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College of Agriculture Twitter Tutorial
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College of Agriculture Twitter Tutorial


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1.  Following other twitter users is the best way to have access to information and to build your audience  The more people you follow, the more people will follow you! A good place to start is liking users associated with Auburn University Then find users that are in your area of interest  In this case, agriculture
  • 2.  User @FollowFarmer has a list of farmers and “agvocates” that blog and tweet Go through their list of “Following” to find other users you may want to follow This will give you access to their tweets in your twitter feed  You can take any information you like from these tweets and retweet them to your followers
  • 3. The best way to find people to follow is to see who successful twitter accounts are following. Do this by going to a user’s profile and clicking the “Following” linkEach user has a bio under their name. Skimthrough the bios and determine if you wouldlike to follow them.Following is as easy as clicking the “Follow”button!
  • 4.  Twitter is a fast paced social media tool Tweeting 3-5 times a day is recommended  every post is time stamped, so daily tweeting is essential to stay current Pushing posts from Facebook can help you reach your 3-5 posts easily
  • 5.  Use twitter to  Make announcements  Ask questions  Brag about the college  Provide information (fun facts, statistics, etc.)  Link to press releases
  • 6. “@” mentions links another Twitter user within your message. They can see you are talking about them. Using “@” can increase traffic to both pages.The @username is also a hyperlink that userscan click on to see a preview of that user’stwitter feed.
  • 7. 1. Announcement of College Event 1.  possible link to press release or order page1. Announcement of State-wide 2. event 3.2. Bragging about the college  link to photo 4.3. Sharing fun facts with interactive video 5.4. Recap of speakers that came to the college  link to full story
  • 8. 1. Networking with another user 1. with “@usernames” and hashtags 2.2. Interactive tweet  encourages users to retweet 3.3. Announcement of time sensitive event 4.4. Announcement of future event with link 5.5. Invitation to time sensitive event
  • 9.  Take information from the web:  Wire Eagle  OAnews   Ag Hill Update Summarize the information in 140 characters or less Provide the link to the original website so users can read more if they choose
  • 10.  Mentioning other users (@username) and using hashtags (#hashtags) in your tweets can help bring traffic to your twitter feed  This helps increase followers
  • 11. The hashtag “#auburnag” is the hashtag we want to use for anything related to the college of agriculture. Hashtags create a database of every tweet with that hashtag in it.The hashtag isalso hyperlinked,so you can clickon it to see a feedof only#auburnagtweets.
  • 12.  In addition to writing your own tweets, Twitter allows you to “retweet” what other users have tweeted. This allows you to share a wide variety of information with your followers.  It also increases traffic to your twitter feed.
  • 13.  There are two ways to retweet a post to your followers Method 1 is an easier and quicker method Method 2 provides a way to retweet a post if a user has privacy settings on their tweets
  • 14. 1. When you put your cursor over a tweet, it will become shaded and the options of •Expand •Reply •Retweet •Favorite will appear as a link.2. When you click rewteet, this box will appear:
  • 15. This green symbol indicates a retweeted post not a post you wrote yourselfThe tweet is now part of your feed to your followers, even though they may not follow“Zac Lee @general__lee_” they can still see his post
  • 16. Many users have their privacy settings such that you cannot retweet their posts usingthe retweet button in Method 1. Notice how the options at the bottom do not include retweet.
  • 17. But, you can still retweet this message using Method 2! 1. Copy the tweet “Weird weather on the plains. Does misting require a rain jacket?” 2. Paste into the compose a new Tweet box3. In front of the copied tweet type RT (stands for retweet) and then the@username, in this case @AshleyCulpepper 4. Press the “Tweet” button and post has been retweeted!
  • 18. Username: To tag someone in a twitter post, put the “@” symbol in front of their usernameHashtag:indicated by a “#” Picture link: thein front of a word way to embed aor set of words picture in a tweet.with no spaces The picturebetween them associated with this link can be seen if you click on the tweet.