#ALLINtegrated - Yosi Heber - ¿Estrategias Multicanal? Descubri las más efectivas


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Revolutionize Your Existing Marketing By Integrating Mobile/Social/Web! 10 Strategies & 24 Case Studies.

Yosi Heber, Founder & President de Oxford Hill Partners, en #ALLintegrated, by amdia. www.amdia.org.ar/allin

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#ALLINtegrated - Yosi Heber - ¿Estrategias Multicanal? Descubri las más efectivas

  1. 1. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Yosi N. Heber President Oxford Hill Partners, LLC Revolutionize Your Existing Marketing By Integrating Mobile/Social/Web! 10 Strategies & 24 Case Studies AMDIA 2013 – Buenos Aires, Argentina. August 15, 2013
  2. 2. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR What We’ll Cover Today •The Opportunity to Broaden Your Existing Direct Marketing Efforts •A “Framework” for Strategic Digital Revenue Growth •Mobile/Social’s “Ten Strategic Revenue Drivers” •Twenty-four Mini Case Studies – Illustrating the Ten Drivers •Leveraging the “Social Circle” for Word of Mouth •The “EQ Pulse™” – Web 2.0 Strategic Framework •Big Picture Example & Case Study •The World of Mobile Marketing •A New Mobile Marketing “Framework” •How to Apply these Principles to Your Business *Time for Q & A at the End*
  3. 3. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Oxford Hill Partners, LLC is a strategic marketing firm which advises companies with executive level general management and marketing strategy, and the integration of new digital media into their overall business. Our patent pending EQ Pulse™ and EQ Pulse™ – Web 2.0 analytic processes have already been conducted for hundreds of brands around the globe. We’ve been brought in by over thirty of the largest and well known multinational companies in the world to provide marketing, branding, sales, organizational, financial, website, digital, Web 2.0, mobile, and general strategy advice:  Air Cell  American Standard  Cherry Aerospace  Clorox Company  Con Agra Foods  Dannon Company  DMA  Harvard Drug Group  Krispy Kreme Doughnuts  Nelsons Dr. Bach  Nestle  Novartis Consumer Health  Pitney Bowes  Procter & Gamble  Reader’s Digest  Reckitt Benckiser  Rubbermaid/Graco  Textron Corporation  Telezygology  United Health Group
  4. 4. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Our “cutting edge” thinking has been featured around the world: At Industry Conferences such as DMA, Conference Board, IIR, Ad:Tech, E-Metrics Summit, and Search Engine Strategies. At Business Schools such as Harvard, Wharton and Columbia. At in-house senior executive Corporate Seminars. In well known publications such as Advertising Age, DM News and Wharton Publishing. On a variety of podcasts and blogs such as Webmaster Radio, I-Media Connection and Podfeed Yosi Heber (who founded OHP) has extensive senior level experience guiding some of the largest brands in the world:  Twenty three year track record including VP, CMO and General Management positions across multiple industries.  Fifteen years of classical consumer marketing including twelve at Kraft General Foods and Dannon (US and Europe). – Invented the $550 million kid yogurt category. – Grew Dannon Light to become America’s #1 yogurt. Was a pioneer in sales “category/customer management”. – Introduced most successful new kid cereal of the decade…Post Marshmallow Alpha Bits.  Ten years of extensive, profit generating, digital achievements including four years as CMO of IAC/InterActiveCorp’s Entertainment Division, part of Barry Diller’s internet marketing conglomerate where he worked with sister companies Expedia, Hotels.com, Lending Tree, Ticketmaster, and Match.com.  Wharton MBA  Board member – Wharton Global Consulting Practicum.
