Arkansas Alumni Career Network


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An overview handout of the process and tools I recommend for career networking within an alumni association.

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Arkansas Alumni Career Network

  1. 1. Arkansas Alumni Career Network Utilizing your University of Arkansas alumni connections to achieve your career goals. Razorback Career Link (  Your primary tool to use for loca ng opportuni es for U of A students and alumni. Access for alumni is a benefit of membership in the Arkansas Alumni Associa on. Razorback CareerLink allows you to look for job opportuni es, sign up for on‐campus events (interviews, career fairs, informa on sessions, etc.), upload your resume and access addi onal resources. The NACELink Network is an addi onal tool available within Razorback CareerLink. This is the largest network of college and university career centers and includes over five million employers. For example, there are presently over 500 jobs online based in NWA. Find an Opportunity Your degree from the University of Arkansas is a valuable investment that you made in your educa on and professional development. Individuals who rely only on the degree’s value to aid in their career success are failing to recognize the power of the network of over 120,000 University of Arkansas graduates who can be an addi onal resource for them. For those who have the degree and know how to properly network with fellow alumni, they realize that they are not alone and that other alumni want them to succeed as well! Network, Network, Network! Networking is the most misunderstood tool for job seekers. It is not a mere exchange of business cards, but it is strategically iden fying and developing rela onships that can help you improve your success of naviga ng the career search process. How to network: 1. Iden fy your goal (to meet people that: work at XYZ company, are hiring managers, work in a par cular field/ loca on, etc.). 2. Iden fy the list of talking points you would have with one of these contacts (what are the corporate values, what experience best helped them, if they have advice on naviga ng the applica on process, do they know the hiring manager, etc.) 3. U lize LinkedIn (see reverse) and other online tools like an alumni directory (see reverse) to iden fy U of A alumni who meet your objec ves. 4. Request to make contact with these individuals to learn more about their experience and seek their advice. 5. Once you are connected, ask for an informa onal interview either in person, by phone or over e‐mail (in‐person or by phone is recommended). Set a day/ me and me period. 6. Prepare by researching your new network connec on and their company. Also prepare your list of ques ons. 7. Conduct your informa onal interview using the ques ons you developed. Keep within your scheduled appointment me. 8. Follow‐up with a thank you note and keep in touch with your networking contact and let them know how your career search proceeds. Also be sure to let them know if something they did or if their advice helped you.
  2. 2. Network through Forever Arkansas Stay connected Alumni of the University of Arkansas have the ability to stay connected with each other, have access to communica ons, programs and services that can help power your career! The Arkansas Alumni Associa on is the organiza on that seeks to keep 120,000 living U of A alumni connected across the globe! New graduates receive a year’s membership as the Associa on’s way to celebrate gradua on with you. Recent graduates (up to 5 years from gradua on) enjoy a reduced membership of $25/individual. A er that, membership dues are $45/individual annually and are tax‐deduc ble. Call 1‐888‐275‐2586 or join online at For More Information: Dr. Anthony McAdoo, Senior Director—(479) 575‐2801 Twi er: @amcadoo Laurel Draudt, Assistant Director—(479) 575‐2801 U lizing Forever Arkansas will allow you to search an online directory of all living, addressable alumni. Online directory searches are a great supplement to networking on LinkedIn in addi on to loca ng alumni who: have a par cular major, live in a specific area or work at a specific organiza on. Access to the online directory search is available to members of the Arkansas Alumni Associa on (students also have access as members of the Student Alumni Associa on). Use Twitter to Find Information and People Twi er is a great tool for you to use to locate more informa on that can help you navigate the job applica on process. Set up a Twi er account and make sure it is a professional representa on. Then, follow individuals whom you have met through networking and who work for par cular organiza ons or fields. Addi onally, you should follow the Arkansas Alumni Career Network feed (#AACN) by saving a search for #AACN. Ar cles, ps, links and job alerts are shared through this feed. Network on LinkedIn Networking with University of Arkansas alumni is a great tool for your career. You share the University of Arkansas experience and alumni o en love connec ng with students. How to connect on LinkedIn: 1. Sign up at 2. Build your profile (remember this is your professional online presence). 3. Request to connect with individuals (Tip: use the Advanced Search and place “University of Arkansas at Faye eville” in quota ons in the ins tu on field. Then search for the company name or by keyword.) 4. When reques ng a connec on, always personalize the message that is sent. Explain why you would like to connect and who you are. 5. Once connected, send a message thanking the individual and asking if you can visit with them in person (if nearby) or by phone or e‐mail to learn more about their career and the organiza on for which they work.