Eled 3226 multigenre project


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  • Genre Selection-PoetryThis poem is about the first time I saw Jordan.
  • Genre Selection-Photo Essay
  • I had Jordan at eighteen, he was about a month old in the first photo. There is so much that I wish I could have told this young girl about being a good mom and raising a son. The second photo is of Jordan at six months.
  • The first picture is of Jordan’s second birthday party. He loved Blues Clues. The second photo is of him and his sister and the final picture is of him playing T-ball.
  • Jordan’s eighth grade graduation.
  • Jordan plays 3rd bass drum for A.L Brown, this photo is from his freshman year. A.L. Brown won “the bell” back from Concord High School. The battle of the bell games between Kannapolis and Concord is one of he oldest school rivalries.
  • The first picture is of the McClain gang at my daughters Mulan-SMACK performance at Concord First Assembly. The second picture is of Jordan and his brother Mikey.
  • Genre Selection-NarrativeAugust 13, 2012 the day Jordan got his driver’s licenses.
  • Genre Selection: Interview with “Dad”- Michael McClain
  • Genre Selection-Sibling Interview with Savannah McClain-age 14
  • Genre Selection-Sibling Interview with Maria McClain-age 12
  • Genre Selection-Sibling Interview with Mikey McClain-age 6
  • Genre Selection-Persuasive WritingEncouraging Jordan to attend college.
  • Eled 3226 multigenre project

    1. 1. Angie McClainNovember 12, 2012
    2. 2. Author’s PageHello, my name is Angie McClain. I’m the proud mom in the center of this picture.My husband and I have four wonderful children. One of which will be graduating fromhigh school next year. I created this Multi-genre project for my oldest son Jordan. Thisproject highlights the joy that his father and I have gained raising him and watching himgrow-up over the years. I plan to present this presentation to my son at his graduationparty next year. For parents like myself that have young children, just remember to loveon them daily and cherish every moment with them because in a blink of an eye they willbe a Senior in high school.
    3. 3. One Look Changes EverythingOn July 19, 1996 a new and amazing little life was placed into my arms. I willnever forget how I felt on that day. I was a teen mom, who had been raisedby my parents and taught that children came after marriage. Even though Ifelt like I had disappointed them, I vowed to do my best not to disappointyou.For the first time I realized that the world no longer revolved around me.As you looked at me for the first time I began to wondered, how willI ever live up to your expectations, dreams and goals.I was barely old enough to legally vote but I was now responsible for a newlittle life. My whole purpose in life was transformed on that day. My goalwas to improve my life so that I would be someone that you would look upand would strive to be like. At that moment I also realized that I had theprivilege and responsibility to teach you about thiscrazy mixed up world called “life”.As I rocked and sang you your first lullaby, I promised you that I would alwaysbe your mother, best friend, cheerleader andmost importantly to love you unconditionally.
    4. 4. Photo Essay “The joy of raising …”Jordan Marquis McClain
    5. 5. Jordan at six monthsJordan at one month
    6. 6. Jordan is always smiling !
    7. 7. Jordan’s First Days of… Pre-School, Intermediate School and High School
    8. 8. 8th Grade GraduationKannapolis Middle School
    9. 9. Freshman Year Battle for the BellKannapolis vs. Concord
    10. 10. Big Brother Jordan
    11. 11. DMV-August 13, 2012Today is your big day. As I look back over the years you have had a lot of BIG days. I can rememberyour first day of Kindergarten and seeing that gleam of excitement in your eye about riding the schoolbus for the first time. As I look over at you while you drive to the DMV to take the on the roaddriving test, I began to notice that same gleam of excitement in your eye. We had practiced all weekend on making three point road turn-a-rounds. And as you pulled intothe DMV, at that very moment I knew you were no longer my baby boy but a responsible young manwho was going to accomplish great things today and in the rest of your life. As we walked to the frontdoors of the DMV, I hugged you and wished you good luck with gumball size tears in my eyes. Eventhough you didn’t realize it I was praying… Dear God ….watch over him… protect him and last butdefinitely not least please give him a nice examiner. After we checked-in and they called you back todo all the preliminary paperwork I believe in that very moment my heart stopped beating. It wasreally hard to see you walk away, because this adventure of your life was something that you weregoing to have to pass and there was nothing that I could do, negotiate, fix or bargain to get you whatyou needed. As I waited there in the waiting area of DMV ten minutes felt like an hour. As you walked back infrom your driving test with the biggest smile, I immediately flashed back to the little boy getting onthe school bus for the first time. Seeing that smile on your face was one of the proudest moments ofmy life . However you quickly brought me back to reality with the statement: “MOM... Can you comepay the man for my licenses?” and then I knew you’ll always need me to at least pay for something.
    12. 12. Tell me something about Jordan…. Jordan is a very laid back and reserved young man. Jordan takes a lot of pride in his accomplishments. Jordan enjoys being on the drum line. Jordan is caring and has an even keeled personality which will make him a great police officer. When Jordan sets a goal he does not stop until he accomplishes it. Jordan is a great son and a great big brother.
    13. 13. Tell me something about your big brother Jordan…•Jordan is my older brother.•I enjoy being in A.L. Brown’s Marching Band with my brother.•My brother plays the third bass drum on Brown’s drum line.•My brother’s favorite color is green.•My brother is always there for me when I need him in high school.•My brother wants to be a police officer when he grows up.
    14. 14. Tell me something about your big brother Jordan… My brother loves to play video games. Jordan’s favorite teams are the: Carolina Panthers, New York Yankees, Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls. My big brother is nice to me sometimes. Even though Jordan and I have disagreements he is still my brother and I love him.
    15. 15. Tell me something about your big brother Jordan… My big brother is nice. He is very tall and he likes to drive his white car. My brother comes into my room and he helps me play my video games. He plays with me outside, I like it when we play football and baseball in the backyard. My big brother reads to me. I love my big brother. I want to play on a football team and be in the band just like my brother.
    16. 16. College! College !I know you have big dreams and plans for conquering the world. I want to encourage you to start those dreams with a good foundation of a college education. There are so many things that you can study in college and even study abroad. I hope that you take every opportunity to never stop learning. There is so much competition out in the workforce and employers are always looking for the best of the best and having a college degree will help to open up doors that other candidates may not have access to.Now will you automatically get a job just because you have a college degree.. “NO” that’s where displaying dedication and having a positive work ethic comes into play. Both are qualities that I know you possess. I know you are ready to relax and enjoy the sweet success of graduating from high school. However, the relaxing part of your academic career is actually over and working in the real world has just begun .Jordan… never stop learning and pursuing great things like a college degree or a masters degree, greatness is imbedded inside of you and it has been there from the first day that I looked into your eyes. Now go and make your mark in this world and remember that I am always here for you and that I love you with all of my heart. ~Mom