  5. 5. Social Networking & Mobile Ten “Strategic Revenue Drivers” EQ Pulse™ – Web 2.0 Patent Pending Methodology WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Brand’s Overall Web 2.0 Capabilities and Its Ability to Drive Revenue =
  7. 7. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #1 – Initial Customer “Engagement” – Cutting Edge Pharmaceutical Products Approach: Generate trial of a new product leveraging search engine marketing to provide a free incentive. Case Study: Lunesta Sleep Aid (Rx)
  8. 8. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #1 (Cont.) – Lunesta Sleep Aid – Paid Search Engine Marketing With Free Trial Incentive
  9. 9. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #1 (Cont.) – Lunesta – Paid Search Engine Marketing With Custom Landing Page
  10. 10. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #2 Creative Customer Engagement Via Mobile Devices Approach: Get people’s attention by requesting they take a picture of a “QR Code” with their mobile phone. Phone returns with a video, more detailed product information, or a chance to win prizes. Case Study: Jet Blue’s “Win A Free Trip” QR Code Posters
  11. 11. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #2 Jet Blue Mobile QR Code Sweepstakes Snap Picture
  12. 12. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #3 Customer Education “On the Go” With Smartphones Approach: Leverage a creative iPhone “App” to solve a pressing issue which can’t wait until the customer gets home. Case Study: Clorox Stain Removal “Advisory” Tool – Mobile iPhone App
  13. 13. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #3 Clorox My Stain – iPhone App
  14. 14. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Study #4 – Customer Education & Engagement Via Mobile “Tablets” & iPads Approach: Expand available online services via tablets such as the iPad. Case Study: Citibank iPad App for Tablets ‒ Visually striking graphics with interactive charts of past and future cash flows. ‒ Auto generated charts of personal spending habits and consumer database for comparing those habits with others by age, income and location. ‒ Thousands of new users; 5X as many as iPhone app downloads.
  15. 15. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #4 Citibank iPad App for Tablets
  16. 16. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR
  17. 17. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR
  18. 18. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Study #5 – Active Customer “Participation” – Consumer Generated Content Approach: Ask your loyal consumers to submit their own videos about your product. Case Study: Dove “Dare to Create A Short Film”
  19. 19. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #5 (Cont.) – Dove – Consumer Generated Content “Dare To Create A Short Film”
  20. 20. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #6 Customer “Participation” to Influence Major Issues Approach: Leverage Web 2.0/social networking to make it easy for constituents to influence core decision makers. Case Study: President Barack Obama’s Facebook page to influence the health reform debate.
  21. 21. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #6 (Cont.) – President Obama’s Facebook Page – Tweet Senator on Health Care
  22. 22. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #6 (Cont.) – Type Zip Code – Generates Automated Tweet to Your Senator 2
  23. 23. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR 2
  24. 24. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #7 – Word of Mouth & Viral to Acquire New Customers Approach: Leverage a viral “tell-a-friend” functionality, and if your customers tell their friends, they get a reward. Case Study: Time Life – Europe
  25. 25. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #7 – Time Life – Europe “Tell A Friend” with Reward 2
  26. 26. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #8 Viral & Social Networking “Sales” Approach: Leverage Twitter to “tweet” about promotions and special deals. Case Study: Dell Computers – Dell Outlet ‒ Dell has sold over $5 million of excess inventory via this medium (at a cost of virtually zero).
  27. 27. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #8 – Dell on Twitter Drove $5 Million in Revenue 2
  28. 28. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #9 Viral & Social Networking “Sampling” Approach: Leverage Facebook to get loyal customers to tell others abut your product line extensions. Case Study: Starbucks – “Share a Pint of New Starbucks Ice Cream.”
  29. 29. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #9 – Viral & Social Networking Sampling – Starbucks Ice Cream on Facebook 2
  30. 30. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR 3
  31. 31. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #10 Cross Consumer Interaction Ford Fiesta “Movement” Approach: Generate social buzz about a new upcoming auto line to engage thousands of new potential customers. Case Study: –Consumers were invited to submit videos to be one of 100 winners to drive a new Ford Fiesta for 6 months if they blog, tweet, and Facebook about their Fiesta experiences. –Program generated 11,000 videos, 15,000 tweets, millions of impressions, and 38% Ford Fiesta brand awareness among ‘Gen Y’ Americans (aged 18-32). –Ford spent no money on traditional advertising. The car was introduced in the US exclusively with social networking/digital.
