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  1. 1. Air purifier OZONE REDUCTION CertifiedNABL
  2. 2. Importance of Indoor Air qualityMost of us spend our 90% time indoor be at home or in office. We are conscious aboutthe 2-3 liters of water we drink everyday but what about the 14000 liters of air weinhale everyday?Air conditioning systems have no concern for clean air, it just regulates the temperatureof existing indoor air. Moreover, the evaporator of AC is an ideal breeding space forthe microbes. The contaminated indoor air contains micro organisms such asfungus, bacteria, viruses, pollens, air borne allergens, volatile organiccompounds, dust mites, mold, pet dander, ozone etc. which are hazardous andharmful to our physical health and mental stamina causing:Ø Eye, throat, nose irritation and cough.Ø Asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis and sinusitis.Ø Headaches, lethargy, irritability, depression and reduced concentration of mind.Ø Bacterial and fungal infections in persons with reduced resistance such as those with diabetes and the elderly people.Such symptoms can and do routinely occur in conference halls, auditoriums, offices,court rooms, big rest houses, clinics and hospitals, bed rooms of diabetic obese andaged people..... to mention a few. AIRFREE is likely to become the most requiredpreferred biomedical equipment in laboratories, clinics and hospitals. AIRFREE is aneffective equipment to avoid the possible cross contamination to the eminent personsby large number of visitors that they meet everyday, in offices and residences.AIRFREE also reduces Ozone which is generated by most electronic equipments inmodern offices & residences. AIRFREE reduces and eliminates all types ofunpleasant & toxic odors such as smoking smell, urinals odor, etc.Introducing a practical, affordable and hassle free solution - AIRFREE Air Sterilizer.AIRFREE is an Innovative American and European patented equipment(American Patent Number - 5874050 & European Patent Number - 0815877)certified by leading ISO 17025 approved laboratories worldwide for its performanceand safety. It is entirely a maintenance free and user friendly air sterilizer consumingless than 50 watts of power. Just plug-in and forget! No filter, no fan, no UV bulb and nonoise! One of the AIRFREE Model - P125 machine cleans 5000 cubic ft space forinfinite times delivering 99.99% purified air by working 24 x 7, 365 days a yearcontinuously. If placed in a room, it gives morning freshness day in and day out. Andsince it does not have any byproduct, it is a "Green Technology". Although there is a2 year innate international warranty, AIRFREE by virtue of its design and technologyhas eternal life. Once placed in a room it is for ever!AIRFREE is the only viable, practicable, affordable and eco friendly solution everdesigned, which sterilizes and cleans the indoor air and increases the efficiency of itsinhabitants.
  3. 3. How does Airfree Work?In a Room, Pure warm air remains on top, cold contaminated air settles at the bottom.Airfree works on a patented Thermodynamic Sterilizing System (TSS) which drawscontaminated air into Airfree by AIR CONVECTION. The contaminated Air is sterilizedinside Airfree patented ceramic core where all microorganisms aredestroyed/incinerated at high temperatures. Regardless of how hazardous a virus,fungus or bacteria might be they cannot resist the powerful heat inside the ceramic coreand are incinerated. The heat inside the ceramic core forces sterilized air out to the heatexchange causing air convection, which generates negative pressure underneath theceramic core, so contaminated air is "sucked" in at Airfree bottom air inlets incontinuous and silent manner thus delivering efficient air flow. The association of thePatented ceramic core and air flow reduce toxic ozone and eliminates all harmfulmicro-organisms thereby producing 99.99% pure air.
