Increase website traffic and social network reach


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How to Increase Your Social Network Reach to Drive More Free Traffic To Your Website

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Increase website traffic and social network reach

  1. 1. Increase Your Social Network ReachHow To Increase WebsiteTraffic and Expand YourSocial Networking ReachDisclaimer:These EBook is purely informational. We make no representations as how to makemoney with website traffic or on Social Network sites. These are recommendationsand results will vary based on the user’s time and effort. This EBook is able to beshared for free. The intended use is for you to give it away. You are not grantedany rights to sell this EBook for profit. No changes are to be made to this book ifyou choose to give it to anyone else.For More Helpful Traffic Tips Please Visit Us at: www.AMCWorkFromHome.comAMC Marketing Strategies, Inc. | Page 1
  2. 2. Increase Your Social Network Reach Social NetworkingIf you have a website, a blog, a home business or even if you are in sometype of sales such as a Real Estate Agent, Car Salesman, etc., you mustincrease your Social Network Reach.Most people these days are tired of spammers so simply going around andfriend requesting strangers on Facebook won’t get you very far. Sure, youcan pay Facebook to advertise your Fan Page for you if you’re rich! It costsmore than $1 every time someone clicks on your Facebook Ad and there isno guarantee they will click the like button. We recently spent $75 onFacebook Ads and got a whopping 20 fans! Talk about a rip off.Twitter is also the Ultimate Marketer’s Tool Box. If you really engage withyour followers and read their posts, give them a #ShoutOut now and again,you can really build some good followers because they’ll return the#ShoutOut and some of their followers may choose to follow you. It is agreat way to stay in constant contact with possible customers.Many Internet Marketing “Gurus” tell you that the “money is in the list.”They say this because once you build a mailing list of people interested inyour products; you can continue to remain in contact with them by sendingout auto-responder emails.AMC Marketing Strategies, Inc. | Page 2
  3. 3. Increase Your Social Network ReachWe don’t know about you, but we have unsubscribed from many lists forseveral reasons. One of the first reasons is that we had so many emails; wespent all day deleting emails that we didn’t even read. The other reason weunsubscribed is because all they ever did was send us emails saying buythis, buy that, buy, buy, buy! It’s so frustrating. If you’re not providinghelpful information, why should we bother buying from you?In this day and age with the Social Networking going on all over the place,more and more people spend their time on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube andmany other Social Sites. If you can get them to follow along with your postson any of these sites, you can reach them a lot better than with an emailthat most people don’t open or read. On Social Network sites, you don’thave to get them to open the email and read it because the information issitting dead in front of them as they’re reading along with friends’ posts.This way you know they’re seeing what you say. On top of that, rather thansome long-winded email that most people delete half way before finishing,Social Networking sites typically require you to make your point in just asentence or two, so they most likely WILL spend the fifteen seconds it takesto read your post.You can reach far more people and brand yourself much better on SocialNetwork Sites rather than simply capturing their email address andcontinuously sending out information. With Social Network sites, people thatenjoy what you have to say can then “share” the information with theirfriends with the click of a button. This does not happen often with emails.AMC Marketing Strategies, Inc. | Page 3
  4. 4. Increase Your Social Network Reach Studies show that the average person needs to see an advertisement 14 times before they’ll buy.You must be careful not to only say “buy, buy, buy” because people can, andwill, un-follow you or un-like your page. You need to be sure you giveconstant helpful tips and products for free. This helps with the know, likeand trust factor, which is key to building a customer referral base.Now that we’ve covered the importance of Social Networking to grow yourbusiness, you might be asking yourself this question:How does ONE single person get such amassive reach with complete strangers?We are glad you asked. We have been spending weeks now researchingsome awesome social networking sites. Most of these sites work on a credit-basis. You follow people on Twitter or like their Facebook Page and earncredits. Then you offer the credits to others to follow you or like your page.Of course if you’re really busy, you can always just buy the credits. A lot ofthese sites below have differences that make each one unique, which is whywe highly recommend signing up for all of them!AMC Marketing Strategies, Inc. | Page 4
