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Modal Verbs
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Modal Verbs


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Published in: Education

  • it's a nice way to practice modal verbs, congrats! very nice job
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  • Great job.I loved it and my pupils too.Thanks for sharing it.
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  • 1. Obligation Prohibition Past/Future menu Present Mixed 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500
  • 2. menu Obligation 100 He ___ to learn hard last week because he ____ to write five tests this week. had - has/needs Question Answer
  • 3. menu Obligation 200 Why ___ he stay at home every weekend? Because he ___ to work in his father’s shop. must – has/needs Question Answer
  • 4. menu Obligation 300 She ____ to write the test last week because she was absent. Next week she ___ to give a presentation on the topic. didn’t have/need – will have/need Question Answer
  • 5. menu Obligation 400 I ____ be off. Do you really ___ to leave? Yes, I do. You know I ___ to get home by 9. must – have/need – have/need Question Answer
  • 6. menu Obligation 500 I don’t think she __ to go to the meeting tomorrow. Why not? You know she is the manager’s secretary and she always ___ to stay in the office. will have/need – has/needs Question Answer
  • 7. menu Prohibition 100 Children __ watch this film because it is only for adults. mustn’t Question Answer
  • 8. menu Prohibition 200 My brother __ go to the concert last night as Dad grounded him because of his terrible marks. couldn’t Question Answer
  • 9. menu Prohibition 300 I hope you can keep secrets. Remember this is top secret and you __ give it out to anybody. can’t/mustn’t Question Answer
  • 10. menu Prohibition 400 I’m sorry you must leave your cameras in the bus because you ___ take photos in the cathedral. mustn’t/can’t Question Answer
  • 11. menu Prohibition 500 Could you accept tips when you worked at the cafe? No, we ____ because we had to give all the money to the boss. couldn’t Question Answer
  • 12. menu Past/Future 100 Could you take photos in the museum? No, we ___ therefore we __ leave our cameras in the coach. couldn’t – had to Question Answer
  • 13. menu Past/Future 200 When you are an adult, you __ work and make enough money to bring up your kids. You ___ go to school. will have to – won’t have to Question Answer
  • 14. menu Past/Future 300 All the kids __ help with the housework when their mother broke her arms: they __ learn to cook and look after their baby sister. had to – had to Question Answer
  • 15. menu Past/Future 400 She ___ write the test because she had a broken arm but she __ answer more questions in the oral exam. didn’t have/need to – had to Question Answer
  • 16. menu Past/Future 500 Why ___ you ___ stay at home tomorrow night? Actually I ____ because I got an A in Physics and my dad told me I could go out. Will … have to – won’t have to Question Answer
  • 17. menu Present 100 ___ you play football in the living room? Sorry, I promise not to break anything. Must Question Answer
  • 18. menu Present 200 - Why __ he always ___ work so hard? - He ___ but you know he is a workaholic. does… have/need to – needn’t/doesn’t have to/ doesn’t need to Question Answer
  • 19. menu Present 300 We are very lucky because we ___ wear a uniform but we ___ wear shorts at school needn’t/don’t have to/don’t need to– mustn’t Question Answer
  • 20. menu Present 400 The boss says you __ go down the chimney. Oh, not again! It is always me who ___ do the dirty job. have to/need to – has/needs to Question Answer
  • 21. menu Present 500 __ everyone __ do military service in your country? Oh, no. We are very lucky because no-one ___ Does … have to/need to – has/needs to Question Answer
  • 22. menu Mixed 100 -Can we go out in the evening? -No, you ___ but remember that you ___take the dog for a walk. mustn’t/can’t – must/have to/ need to Question Answer
  • 23. menu Mixed 200 Will I ____ wear goggles all the time? No, you ____ but you’ll __ use them when you have a diving lesson. have/need to – won’t – have/need to Question Answer
  • 24. menu Mixed 300 You ___ shout in the classroom and you ___ keep quiet in the lessons. These are the most important rules. mustn’t - must Question Answer
  • 25. menu Mixed 400 He often ___ speak French in his job so he speaks it fluently and ___ employ an interpreter. has /needs to – needn’t/doesn’t have to/doesn’t need to Question Answer
  • 26. menu Mixed 500 -Dad is asleep, and we ___ wake him up. -But I ___ tell him he ___ call his boss back in ten minutes. It is urgent. mustn’t – must/have to/need to – has/needs to Question Answer