  4. 4. ApplicationsHospitals, Clinics and LaboratoriesAirborne contamination is quite a concern for most hospitals. With Airfree, the hospitalenvironment becomes safer. Airfree is indispensable in waiting rooms, infirmaries, andrecovery rooms due to its efficiency in destroying airborne viruses bacteria, and fungi. Airfreealso reduces ozone that can affect patients with respiratory ailments. Laboratories no longerneed to stop all activities for chemical air disinfection, gaining working hours.Offices, Public BuildingsPopulated rooms, corridors, and elevators offer a constant contamination risk to employeesand guests. This situation is aggravated by the flow of hazardous microbes entering throughthe A/C system, and fungi and ozone generated by computers and photocopiers. The spreadof air borne transmittable diseases can accelerate in this environment. Airfree is a powerfulweapon in the reduction of airborne contamination by viruses, bacteria, fungi, and a myriad ofallergens.Hotels and Retire HomesThe use of Airfree in guest rooms shows concern on behalf of the hotel to its guests well being.The use of Airfree can contribute to a higher occupancy rate and may provide a good line ofdefense in case of lawsuits. Airfree has independent tests proving its efficiency.RestaurantsAirfree offers continuous air sterilization. Silently, Airfree provides the additional protection thatpatrons expect. All viruses and bacteria that pass through Airfrees patented sterlising ceramiccore are destroyed. Restaurants are recommended to submit their floor plans to insure propercoverage inside their facilities.Schools, KindergardensAirborne transmittable diseases are a great concern for students, parents, teachers, andprincipals. Influenza, meningitis, rubella, and other nasty microbes flow freely in the air. The useof Airfree in classrooms demonstrates the principals, students and staff well being. It alsoreduce school exposure to lawsuits, like with mould-affected diseases so many commonthroughout USALibraries, Museums and places of Historical Importance.The fungi spores that become mould or mildew are always present in air. When the temperatureand moisture in the environment are suitable for germination, the spore bursts and growthbegins. This growth contaminates books, clothing, documents, and works of art. Airfreedestroys mould and mildew, providing a healthier environment for users and employees.Healthy rooms with pure clean airThe efficient and noiseless Airfree technology safely destroys mould spores, bacteria, virusesand other airborne organic microorganisms.Kitchens and PantriesThe reduction of airborne fungi and spores in area protected by Airfree helps prevent mildew onfood.Yatches, CruisersAirfree safety eliminates fungi spores, mould, mildew, dust mites, bacteria and strangeodors. Many of which contribute to many common problems to boat owners.
  5. 5. Applications Respiratory allergies and Asthma Airfree drastically reduces airborne organic allergens and ozone, providing cleaner and safer environment for allergic people. Airfree destroys mould spores, bacteria, viruses, dust mite allergens, pet dander and reduces ozone, all kept to minimum levels. Children and Newborns Studies demonstrate that reducing dust mite allergen exposure to young children will lessen the development of asthma. Mould and MildewAirborne Mould spores floating throughout the house potentially cause allergic reactions. Thosespores also state new mould colonies and expand existing ones. Airfree destroys airborne mouldand mildew spores, helping to prevent new contaminations. Odors Airfree can reduce some odors like “mildew smell” and other organic odors. Video, films, slides, sound and optical equipment The reduction of airborne spores in rooms protected by Airfree provides the best environment to store cameras, videos, pictures, slides, negatives and any device potentially affected by fungi. Quietly and safely Airfree protects your belongings and memories. Pollens Pollens are no exception and like other micro-organisms are totally destroyed when passing through Airfree patented sterilizing core. After being incinerated the resulting harmless particles are released back to the environment. Ozone (O3) Ozone is a very toxic gas that according to EPA can damage lung tissue, cause chest pain, throat irritation and trigger asthma. The FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration, recommends not to use any equipment directly or indirectly generating ozone in Hospitals or where the patients are present. Airfree is proven to reduce ozone levels in 26%, every time air passes through its ceramic core. Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus and Germs Airfree destroys all airborne microscopic threatening micro-organisms cited above including the smallest microbes like those of meningitis, pneumonia and scarlet fever, that can not be trapped in air fliers or in equipment using different technologies. Scientists confirm that virus, fungus and bacteria molecular structure (composed by proteins), cannot survive high temperatures as those seen inside Airfree patented ceramic core. Dust Mites Many allergic reactions are caused by dust mites. The fine dust generated from their skeletons and excrements contain hazardous fungus and allergens that when inhaled cause allergic reactions. Those allergens and fungus are totally destroyed inside Airfree Ceramic core. Fungus reduction by Airfree in the indoor environment also reduces dust mite population as they need certain types of fungus to survive.
