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amee at O'Reilly Strata 2012
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amee at O'Reilly Strata 2012


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Using data as a weapon to tackle climate change. …

Using data as a weapon to tackle climate change.

I describe some of AMEE's journey: through open data aggregation and distribution, accessibility, provenance, and structure.

But better data isn't enough - no one (well, few) really cares about the science or the technology we need to engage with stakeholders to provide meaningful insight and relevance to their business.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Using data as a weapon to tackle climate change@agentGav –
  • 2. How might we footprint everything on Earth?
  • 3. What if … we aggregated the worlds standards into a single platform?
  • 4. AMEE structures environmental standards into a Data Science Service Data ScienceContinuously aggregate, Millions ofstructure, codify, QA, models andand link data models. answers- Carbon footprinting- Energy & emissions monitoring- Energy Efficiency- Compliance reporting- Risk management- Audit and verification- Lifecycle & input / output analysis
  • 5. Easy, free access to Environmental Intelligence – Everywhere Open data Accessible Full provenance Addressable Updated AskAMEE is a computable search engine that finds and calculates emissions – right from the search box –
  • 6. AMEE provides easy access to Environmental Intelligence – Everywhere
  • 7. What if … we enabled any consumption or activity data to be capturedfrom any system, software or sensor?
  • 8. Environmental Intelligence for 1.8 million UK homes Personalised efficiency and reduction tipsWorking with UK Gov to createworlds first national carboncalculator:footprint 1.8 million homes+ personalised money-saving tips+ national benchmarking+ analytics Personalised benchmarking Example: National analysis of appliance efficiency from 500,000 homes
  • 9. Environmental Intelligence integrated with any sensorAutomated data-capture frommultiple-vendor sensors, bycreating an Open-Source DataStandard: AMON is structured to handle anyenvironmental data(e.g. electricity, temperature,humidity) at any time resolution. Realtime environmental data collection and analysis
  • 10. Embed Environmental Intelligence in building and product design Impact calculation at the design stage
  • 11. How are we going to makeenvironmental intelligence mainstream?
  • 12. 1. Climate politics has failed / is too slow2. A small number of innovators are engaged3. CSR is too complex/costly for mass-market4. Environment isnt seen as a financial imperative (and nobody really cares about the science or the technology)
  • 13. But environmental risks are increasing, and are financially relevant.
  • 14. What if… we created an environmental score for every company on Earth? - Addressable as part of fiduciary duty (risk) - Quantifiable in asset management - Material in procurement and supply-chain assessment - Re-assess definitions of value and growth - Integrate environment into business
  • 15. Making the environment relevant to businessesRedefine value to “triple-bottom line” (#TBL) = economic + environmental + social→ Combine environmental data with global economic data→ Use supply-chain engagement and procurement as forcing-functions to catalyse engagement→ Facilitate collaboration, at-scale, between companies→ Make environmental insight valuable to the CFO
  • 16. An environmental score for every company in the UK 2.8 million companies scored (launch Q4) Open data - accessible - transparent - addressable - updated
  • 17. @agentGav