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  • 1. Professional Development English Department Google Apps Fall ‘11
  • 2. Agenda
    • Purpose of Workshop
      • Objectives
      • Context
    • What are Google Apps?
      • Google Apps Defined
      • Google Apps in the Classroom Demo
    • Technology Standards Review
    • Apps Workshop
      • Divide up department members to explore different apps on the Google Apps Education Training Center
      • Align Apps with Technology Goals and Standards
    • Apps Implementation
      • Review opportunities to implement at least one Google app into a future lesson
      • Create a goal for implementation following SMART Goals format
    • Wrap-up
  • 3. Objectives
    • Learners will be able to:
      • Identify primary functions of various Google Apps
      • Identify instructional uses and support for learning provided by Google Apps
      • Align specific apps to technology standards both for teachers and students
      • Implement Google apps into one or more lesson or unit of instruction (student or teacher use)
  • 4. Context
    • Horizon CLC has recently transferred to a new Google based network that gives teachers and students access to Google Apps for use the classroom.
  • 5. What Are Google Apps?
    • Google Apps are online applications that allow teachers and students to create authentic work and collaborate using documents, websites, calendars e-mail and chat .
  • 6. What Are Google Apps?
    • Lets Take a Look at some Features
    • Demo
  • 7. Technology Standards Review
    • NETS for Students
    • NETS for Teachers
    • Arizona Technology Standards
  • 8. Apps Workshop
    • Jigsaw Activity
    • Each teacher will choose an app to explore on Google’s Online Training Center
      • Docs
      • Sites
      • Calendar
      • Mail
      • Chat
  • 9. Apps Workshop
    • Directions
    • Review the training Modules and list:
      • Primary Features
      • Suggested Applications
      • Applicable Technology Standards
      • Something you are concerned about
      • Something you are excited about
    • Be prepared to share your findings
    • You have 25 minutes to explore!
  • 10. Apps Workshop
    • Discussion
    • Share your findings with the department
    • Discuss use of applications in the classroom, especially where content based
    • As a group create a document that aligns all applications to Technology Standards
  • 11. Apps Implementation
      • Individually, review opportunities to implement at least one Google app into a future lesson
        • Provide lesson description and use of app to support learning
        • List applicable technology standards
      • Create a goal for implementation of other Google apps following SMART Goals format
        • Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely
  • 12. Wrap-up
    • By our next meeting, have available a sample of instruction or work in which you used one or more Google apps
    • Be prepared to share your experience, thoughts, and further ideas