  32. 32. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #10 Ford Fiesta USA Launch 3
  33. 33. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #11 Cross Consumer Interaction – Blogs/Forum Approach: Create a non threatening community environment for consumers to discuss sensitive issues (and subtly sell your brand). Case Study: Procter & Gamble’s “Being Girl” website (Tampax & Always) Now in 29 countries. According to P&G, this community was four times as effective as TV advertising.
  34. 34. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #11 – Cross Consumer “Interaction” – P&G Being Girl 3
  35. 35. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #11 – Cross Consumer “Interaction” – P&G Being Girl 3
  36. 36. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR
  37. 37. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #12 – Brand Building and Branded Advocacy via Virtual and Social Pin Boards (Pinterest) Approach: Leverage cutting edge social virtual pin boards such as Pinterest to organize, browse, and share beautiful visuals on popular social oriented topics related to your brand. Case Study: Whole Foods Supermarkets -Users who click on Whole Food’s website pins find recipes and discussion boards relating to food and products found at company stores. -Stunning visual recipes, 3rd party content that aligns with company values and neat timely topics such as “Who Wants Dinner,” “Sweet Tooth,” “Mom Rocks,” “Strength,” and “Whole Planet Foundation.” -41,000 followers already, and 900 pins across 41 boards!
  38. 38. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #12 Whole Foods Pinterest Social Page 3
  39. 39. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #13 “Viral” Branded B2B Humor Via You Tube Approach: Subtly leverage your brand name by disseminating a humorous viral video with content that is directly relevant to your target audience’s day to day challenges. Case Study: Blendtec Their series of videos were seen by 60 million people and increased sales by 20% (at a cost of virtually zero).
  40. 40. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #13 (Cont.) – You Tube – Humorous Video Blendtec Episode – 4,811,914 Views 4
  41. 41. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #14 Branded Advocacy through Online Gaming Approach: Create a online game that relates to the brand’s mantra. Consumers test their skills and engage in the brand by playing the game and involving their friends. Case Study: Maxwell House Coffee Machine Game Cleverly focuses on their wide variety of flavors. Subtly gets friends involved in the game to build the brand.
  42. 42. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #14 – Maxwell House Coffee Machine – Flavor Variety & Viral Element 4
  43. 43. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #14 (Cont.) Maxwell House Game – Success & Reward 4
  44. 44. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR
  45. 45. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #15 Personalization & Customization Approach: Create a value added customized, socially oriented program that can be personalized for each customer’s individual needs. Case Study: Special K “Challenge” According to Kellogg’s, the ROI from this digital program surpassed TV by a “Factor of 2.”
