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Relocation guide willowsatbrookingpark

  1. 1. RELOCATION GUIDE Tips on how to make your relocation experience the best it can be! Call The Willows at Brooking Park if youhave any questions on retirement relocation at (314) 802-0272
  2. 2. Moving SuggestionsThings To Do Now: 1. Select a moving company 2. Select a realtor if you have a home to sell 3. Prepare your home to show 4. Take inventory of your household belongingsOne Month Before Your Move: 1. Notify your bank, the post office, magazines, newspapers, credit card companies, etc., of your pending change of address. 2. Notify the Department of Motor Vehicles, Social Security and your insurance carriers of your pending move. 3. Arrange for cancellation of your utilities (phone service, electricity, cable, water / sewer, trash, etc. Also, arrangements must be made to have your utilities restored at your new apartment home. 4. Acquire Renters Insurance, Form HO-4, covering your personal belongings.Three Weeks Before Your Move: 1. Take inventory again. Throw away or donate things that won’t be needed in your new apartment home. 2. Assemble all documents and valuables that you’ll personally be bringing with you. Arrange to have a relative or friend with you on the day movers arrive to pack and ship your household items. 3. If you have ordered new furniture for your apartment home at The Willows, please have delivery of this coordinated.
  3. 3. Two Weeks Before Your Move: 1. Confirm your moving date. Make sure to arrange for the moving company to both pack your belongings at your old home and UNPACK your belongings at your new apartment home. This is especially important if you do not have a family member or friends to assist you.One Week Before Your Move: 1. Confirm your estimated time of arrival. Have your moving company contact your retirement residence as well, to provide an estimated time of arrival. It is important that moves are scheduled so elevators and parking are both available.One Day Before Your Move: 1. Assemble your first night survival kit. This is important. The kit should include your medications, a change of clothing, pajamas, bath items, slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, personal hygiene products, notepad and a pencil or pen. 2. Also pack a set of sheets, pillow, blanket and bedspread in a marked box. Don’t let the movers bring this box. Clearly mark the box and personally bring it with you to your new apartment home. In this way, the survival kit will be easy for you to find when you’re ready for a good night sleep.
  4. 4. RELOCATION HELPFUL HINTS• Make sure all items not going are clearly tagged or out of the home.• All items to be discarded should be out of the home. “Don’t move what you won’t use”.• Discard all aerosol cans, turpentine, oil base paints, gasoline, kerosene, motor oil, perishable foods, open dry goods and ammunition. These items cannot be moved.• Most movers will not insure family photographs, personal papers, stamp and coin collections, jewelry and currency. Make sure you check with your mover to see what is covered under their insurance plan.• It is not advisable to ship any liquids that can freeze or liquids in a flimsy plastic container. An example is soda, beer, vinegar, Windex, Clorox, etc. Keep in mind that if the contents leak, it will get all over other precious goods.• Disconnect and dry out your freezer, washer and refrigerator at least 48 hours prior to loading day, if the items are going into storage, and 24 hours prior to loading, if delivery is direct.• To ensure the gas and water lines are properly capped off, gas dryers and icemakers should be disconnected by a professional. These services can be ordered through your mover.• If contents are going into storage, it is most important to make sure that the driver props the doors open to the refrigerators and freezers to eliminate any mildew. Using a box on baking soda will also help keep the items fresh smelling.• A professional prior to relocation, must properly secure grandfather, wall and mantle clocks. This service also can be ordered through your mover.• On moving day, walk with your chosen mover to ensure that everything is tagged and placed on the inventory sheets. Make sure that you agree with the condition of your goods as the mover sees it at that time. You will sign based upon how he visits each item.• At the destination, check off your inventory as it comes into your new apartment home to ensure you have received everything. Any noticeable damage should be noted on the inventory sheets for the driver to sign off on.• Plants are very bad travelers; especially in the winter months. If you must move your plants, do not water them 24 hours prior to loading and have all plants in a plastic bag to create a greenhouse effect in the cold temperatures.
  5. 5. • If available, make all original packing materials to all electronics available to your packers. • It is a good idea to let all appliances adjust to room temperature at least 12 hours prior to operating. • Your movers should have no problem with disconnecting your stereo system. However, every system is a little different; therefore, do not rely on the movers to reconnect it. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with disconnecting and do proper color-coding for connections. • Any ceiling fixtures that you are planning on relocating should be taken down prior to your packing date. This service can be ordered through your mover. • Below is a list of Non-Allowables that the movers will NOT move for you, if you want these items moved to your new apartment home you will have to do so yourself. Personal, ImportantHazardous Or Sentimental PerishableMatches Financial Documents Frozen FoodsGasoline Certificates of Deposit Refrigerated FoodsKerosene Stocks Open FoodsPropane Tanks BondsMotor Oil Airline TicketsLamp Oil Deeds of TrustSterno Prescription MedsSolvents Car KeysAmmonia Address BooksPaint Thinner Check BooksFertilizer Computer Disk StorageFireworks Personal Video TapesLoaded Guns Insurance Policies Medical and Dental Records School Records Call The Willows at Brooking Park at (314) 576-0800 to schedule a tour or visit to view floor plans, learn about our Advantage and Priority programs, or see recent photos from events.