  6. 6. Airfree Independent and Effciency Tests AIRFREE EFFICIENCY TESTS BY INDEPENDENT LABORATORIES, INSTITUTES AND UNIVERSITIES IN FOLLOWING COUNTRIES. Reduction of Microorganisms Laboratory Local Fungus Bacteria Dust Mite alergens DerP-1 Insect R&D LimitedCambridge, UK Laboratory 70.6% to 97.95%june, 2005SGS Natec Institute*Hamburgo/Germany Laboratory 99% 99%september to november, 2000Technical Micronics ControlHuntesville/USA Laboratory 93% 78%april 28 to may 14, 1998Univ. Complutense de MadridMadrid/Spain Clinical Laboratory 69% 79%october 21, 1997INETI* Torre do TomboLisbon/Portugal Portuguese National 93% 94%january 13 to february 18, 1999 ArchiveINETI*Lisbon/Portugal RTP Video Archive 74% 70%may 7 to june 18, 1999INETI*Lisbon/Portugal Bank Branch 77%april 3 to may 5, 1998Univ. Nova of Lisbon Laboratory 90% 62%june 5, 1998Campana Laboratory/São Paulo/Brazil Chemical Laboratory 99% 83%april 14 to april 29, 1999INETI*Lisbon/Portugal Closed Environments 98% 87%november 12 to december 10, 2004INETI*Lisbon/Portugal Hotel Rooms 92% 82%march 19 to april 30, 2001INTERTEK Laboratory Office Virus - MS2USAAugust 24 to 2007INTERTEKUSA Laboratory Office OZONEOctober 10 to 2007SAN JUAN DE DIAS Education FoundationPhillipines Bacteria INC HospitalDecember 18 to 2008Electronics and Quality Development CentreNABL Accredited Testing and Calibration Laboratory Laboratory 85% 85% India April 03, 2010 Above and other tests can be seen at our web site * Certifed by ISO 17025
  7. 7. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions1. How does Airfree work?Airfree incinerates microorganisms inside its heated capillaries. Contaminated air is draggedinto Airfree’s ceramic core by air convection and microorganisms are destroyed at hightemperatures regardless of how resistant and dangerous they might be.2. Are there any side effects?No. Airfree’s new technology uses heat to purify the air. No side effects, no emissions,NO IONS, nor new particles are generated. Airfree should be used in all homes and offices,where it quietly, constantly, and efficiently purifies the air.3. What is Airfree’s air cleaning capacity?Airfree P125 was designed for rooms up to550 sq. ft. (51 m²) or 4415 cu.ft 125m³) .4. Can I install Airfree in my walking closet ?Yes, as long as it has at least 330cu.ft. (10m³)*. Airfree should not be placed under shelvesor its efficiency will be reduced.* as reference 330cu.ft. (10m³) is approximately 7’x7’.5. Can I use Airfree in air conditioned rooms?Yes.6. How do I know if Airfree is no longer working?Check the top lid, if warm Airfree is working.7. Can I place Airfree at the corridor to reach the whole house?No. Airfree will just reduce air pollution in the corridor’s area.8. Can I place Airfree in a closed room?Yes. Please remember such a room must have at least 330cu.ft. (10m3)*.* as a reference 330cu.ft. is approximately 7’x7’.9. Does Airfree eliminate bacteria and viruses?Yes. Unlike the air filters in the market Airfree is more efficient with the smallestmicroorganisms as they are easily carried by Airfree’s airflow into its heated ceramiccore.10. Can I change Airfree from one room to another?Airfree must always be plugged in the same room 24 hours a day. Airfree’s patented technology works gradually and cannot have its cycle interrupted. Moving it fromone room to another will interrupt the cycle and will recontaminate the room. Seequestion 12 below.11. Should I turn off Airfree when I leave house?No. Airfree must always be on.12. What happens if Airfree is disconnected or there was a black out?Airfree will take approximately the same time to recover the previous reducedcontamination level.13. How does Airfree destroy dust mites?Mould reduction in the environment causes reduction in the mould dependant dust mitepopulation.Airfree also destroys the harmful toxins and fungus freed by dust mite feces that triggerrespiratory allergies.
  8. 8. Those microscopic microorganisms are easily eliminated inside Airfree’s ceramic corecapillaries. The temperature inside of Aifree’s capillaries is much higher than required to incinerate them. Airfree is your greatest ally in respiratory disease prevention.16. Does Airfree reduce tobacco smell? Introduced in India by