner report entitled, “Market Share, All Software Markets Worldwide 2010,” March 30, 2011, By Colleen Graham, Joanne Correia, FabrizioBiscotti, Matthew Cheung, Ruggero Contu, Alan Dayley, Yanna Dharmasthira, Tom Eid, Chad Eschinger, Bianca Granetto, Hai Hong Swinehart, TeresaJones, Sharon Mertz, Rene Millman, Chris Pang, Asheesh Raina, Dan Sommer, Bhavish Sood and Laurie Wurster.
  • 4. We Listen• We listen to our customers feedback. – Budget challenges. – Deployment challenges. – Performance challenges. – Support challenges.
  • 5. We react :Engineered Systems• Design: No certifications, No missing , No worry as all components have been design and test to work perfectly together.• Buy as you go: buy a right sized, tested and configured system for your current workload then add extra when needed.• Deployment: fast, error free and automated with well tested scripts optimized to with best practice.• Performance: All components developers working tightly together to achieve optimized system for best performance.• Support: simple one call
  • 6. The Products Exadata Storage Server and Database Machine Exadata Storage Server Sun Oracle Database Machine• Exadata Storage Server • Sun Oracle Database Machine – Storage product optimized for – Pre-configured high performance Oracle Database – Balanced performance configuration – Extreme I/O and SQL processing – Straight-forward Oracle deployment performance • Oracle Database 11g Release 2 – Combination of hardware and software• Exadata Storage Server Software
  • 7. Traditional Storage Bottlenecks• Today, database performance is limited by storage – Storage systems limit data bandwidth from storage to servers – Storage Array internal bottlenecks – Random I/O bottlenecks due to physical disk speeds
  • 8. Exadata – A New Architecture• Exadata Ships Less Data Through Pipes – offloading server CPUs.• Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) – Increases effective storage capacity and increases user data scan bandwidths• Exadata has More Pipes – Modular storage “cell” building blocks organized into Massively Parallel Grid – Bandwidth scales with capacity• Exadata has Bigger Pipes – InfiniBand interconnect transfers data faster than Fibre Channel Exadata Moves a Lot• Exadata Smart Flash Cache solves random Less Data a Lot Faster I/O bottlenecks
  • 9. Exadata Sizes
  • 10. Database Machine SuccessRepresentative customers in all geographies and industries
  • 11. Oracle ExadataStandard for all Enterprise Applications e Suit s e ss So ft ard l si n ple w u o Ed iebe P eB Pe JD S SA Oracle Database 11g      Real Application Clusters      Partitioning      Advanced Compression      Advanced Security      Database Vault      Management Packs      © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  • 12. Thank you for your time Now it is time for Q/A