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Green Your Apps (at Over The Air 2011)
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Green Your Apps (at Over The Air 2011)

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A brief overview of the AMEE platform and AMEEconnect API, presented at Over The Air 2011 by James Smith

A brief overview of the AMEE platform and AMEEconnect API, presented at Over The Air 2011 by James Smith

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  • 1. Green your Apps James SmithPlatform Evangelist, AMEE Over The Air 2011
  • 2. AMEE Cloud PlatformEnvironmental Intelligence Computable Standards
  • 3. Emission Methodologies Simple cases: A*B The minority! Many are much more complex 100s of lines of algorithm >20 inputs Combinations of required values
  • 4. Why use AMEE? Not everyone should have to be an expertMaking standards accessible without domain knowledge Trusted implementation Automated updating Auditable
  • 5. AMEE services AMEEdiscover AMEEconnect AMEEapps
  • 6. AMEEdiscoverHuman-readable view of AMEE data Searchable & Accessible Fully referenced and documented
  • 7. AMEEconnectAccess Content (emissions factors) Perform Calculations Store Data
  • 8. Technologies RESTful API HTTP StandardsXML & JSON encodings
  • 9. Choosing Categories AMEEdiscover Search Browse by tag Browse by standard Comprehensive documentation Calculator Code generation
  • 10. Workflow Create ProfileOne for each entity (user, etc) POST to /profiles
  • 11. Workflow Select Data ItemDrilldown request to identify exact calculation GET to /data/{category_path}/drill
  • 12. Workflow Create Profile Items For each item of consumption One-off or time seriesPOST to /profiles/{uid}/{category_path}Each category has different parameters energyConsumption=100& energyConsumptionUnit=kWh
  • 13. ExampleInteractive HTTP using ihshhttp://github.com/AMEE/ihsh
  • 14. SDKs Java PHP Ruby PythonCode generation in AMEEdiscover
  • 15. ExampleGenerated code using SDK http://discover.amee.com
  • 16. AMEEapps SaaS applications Simple to complex Dual purpose: 1. Complete off-the-shelf apps2. Example applications (open source)
  • 17. AMEEappkit Our own internal toolset Open Source (BSD 3-Clause)Interlocking components for building complete webapps Built on Rails 3
  • 18. AMEEappkitData Abstraction DB storage Analytics Classification Authentication UI
  • 19. Example AMEEappkit demohttp://github.com/AMEE/hoofprinter
  • 20. Fin http://www.amee.com/developer http://my.amee.com/signup @ameedev help@amee.comPROMO CODE: OTA11 (in organisation field)