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Phonesales101 Cornerstone Phonesales101 Cornerstone Presentation Transcript

  • Secrets of Success for Selling on the Phone Nicholas Milne
  • Definition of a Cold Call - A phone call to someone who is not expectingcontactOtherwise known as:Waste of Not Impossible Frustrating Time EffectiveIs it true? Does everyone HATE cold calling?
  • Understand of the Mindset YourProspect Lets say youre at your office and youre working away. Caller: "Hello, my names Nick. Im with Cornerstone Records Management. We offer a broad array of storage management , document destruction services, electronic media vaulting and other related services. Do you have a few minutes?“ You think: "Uh-oh, another salesperson. Im about to be sold something. How fast can I get this person off the phone?“  Let’s talk about how to overcome this.  Cold calling is a viable lead source for any company.
  • Average Daily Cold Call Stats ? Dials per week 15-25 Contacts 3-8 Qualified Appointments weekly 12-24 New Sales Opportunities Per Month
  • Secrets of the Cold Call Key Tips The Introduction The Gatekeeper The Appointment Turn 30 seconds into 3 minutes Email Secrets
  • Start with Dialogue, Not SellingScripts can be naturalRecognize & diffuse hidden pressures• They are busy – You don’t want to bother themDon’t take anything personallyPrepare mentally• Every no gets you that much closer to a YES Nicholas Milne
  • The IntroductionSmile and Dial  I know you’re busy. Stroke The Ego (*WIFM) Make the appointment Nicholas Milne
  • What is your most pressing concern aboutgatekeepers (Receptionist )? How to: Survey 4% 2% Get on my side 6% Pass them to the boss 8% 29% Schedule an Appt Stop going to 13% voicemail Avoid them Disarm them 16% 22% Answer objections
  • The Gatekeeper: Gain Access orInfo Talk like you would talk to a friend • Be friendly. sound like the boss’s friend. Just ask – email, number, time • Most are willing to share key information with you. If difficult, ask what’s the best way • Simply asking will get you through many times. You are just calling to set up an appt for… • It will help them feel like you are one of them. Nicholas Milne
  • Getting to the Appointment • Conversational Be Direct • Flexible • Stay within 1-3 days Give 2 Times • Ask, would 10 or 2 work best? • On the phone Confirmation • In an email • They will have to confirmCalendar Invite • Now you know it’s on their calendar
  • Turn 30 Seconds into 3 Minutes•While on the Got it? •Can you just Click? •As you can phone, send •Sometimes it check if it… •If you could see, we your goes to just… provide… junk… Email Open? Value!
  • Email Secrets Simple Blackberry Clear Links Credible
  • Secrets of Success for Selling on the Phone Nicholas Milne
  • Nicholas Milne