  5. 5. Increase Your Social Network Reach RECOMMENDED SITESTwiends – This site allows you to obtain “seeds” for following people onTwitter, and then you can offer the “seeds” to others so they follow you! Wepurchased a feature spot for one day and had over 3,000 new followers. Thissite really works.FanSlave – This site allows you to earn coins for following people on Twitteror liking their Facebook Fan Page. You can then turn around and give thecredits back to others for doing the same.Swapes – This site is definitely multi-purpose! You can get TwitterFollowers, Facebook Fan Page Likes, YouTube Video Views, Have peopleGoogle Plus your website, or simply place your website in the trafficexchange. Again, by doing any of these to other members you earn creditsand then can give them back out for having people do the same for you. Wereally like the Google Plus feature because so far we have had 45 people hitthe G+ button on our website which means that our website shows up intheir Google Plus Stream as a recommended site (similar to what happenson Facebook when someone likes your page). If you are not on Google Plus,get on it now because it is becoming very popular.AMC Marketing Strategies, Inc. | Page 5
  6. 6. Increase Your Social Network ReachPushLikes – This site is also multi-purpose! You can get Twitter Followers,Digg Followers, MySpace Friends, Facebook Likes, Google Plus on your sites,and YouTube Video Views. Same as the other systems; you get credits forfollowing and liking pages and give them back to other members for doingthe same.Tweezard – This site allows you to gain and give credits for TwitterFollowers. You can browse Twitter Users by interest. This way you are sureto follow people you have things in common with and not just randompeople. If you run your own business and share helpful items with otherentrepreneurs, they will most likely be willing to cross-promote (i.e. you helppromote them, they help promote you).Easy Retweet – This is by FAR our FAVORITE site. You get credits in avariety of ways, following people on Twitter, Retweeting their posts, readingtheir blog posts, visiting their websites and more. Once you have enoughcredits, you can post a message and offer other users credits for re-tweetingthat message to their followers. The tweets go VIRAL! They have a systemwhere you can shorten your links and go back into Easy Retweet and trackclicks. With just one post, retweeted by about twenty members whocollectively had nearly 100,000 followers, we received over 600 clicks to ourlink in one day! That was just one tweet. We currently have about fivemessages queued right now. If you purchase credits, you’re a featuredmember on the Home Page for several days and this increases your numberof Twitter Followers!AMC Marketing Strategies, Inc. | Page 6
  7. 7. Increase Your Social Network ReachSocial Adr – Last but most certainly NOT LEAST, this site not only increasesyour social awareness on 21 different bookmarking sites, BUT it helpsprovide back links. Back Links are essential in getting search engines to rankyour website higher. You just input your websites and get credits, and thenthe credits are offered to users to bookmark your website on several socialnetworking sites. We’ve input three sites and they’ve been bookmarked bymany users over 118 times in the last 48 hours! We were skeptical at first,so we went to one of the websites and tried to bookmark the site ourselvesand it actually said this site has already been bookmarked, you can “vote”for the site here, so we were able to add a “vote” for it. Sites with morevotes, diggs, likes, etc., get shown to users more often as a note-worthy siteworth checking out. This means additional site traffic for you.We highly recommend using many of these services because the effects areviral. People are more likely to visit a site a friend recommends, so the morepeople that share your sites, the more traffic you will get.Remember also that the more helpful tips and free services you share,creates more friends who WANT to follow you, like you, and ultimately visityour site.The best advertisement is word of mouth, but in this day and age with theinternet, it is no longer “word of mouth” but more along the lines of “word ofSocial Network Sharing.”AMC Marketing Strategies, Inc. | Page 7
  8. 8. Increase Your Social Network Reach For more helpful tips on other Social Network sites we use, visit the Free Tools section of our website: AMC Marketing Strategies, Inc.Join our discussion forum as well where we regularly post helpful sites thatwe are constantly searching for. Feel free to post in our discussion forumabout any other similar social network sites you have come across that youhave found helpful.If any of the hyper-links in this EBook did not open for you, they are alsolisted on our blog at AMC Marketing Strategies, Inc. PO Box 193, Vermontville, MI 49096 www.AMCWorkFromHome.comAMC Marketing Strategies, Inc. | Page 8