The Mazzini Project


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Slides explaining the current R&D project for MCQN Ltd: a family of autonomous, power-monitoring, controllable sockets.

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The Mazzini Project

  1. 1. The Mazzini Project Take control of your electricity bill Adrian McEwen -
  2. 2. Adrian McEwen - Climate change < Insert clichéd image here >
  3. 3. Adrian McEwen - Rising energy consumption
  4. 4. Adrian McEwen - We love our gadget habit
  5. 5. Adrian McEwen - Energy costs are rising
  6. 6. Adrian McEwen - Need to address demand as well as supply
  7. 7. How much electricity are you wasting? Adrian McEwen - I don’t know. Do you?
  8. 8. You could measure overall consumption People are already doing this…  DIY Kyoto’s Wattson  The Owl  Efergy  Eco-eye …but it’s very coarse-grained See for a comparison Adrian McEwen -
  9. 9. Or measure devices one-by-one Using something like…  Kill-A-Watt  Enerjar But…  Results are displayed locally  Only measures cumulative energy Adrian McEwen -
  10. 10. What if your electricity bill was itemised like your phone bill? Adrian McEwen - See which appliances used the most power
  11. 11. What if your electricity bill was itemised like your phone bill? Adrian McEwen - Spot patterns in usage over time
  12. 12. Taking control Measuring your power usage would let you target your efforts. But… Adrian McEwen -
  13. 13. Taking control …could it do more? Adrian McEwen -
  14. 14. Taking control What if devices were automatically turned off overnight, or when you were at work? Adrian McEwen -
  15. 15. Taking control What if you could easily turn off all non-essential devices when you went to bed, or left the house? Adrian McEwen -
  16. 16. Taking control What if ancillary devices (like a printer) automatically turned themselves on and off whenever the master device was switched on or off? Adrian McEwen -
  17. 17. The Mazzini Project aims to build such a system A family of autonomous, power- monitoring, controllable sockets Adrian McEwen -
  18. 18. The Mazzini Project aims to build such a system  Simple plug-in-and-go installation  Monitors power usage and reports regularly via wireless to a computer or “master” unit  Attached appliance can be turned on or off remotely via wireless, or…  …based on decisions from in-built “behaviour” program Adrian McEwen -
  19. 19. Scalable  Useful from the first one you install  Add additional units as quickly as you want Adrian McEwen -
  20. 20. Open Standards  Will use existing open standards for data where possible  Will publish the specification for any new data formats or communication protocols defined Adrian McEwen -
  21. 21. Open Source Desire is to release both the hardware and software as open source to encourage new applications and developments from users Adrian McEwen -
  22. 22. Extensible. Reconfigurable.  Software can be upgraded or reconfigured in the field – it will be easy to download new behaviours  Investigating the possibility of non- techie user hardware extensibility Adrian McEwen -
  23. 23. Tell me more!  Still in development, but if you’re interested then please get in touch –  Check for project updates at Adrian McEwen -
  24. 24. Photo Credits  Power substation:  Switches and dials: 97915333/  Wattson: pkins/2120466739/ Adrian McEwen -