  46. 46. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #15 – Special K – Multiple Personalization Features Plus Coaches and Community 4
  47. 47. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #15 (Cont.) – Forums For Special Targets – Moms and Brides 4
  48. 48. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #16 Mobility & Mobile Accessibility Approach: Offer relevant web services via iPhone Apps Case Study: Kraft Foods “I-Food Assistant” – iPhone App
  49. 49. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case #16 – Kraft “I-Food Assistant” Mobile Phone Applications 4
  50. 50. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #17 Services on the Go Via Mobile Web Access Approach: Offer Key Website Content via mobile web so people can access product, technical, and pricing information as well as timely alerts on their mobile phone while they are away from their computer. Case Study: Cisco Systems
  51. 51. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #17 – Cisco Systems Mobile Web – Mobile Access 5
  52. 52. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #18 Relationship Building Via Text Messaging Approach: Leverage Mobile Phone “Text Messaging” to provide unique services that build ongoing relationships between the brand and its consumer target. Case Study: Ralston Purina
  53. 53. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #18 – Ralston Go2Pets.com Mobile Text Pet Service Finder 5
  54. 54. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #19 “Location Based” Mobile Services Approach: Leverage Location Based Services and provide incentives/rewards for people to “check in” with their mobile phone and tell their friends where they are. Case Study: Bergdorf Goodman/Neiman Marcus Foursquare Application with Rewards
  55. 55. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR #19 – Foursquare – Bergdorf/Neiman Marcus – Location Based Mobile Phone – Viral “Check In” 5
  56. 56. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR
  57. 57. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #20 Revenue Maximization Via Cross Sell Approach: Cross Sell/Upsell Beyond the Initial Intended Purchase Case Study: Amazon.com
  58. 58. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #20 Amazon – Revenue Maximization Via Cross Sell 5
  59. 59. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #21 Enhance Existing Customer Relationships Approach:  Leverage e-mails with existing customers that inform, incentivize, and entertain.  Moms sign up and get customized e-mail tips, tools, and offers/subtle promotions for J&J Baby Products.  “Moms to be” can get ovulation alerts sent via mobile phone text messages. Case Study: Johnson & Johnson Baby Center
  60. 60. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #21 J&J Baby Centre – E-Mail Newsletters 6
  61. 61. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #21 – J&J Baby Centre “Ovulation” Alerts Via Cell Phone 6
  62. 62. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR How to Evaluate Your Existing Social/Mobile Efforts So how do you know if your company is doing a good job at leveraging these ten social/mobile revenue drivers and optimizing customer engagement?
  63. 63. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Social/Mobile “Strategic” Evaluation Introducing Our New Patent Pending Solution, EQ Pulse™ - Web 2.0 :  The first, simple digital analytic methodology that provides a “30,000 foot” view of a brand’s OVERALL use of Web 2.0 marketing mediums including Social Networking, Word of Mouth and Mobile Marketing.  Total EQ Pulse™ - Web 2.0 score measures the overall effectiveness of Web 2.0 digital efforts across all drivers that can potentially increase revenue. Similar to a “FICO” score that measures a person’s credit worthiness.  In evaluating over 160 best practices of the brand’s Web 2.0 digital efforts, we issue separate scores for each of ten, broad Web 2.0 strategic revenue driver categories. These help identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps vs. key competitors and vs. industry best practices.  We explore best practices such as social networking, word of mouth, mobile marketing, blogs, podcasting, online video and gaming, widgets, Facebook and YouTube presence, consumer generated content, community, personalization, wikis, and search 2.0, etc.  We then provide Actionable, Revenue Building Recommendations as well as visual, case study examples.
  64. 64. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR
