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  • 1. Rough plan for shots<br />Home scenery <br />1. Close up shot of high heels walking along wooden floor to the sound of the beats in the music. Four sets of shoes walk by, when last pair walks by on the main beat the last leg is kicked up in the air. The shoes will be all different colors and styles. The camera will stay still as the shoes walk by. <br />2. Cuts to bedroom area – Here we have a close up shot of a pot on blusher on a dressing table. The brush is used to pat the blusher two times in time to the beat. <br />3.An over shoulder shot from behind the model, through the mirror, showing her putting on the bronzer on both cheeks in time to the beat. <br />4.Close up of the models face looking straight at the camera – winks or maybe blows a kiss. <br />5.Close up of one arm putting down the blusher, an arm picking up a lipstick. <br />6.A pan shot following the arm of the model reach up to apply the lipstick. <br />7.Close up shot from the side of the model applying lipstick. <br />Studio setting <br />Screen split into three, all character dressed in different outfits! <br />8.Shy girl speaks lyrics then looks to her right<br />9. Hot girl speak lyrics looks to her left <br />10.Girl appears between the two to speak last line! <br />Each split screen to have different colored backgrounds. <br />11“I never cared about the cool clothes” – A shot of a girl opening wardrobe, chucking clothes onto the floor. <br />12“About the right shoes” – shots of all different shoes, heels, flats .. boots – changing quickly, walking backwards and forward – clip made faster on final cut<br />13“Making the right moves “ – Shot of the shoes making more dance-like movements <br />14“Who’s that hot boy? Whos that boy”? – A girl staring at something winking- a thought bubble appears with what she is looking at?<br />15“When he looks at me im beautiful” Quick cut from shot of girl looking nice to stunning!<br />16“ Whos that hot boy? Whos that boy?” Shot of girls gossiping looking at something, asking each other questions, giggling like girls do! <br />17“ I should be the face of every fashion magazine” Get vogue cover imported into final cut and place an actresses face on the front moving, blowing a kiss and winking?! <br />18“Oh!, Oooh,ooh” Close up of lips speaking words. <br />19“Im gonna feel that feeling gonna lose control!” Girls dancing together – in routine with each other.<br />20“Oooh, ooh” – Close up of lips speaking the girls – changing to different coloured lips<br />21‘Theres a fire going on in my heart soul” Long shot of girl speaking the lyrics – Inset some clip of fire burning around her heart/chest? Background orange and red to fit in with the fire? <br />22“Never before I met you baby “ Shot of girl speaking lyrics from side (left side)<br />23“Never before tonight” – Shot from other side of face <br />24But your making me believe it’s right” Camera going round the model in a circle whilst speaking the lyric <br />25“ooooh, oooh” <br />26“ Im gonna feel that feeling gonna lose control tonight” Dancers dancing swishing hair about all over to represent lose control <br />27. 7 beats – items being picked up off the top – clutch, keys, phone, purse<br />28close up of closing purse <br />29 8 beats – four wine glasses wine being poured into each being grabbed by each girl – close up shot just focusing on the pouring of the wine and the hands grabbing them <br />Garden outside scene <br />30 “Im not uste to being the first pick” Girls stood in a line all run off one girl left standing speaking the lyrics – In garden ? soccer field or something could look like?<br />31“ Not the cool chick “ – Close up of her speaking lyrics turns to her right<br />32“From the in clique” – Shot of group of girls having fun <br />