  65. 65. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Strategic Revenue Driver #3 – Active Customer “Participation” Comments and Analysis:  Eastport leveraged extensive online input gathering mechanisms including “Tell Us What You Think of Eastport.com” links, and “Add Your Own Testimonial” links sprinkled throughout the site. A number of these testimonials were prominently featured on the Eastport homepage. – Westgate and Midway did not ask consumers for feedback about their products, although Midway did feature an online “poll” about the benefits of the category.  Within the “blogosphere”, Eastport had the most mentions by far with over 2400. Midway had 450, while Westgate had only 33. – Eastport and Midway’s comments were overwhelming positive, while Westgate’s were somewhat mixed. – Core negative comments for Westgate revolved around the recent voluntary product recall and long waits for customer service representatives in general. – Eastport was also the only brand that had their own blog.  In consumer generated “visual” media, Eastport had over 500 “YouTube” placements mainly related to their well known flagship product, some of which were very creative and humorous (Midway and Westgate had 27 and 11 YouTube mentions respectively). – A recent campaign soliciting consumers to create their own videos generated a substantial amount of free press and goodwill for the Eastport brand.  In consumer generated “text” content, Midway’s website solicited consumers to provide a wide array of created “alternative use” ideas for its premium product. – Westgate did not solicit any consumer generated content from its customers at all.  Across the competitive landscape, only Eastport had a listing in Wikipedia (the listing was fairly extensive). WESTGATE COMPANY (EQ Pulse™ - Web 2.0 Example)
  66. 66. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR The World of Mobile Marketing Mobile Phones Have Surpassed Computers! Mobile has ramped up much faster than desktop computers did (Morgan Stanley). In fact, today there are way more mobile phones in the world than computers (CNBC). Cell phones are now used considerably more for “data” purposes (such as webbrowsing, text messaging, e-mail, games, social messaging, music, etc.) than for phone calls (New York Times – 5/13/10). Smartphone penetration (iPhone, Android, etc.) reached a staggering 50%+ by early 2012 (Nielsen – 2/12). Today most iPhone users browse the web more on their phones than on their computers (Advertising Age). There are already over a million iPhone/mobile “Apps” in circulation. Mobile offers something other marketing mediums cannot… A much higher probability of a message being delivered to the right person at the right time. Mobile coupons, transparent pricing, and branded mobile “apps” have disrupted retail and drive new traffic and sales (Morgan Stanley).
  67. 67. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR EQ Pulse™ - Mobile – Patent Pending Methodology Mobile Marketing “Strategic” Framework Mobile’s Ten Strategic Engagement & Revenue Drivers
  68. 68. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #22 – “Making Lives Easier” via Mobile & Driving Major Incremental Revenue Approach: Create a “virtual” grocery store in a high traffic location. Let the store come to the people! Case Study: Tesco’s Home Plus Virtual Grocery Store in Seoul, South Korea on subway station platforms. –Consumer scans grocery items with their smartphone using QR code technology. –All items delivered to their door after they get home. –10,000+ customers in first few months with major revenue increase. –Now the #1 shopping app in South Korea with 1 million downloads!
  69. 69. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #22 – Tesco “Virtual” Grocery Store Seoul, South Korea – Subway Station Platforms 6
  70. 70. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #23 – Mobile Customer Retention & CTA Leveraging Mobile Phones to Drive Retail Sales Approach: Allow consumers to use their mobile phones to pay for goods and services via “Mobile Commerce.” Phone acts as the actual “money” and payment mechanism. Phone can also reload or “top up” value of available funds. Acts as a loyalty program with rewards. Case Study: Starbucks Mobile Pay Already has millions of users worldwide and has driven significant incremental revenue. Provides free drinks via rewards loyalty mechanisms.
  71. 71. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #23 Starbucks Mobile Commerce 7
  72. 72. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #24 Leveraging Mobile to Cut Internal Costs Approach: Leveraging SMS text messaging “reminders” via mobile phones to replace people who normally make the calls. Case Study: Kaiser Permanente (Health Care) SMS Patient Reminders ᅳ Cut doctor appointment costs by 30%, and saved $275,000 at just a single clinic in one month
  73. 73. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Case Study #24 Kaiser Permanente 7
  74. 74. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Applying These Methods to Your Business 74 Ask Yourself:  Are you broadening your Direct Marketing efforts with some of the simple social networking and mobile techniques we’ve talked about today?  How do your social networking/mobile efforts stack up vs. your key competitors and the industry?  How well do you take advantage of the ten “Strategic Revenue Drivers.”  Do you feel you are making money? Take Action:  Apply the ten social/mobile strategic revenue driver concepts to your existing Direct Marketing efforts.  If needed, call us to help with a full scale EQ PulseTM – Web 2.0 or EQ Pulse - Mobile Assessment…
  75. 75. WWW.AMDIA.ORG.AR Comments? Questions? Feel free to contact me: Yosi Heber President yheber@oxfordhillpartners.com (248) 569-9366 www.oxfordhillpartners.com AMDIA 2013 – Buenos Aires, Argentina. August 15, 2013